The Pilgrimage

Author: David Marshall Hunt
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“Captain Aqhad fears that the water shortage and hostilities will mean that we
must fight our way through tribal skirmishes and bandits from Mezeribe to Sodom.
We are ordered to be prepared for battle in the morning when the captain will
return to lead us eastward.” Mezeribe to the Valley of Sodom We set out from
Mezeribe on 14 April, sixty Mamelukes guarding a caravan that had swelled to
over 30,000 pilgrims plus an equal numbers of camels and horses. It was well
after midnight ...

The Pilgrimage Of The Tiber

Author: William Davies
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Happiness," he says, " being nothing else than the fruition of the highest good,
and the highest good being * Amedee de Margerie. in his essay on the
Philosophy cf St. Bonaventure, savs : ', Nous n'hesiterons pas a le dire : si V
Itinerarium Mentis in Deum est une des plus belles consecrations que la
philosophic ait faites aDieu de toutes les facultes humaines, le Commentaire sur
le l'rvre des Sentences contient une des plus excellentes thCodictes qu'ait
produites jusqu'ici 1 'alliance ...

Religious Tourism And Pilgrimage Festivals Management

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Even more so, contemporary research emphasizes the importance of what the
pilgrims themselves say about their pilgrimage, since they are the main element
in the pilgrimage phenomenon, and this subject has received meagre coverage
in sociological studies. There have been several approaches as to the study of
pilgrimage (based upon Tweed, 2000). A historical approach has highlighted
change over time and the distinctiveness of each pilgrimage, plus its
embeddedness in the ...

The Pilgrimage To Santiago

Author: Edwin Mullins
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But what he did get was a free bed, or more likely a palliasse or a pile of straw,
plus food and wine. The hospice at Pons is unique in France, and there is only
one other I know of in Spain which is as old; that at Puente la Reina in Navarre.
The last registration of a pilgrim here at Pons was in 1729, since when the
building has been converted to domestic and warehouse purposes, but what
does survive intact is its handsome entrance on one side of the old Bordeaux
road (as always just ...

Rude Awakenings

Author: Ajahn Sucitto
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What follows is the narrative of a pilgrimage around the Buddhist holy places of
India and Nepal made in the winter 1990*91. We made the pilgrimage on foot
over six months, but recording it has taken more than ten years. While ourjourney
took us to all the main pilgrimage sites, it was also a pilgrimage through the
sacred and profane of two very different men's lives and the lessons learned from
making this pilgrimage together. We wrote this account to honour the
peopleimany of ...

A Pilgrimage To The Holy Land

Author: Alphonse de Lamartine
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La route, sur les flots, que sa nef a suivie, A déplié cent fois ses roulans horizons
; Aux gouffres de l'abime il a jeté sa vie ; Ses pieds se sont usés sur les pointes
des monts ; Les soleils ont brûlé la toile de sa tente ; Ses frères, ses amis ont
séché dans l'attente ; Et s'il revient jamais, son chien même incertain Ne
reconnaîtra plus ni sa voix ni sa main ; Il a laissé tomber et perdu dans la route L'
étoile de son œil, l'enfant qui sous sa route Répandait la lumière et l'immortalité :
Il mourra ...

Ap World History Prep Plus 2018 2019 Free For A Limited Time

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“Kingdom of Mali From the beginning of my coming to stay in Egypt I heard talk of
the arrival of this sultan Musa on his Pilgrimage and found the Cairenes eager to
recount what they had seen of the Africans' prodigal spending. I asked the emir
Abu ... and he told me of the opulence, manly virtues, and piety of his sultan. ...
Then he forwarded to the royal treasury many loads of unworked native gold and
other valuables. I tried to persuade him to go up to the Citadel to meet the sultan,
but ...

The Defeat Of The Pilgrimage Of Grace

Author: M. L. Bush
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XII(l). 141. For Lunde's imprisonment, see ibid., 201/iv (p. 91). For Wilkinson's
imprisonment, see ibid., 416 (2). 183. L.P. XII(l). 141. 184. Dickens, Yorkshire
Archaeological Journal, 33, pp. 302-3. The commission was composed of William
Rogers, the mayor of Hull, plus the local gentlemen, Sir Ralph Ellerker, the
younger, Sir John Constable, Sir William Constable, Sir Christopher Hilliard and
Richard Smytherley, esquire. For their involvement in the pilgrimage - a mixture
of sympathy ...

The Pilgrimage Of Charlemagne

Author: Glyn Sheridan Burgess
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5 Li empereres reguardet la reine sa muillers: Ele fut ben corunee al plus bel e al
meuz. II la prist par le poin desuz un Oliver, De la pleine parole la prist a reisuner:
"Dame, veistes unkes hume nul dedesuz ceil 10 Tant ben seist espee ne la
corone el chef? Uncore cunquerrei jo citez ot mun espeez." Cele ne fud pas sage
, folement respondeit: "Emperere," dist ele, "trop vus poez preiser. Uncore en sa*
jo un ki plus se fait leger, 1 5 Quant il porte corune entre ses chevalers. Kaunt il la