Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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As technology has advanced, so has o: - 911 service. Today, many places in the
o w R Nation have E911. In these areas, when ors to CHILDREN'S GASOLINE
BURN you call sor help, your phone number Immissio: PREVENTION ACT and
location are automatically transisits kit; Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Madam Presi- mitted
to emergency personnel. If your of or dent, I ask unanimous consent the call is
disconnected, you are disCommerce Committee be discharged oriented, or do
not know ...

The Gandy Dancer And Other Short Stories

Author: B. D. Sparhawk
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412018749
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'9 9 9 My novel was wonderful, but a mish-mosh of disconnected characters, and
the story line was going south. Too much electrifying stimulus in its formation.
However, I was pleased that I'd begun to teach myself to write a novel. So, I set
the first one aside, and wrote a love story about a Louisiana wildcatter I'd met in
Coney Island twenty years ago, instead. ... My barn had turned into a trendy spot
for lessons, visits, grooming, cell phones, trucks, trailers, and rock'n'roll. I set to
focusing ...

Amiri Baraka And Edward Dorn

Author: Claudia Moreno Pisano
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 0826353924
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So that while the New American Poetry, The Black Arts Movement tried to roll the
stone of American art culture democracy and equality up the mountain of would
be American dream, the rock has been rolled back down Sisyphus style so that
like Lenin poets like Dorn who fought against the rule of the dead and who
developed a highly personal poetic style as his vehicle as well as the rest of us
who fought against the sterility of literature disconnected from American reality,
was called ...

Schwann Spectrum

Author: Lou Reed
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111/94) SUN A 6038 111 97) OLDIES She's My Girl 19/951 LAU A 12600 15.97) I
72600 13.98) OLDIES Story of Rock S Roll [7/991 LAU A 12601 (5971 I 72601
1398] OLDIES Turtle Soup 11/97) SUN A 6086 111 971 OLDIES Wooden Head
.... Temporarily Disconnected (3/95) ENE A 150 (1297) RCKPOP 6 12/961 ENE A
155 112.971 RCKPOP Twenty-One Guns— Nothing's Real 19/98) [Import-Jap]
PID A 436692 (37.97) RCKPOP Twenty-Sevan Various-Approximately 18/911
TWI A ...

The Engineer

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834, 10d.; 852, 10d.; 882, 4d, 884, 4d; 885, 4d., 888, 4.d.; 891, 4.d.; 896, 4d.; 900,
4d.; 604, 4d.; 910, 4d.; 911, 4d.; 912, 4d.; 914, 4d.; 915, 4d ; 916, 4d.; 918, 4.d.;
920. 4d.; ool, 4d.; 922, 4d.; 924, ... so. that will admit of the parts being
disconnected, on access being had to the rear of the main tube. Secondly, to an
imroved means for promoting the circulation of the water in the tubes. rdly, to a
method of supporting the internal tubes or troughs in the horizontal tubes. 1167.
J. E. F. LUDEkr ...

Schwann Spectrum

Author: Schwann Publications
Publisher: Schwann Group
ISBN: 9781575980386
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tons For The One (reissue 8-94) Atlantic 4 82670-2 (81 !.98) 7SJ1L.,- . ... Atcol
90125-2;I90I2M (CD $11.98; tape S7.98 ?.tfflp£$ic Oceans M», 7-94, ** * 82664-
"' ' ' * Atlantic 2-4 82683-2; 2-1 82683-2 (CD $22.98; tape * 1 1.98) Atlantic
182681-2 ($9.98 Atlantic 182671-2 ($11.96 .„,,.,.,. Arista 1 ARCD-8643; I AC-
8643 Atlantic 182517-2; 1 8251 7-4 (CO $16.98. tape SI 098 . „,„„, . . A*""0 »
82680-2 ($9.98 Atlantic 1 82665-2:182665-4 (CD SI 1.98; tape S7 98 ,.«».... .
Atlantic 182686-2 |S 1 ...

Minutes Of Evidence Taken Before The Royal Commission On Metalliferous Report Of Commissioners

Author: Great Britain. Metalliferous Mines and Quarries Commission
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6 December 1 911.] distance equal to its depth would not meet the case, as in
some cases it would be unworkable, and in others would be dangerous. An
overburden consisting of strong clay near the top and looser material beneath.
would, when falling. shoot out over the slope formed by the loose material when
falling. and masses of the clay might roll over the ledge and drop into the quarry.
A safer method would be to remove it in steps or lifts, not exceeding, say, 6 or 8
feet in height ...