A Daughter S Inheritance

Author: Geraldine Boyce
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462070922
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This epic novel, which spans six generations of mothers and daughters, begins in 1815, during Britain's war with Napoleon, and ends after World War II. These life stories, knitted together into an ongoing family saga, show the vast changes ...

The Pathway To His Daughters Inheritance

Author: Amanda Smith
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
ISBN: 9781621474661
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He had you on His mind when He wrote the book through the hand of the Writers, and if you are reading this right now, then you're on your way Get ready to change your path and let the Inheritance of God be poured out upon you In The Pathway ...

A Daughter S Inheritance

Author: Tracie Peterson
ISBN: 9781436108041
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Fanny and her cousins find their friendship tested by their grandfather's bequest. With her nefarious Uncle Jonas now her guardian, Fanny struggles to keep all that's rightfully hers--including a love that's true.

The Smruti Chandrika On The Hindu Law Of Inheritance A Work Of Especial Authority Of The Madras School Translated From The Original By T Kristnasawmy Iyer

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formally appointed or not appointed); but other daughters being of equal class
and possessing the other three qualifications next mentioned in the passage
inherit the estate atfer the widow. 28. The conclusion therefore is where there is a
compeAn unmarried daughter tition between a daughter unprotakes boro,
daughtoun vided and one unmarried, both being provided. of the same class with
their father and possessing the other qualifications mentioned in the text, the
unmarried ...

Inheritance And Wealth In America

Author: Robert K. Miller Jr.
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306456527
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Twenty-four percent of Virginia Huguenot wives received an unencumbered
share in wills filed before 1749. By 1776, only 3 percent did. Sole heirs dropped
from 14 to 2 percent, and widows with life interests rose from 26 to 41 percent in
the same period. Families also translated earlier continental traditions of shares
in land for all children to shares for sons, with daughters limited to personal
property and slaves (Gundersen and Gampel, 1982, p. 122). Virginia's unique
designation of ...

The Law Of Inheritance According To The Mitacshara

Author: Rajendro Missry
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Right of the daughters and daughter's sons. 1 . On failure of her, the daughters
inherit. They are named in the plural number ( Section 1. § 2 ) to suggest the
equal or unequal participation of daughters alike or dissimilar by class. 2. Thus
Catyayana says, " Let the widow succeed to her husband's wealth, provided she
be chaste ; and, in default of her, let the daughter inherit, if unmarried. " * Also
Vrihaspati : " The wife is pronounced successor to the wealth of her husband ;
and, in her ...

A Treatise On The Hindoo Law Of Inheritance

Author: Standish Grove Grady
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there are legitimate sou's daughters, or sons of daughters, the illegitimate sons of
Soodras get half shares. The question was raised, but not decided, whether the
interest of a daughter in the estate of her deceased father is of the same nature
as that of a widow, 6 Moore's In. Ap. 433. Succession in descending line stops
with daughter's son. — The succession in the descending line from the daughters
'does not proceed beyond her son, the funeral cake stopping with him. It is the ...