A Daughter S Inheritance

Author: Geraldine Boyce
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This epic novel, which spans six generations of mothers and daughters, begins in 1815, during Britain’s war with Napoleon, and ends after World War II. These life stories, knitted together into an ongoing family saga, show the vast ...

A Daughter S Inheritance

Author: Tracie Peterson
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Fanny and her cousins find their friendship tested by their grandfather's bequest. With her nefarious Uncle Jonas now her guardian, Fanny struggles to keep all that's rightfully hers--including a love that's true.

The Smruti Chandrika On The Hindu Law Of Inheritance A Work Of Especial Authority Of The Madras School Translated From The Original By T Kristnasawmy Iyer

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formally appointed or not appointed); but other daughters being of equal class
and possessing the other three qualifications next mentioned in the passage
inherit the estate atfer the widow. 28. The conclusion therefore is where there is a
compeAn unmarried daughter tition between a daughter unprotakes boro,
daughtoun vided and one unmarried, both being provided. of the same class with
their father and possessing the other qualifications mentioned in the text, the
unmarried ...

A Treatise On The Hindoo Law Of Inheritance

Author: Standish Grove Grady
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With reference to this point also, I consulted the Shaatrees, both here and at
Poonah, the question being, Whether daughters could alienate any, and what
portion of the property derived from their father, who died separate ? The answer
was, That daughters obtaining property could alienate it at their will aud pleasure
; in this the Shastrees of both places agree. On reviewing the authorities in 3 Dig.
40.1), where it was held, that daughters have a right to alienate property inherited
, ...

A Treatise On Inheritance Gift Will Sale And Mortgage With An Introduction On The Laws Of The Bengal Presidency

Author: Frederik Emil ELBERLING
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The share of a daughterThe share of a son's daughter. Son's daughter excluded
by sons. and as aharers by two or more daughters. They take nn'metilnes us
reaiduaries, with two . or more daughters. ways entitled, being one of the persons
who are iievcr entirely excluded (Sect. 97 1 If he has divorced her, he takes
nothing. l'rinc. Mahomedan Law, p. 118. 99. The share of a wife is the half of a
husband in similar circumstances; being an eighth when there is a child or child
of a son, ...

Sita S Daughters

Author: Leigh Minturn
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
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Chapter 5 describes the basic economy whereby men inherit land and women
are given large dowries. Laws passed in this century give daughters the right to
claim portions of the family land and protect women's rights to their dowry goods.
These laws have given women increased economic power, but run contrary to
traditional norms. In 1975, most women were aware of their legal rights to land
inheritance and dowry control but were only beginning to exercise them.
Women's ...

The Smruti Chandrika On The Hindu Law Of Inheritance

Author: Devaṇabhaṭṭa
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Devaṇabhaṭṭa. provided, being competent to inherit. On failure of daughters,
On failure of daughters of the daughter's son inherits, he being S&ft the the
offspring of the daughter. Summary (by the Translator). I. Daughters inherit in
default of the widow (Patni). II. Of them, the unmarried daughters take first, then
the unprovided, and lastly the daughters provided. III. A daughter inheriting must
have been bora of a wife of the same class with the father and married to a man
of the like tribe.