A Great Place To Have A War

Author: Joshua Kurlantzick
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451667884
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Kurlantzick shows how the brutal war lasted nearly two decades, killed one-tenth of Laos's total population, and changed the nature of the CIA forever.

Shooting At The Moon

Author: Roger Warner
Publisher: Steerforth Italia
Size: 74.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A slightly different edition published under title: Back fire: the CIA's war in Laos and its link to the war in Vietnam. New York : Simon & Schuster, 1995.

Living In A Globalized World

Author: Don N. McCaskill
Publisher: Silkworm Books
ISBN: 9789748276632
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The only one thing I have learned from my parents is that I was born in Laos and
migrated to the US, but our ancestors told that they originally came from China. ...
One place he showed was the presumed graveyard of Chiyou (Txiv Yawg) who is
believed to be the first leader or emperor of the Hmong. The location ... He
compiled all the videos that Western journalists and American soldiers produced
during the Secret War in Laos together chronologically, then explains them in


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Get. Drafted. Destroying the Future By tom Mcdonald Systems \u^l zj Go! and
South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Furthermore, did de Gaulle lose face or
prestige when he surrendered Algeria, that vast domain larger than France? The
winds of ... it into an American war. Wrong War, Wrong Time, Wrong Place This
steaming jungle where thousands of American GI's will ... The Joint Chiefs of Staff
and our CIA should take a back seat when it comes to formulating foreign policy. I
hope ...

Congressional Record

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He had been in Laos. He was punctilious about security: Laos was a secret—not
officially a part of our war. When it was necessary to refer to a place or a person
in his letters home, he would simply leave a blank space—to be carefully filled in
when he returned home. The place ... And all the while, the war was going on in
the jungle right outside: “It was a little after dark when I left the operating room to
walk to Air America [the CIA-funded air-transport operation] for supper. Suddenly
I ...

Seven Days

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"Now we have a problem in making our power credible, " Kennedy told James
Reston in 1961, following his disastrous meeting with Khrushchev in Vienna, "
and Vietnam looks like the place." Thus it was fundamentally to overcome a
strategic impasse that imperial America developed the theory of "limited war,"
and it was to open a theater for the new doctrine that the United States hatched
the myth of aggression from North Vietnam. Even Westmoreland provides us with
no better ...

Encyclopedia Of The Vietnam War

Author: Spencer Tucker
Size: 62.12 MB
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A Political, Social, and Military History Spencer Tucker. Colby, William Egan Even
though Tonkin had larger numbers of ... For a time he worked at the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a specialist in the Soviet Union, but he left the CIA to
complete his studies at Yale. Ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1956, two years
later Coffin became chaplain of Yale University and held that position during the
course of the Vietnam War. Active in the civil rights movement, he came to hold a

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
Size: 33.46 MB
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Charles W. Lewis, M.D., a member of the Department of Army Surgeon General's
team sent to Thailand in 1979 to interview survivors of chemical attacks in Laos.
... Under the best of circumstances, a chemical analysis is difficult. .... Trained by
the U.S. milltary and the CIA, the H'mong formed the backbone of the resistance
against the communist forces in Laos that were supported by North Vietnam,
China and the U.S.S.R. They sabotaged war supplies moving south along the Ho
Chi ...

The New Yorker

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I've seen a lot of what war can do. I question whether patriotism only means
serving in the military or whether it isn't possible to serve the country in a different
manner. I can tell you that in Thailand or Laos, if the pledge or the national
anthem is being said, no matter where you are you'd better stand up straight and
salute. There's a feeling of fear that goes with that, the fear of a government that
wants to control every single move a person makes. In Laos you have to have
total respect ...

World Marxist Review

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But signs of detente have also appeared on the Asian political scene. The
Indochina situation has changed. The peoples of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
have inflicted defeat on the imperialist forces of war and aggression. The
proposal made by Mme Bandaranaike, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, for an
Indian Ocean peace zone is winning more followers. If the interested states
settled that problem, Asian Security would made a good advance. There are
signs of detente in the way ...