A Rogue By Any Other Name

Author: Sarah MacLean
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405511273
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Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2004
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The first in the incredible new Rules of Scoundrels series from New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean.

Vanity Fair

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No doubt he was not told it by the officer of the watch, and no doubt also he had
every reason to suppose that the officer of the watch would tell him of so
important a change; but the answer to this is that he ought to have known it; and
to exonerate him from all blame for doing otherwise than he would have done ....
was not an ass; neither is Mr. Blank (nor any other gentleman of the name of
Blank) a rogue, but what mischievous imp possessed him to run about and say
he was ?

The Examiner And Journal Of Political Economy

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Jud beit fiirtlier enacted, That any person sound doctrines, for let it never be
forgotten, that First, Of never alluding to another editor -reason, that an ... The
great moral revolution recently accomplished in England, by lhe.election of a
Reformed Parliament, was commenced by a handful of men, and we can name
an individual, now resident in this city, who \vas present at one of the earliest
meetings at Edinburg, which gave an impulse to the movement, then resisted by
the popular voice, ...

The Library Of Wit And Humor Prose And Poetry

Author: Ainsworth Rand Spofford
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X. You mean the mob of scoundrels that you mention'd? jE. Scoundrels indeed!
Ay, scoundrels without number. X. But iEschylus must have had good friends and
hearty ? M. Yes; but good men are scarce both here and elsewhere: X. Well, what
has Pluto settled to be done? JE. To have an examination and a trial In public. X.
But how comes it? Sophocles? Why does not he put forth his claim amongst them
? jE. No, No 1 He's not the kind of man — not he ! I tell ye ; the first moment that ...

The Dramatic Works Of William Shakespeare

Author: William Shakespeare
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An inattention to dramatic rules, so common wlih Shakspcare, is perhaps more
glaringly opiarent in this than tn any other of his productions ; and Pope and
Drvdeu have made it the subject of some ill-advised censure. ... and of pedlars, is
one of the most arch and amusing scoundrels ever deslgnsd by our poet. His
songs are all exceedingly spirited DRAMATIS PERSONA, Leontes, King of Sicilia
. Mamillius, his Son. Cami llo, Antigonus < s [Sicilian Lords. Dion, * Another Sicll^
n Lord.

The Congressional Globe

Author: J.C. Rives
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Let us first take the vote on these propositions, and let the will of the Senate be
expressed on them, and then, perhaps, it may be proper to recommit the bill to
the Committee on £ Lands, if it be desired to put it in a more definite shape than
the Senate is capable of putting it in. But, sir, in relation to ... Again, sir, millions of
the public treasure are voted here every day on parol testimony; and the Senator
from Michigan votes for such measures as often as any other gentleman on this

Reports From Commissioners

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Money deposited in hank in name of Mr. Macintosh. Sheriff Hal lard's decision ...
But they (the committee) shall have no power to draw any portion of dividend, or
any other sum then due to them, till after the whole of the members shallfhave
received their dividend.' " The only sum ... "The sheriff will implement any of our
rules, so I do not see the use of registering when a good deal of trouble may be
caused by objections to our rules on the part of the registrar, or to any alteration
of a rule.

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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Before he is found out by the world the reader is let into the fact that he is a " cad
through and through," wherein he differs from the elder George, the scoundrel of
firmer build. He is of the weak, slippery, ... It is an extraordinary picture, especially
when the old rogue and the young come together, George Bushell having learnt,
since he put the delinquent into gaol for forging his name, circumstances that
made it important to get him out of the country. While the younger criminal's tears

Public Opinion

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As a rule, we are more ready to condemn harshness than injustice. “ Tact ” and
good-fellowship will usually beat brains and character out of sight ; a suave
scoundrel has more following than Aristides, if Aristides is imprudent enough to
say what he thinks of the scoundrel. ... It should be remembered that an honest
man is better any day than a rogue, and he who loves his neighbor as himself is
entitled to rriorel consideration than he who is too handy with bludgeon, knife or p
sto .