A Social History Of Tennis In Britain

Author: Robert J. Lake
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131760573X
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This book is important and fascinating reading for anybody with an interest in the history of sport or British social history.

British Sport

Author: Richard William Cox
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780714652504
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Volume three of a bibliography documenting all that has been written in the English language on the history of sport and physical education in Britain.

A Social History Of Britain In Postcards 1870 1930

Author: Eric J. Evans
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
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TENNIS From the 1880s onwards sports facilities gained prominence at the
seaside. Tennis was particularly popular since, unusually among the major
sports, women could participate. Several women are playing on this card from St
Anne's-on-Sea. The card, dated 1928 and sent to Barrow-in-Furness, says: "We
have been teaching father to play tennis, it has been ever such fun.' ri. A3MT0N
C4RDEN3 «T A N N E 3 , ON'T rt C , S t A 27. WINTER GARDENS In a bid to
raise the social.

The Long Weekend A Social History Of Great Britain 1918 1939

Author: Robert Graves
Publisher: Carcanet Press
ISBN: 9781857546644
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Rugby was the most honoured football game at the universities and among the
upper-middle classes: it had escaped the 'taint of professionalism' everywhere
except in parts of the north of England. The depressed and revolutionary South
Wales, oddly enough, preferred this rougher but gentlemanly game to
Association, and played it in a perfect amateur spirit, though generous expenses
allowances semi-professionalized a few clubs. Lawn tennis also became
enormously popular, ...

Sport And The Making Of Britain

Author: Derek Birley
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719037597
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This lively and stimulating book looks at some of the myths and realities surrounding Britain's legendary enthusiasm for sport; and aims to chronicle how sporting traditions were shaped and how they, in turn, contributed to the shaping of ...

The Isles

Author: Norman Davies
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330475703
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A History Norman Davies. Syal, 'Dr Johnson's black servant “proved to be my
ancestor” ', Sunday Times, 1999; see also 'Revealed: the Queen's black
ancestors', ibid., 6 June 1999. 104. 'How Sweet the Name', Church Hymnary, op.
cit., nr. 201. 105. ... See G. Cousins, Golf in Britain: a Social History (London,
1975). 110. See T. Bailey, A History of Cricket (London, 1979): P. WynneThomas,
The History of ... A History of Tennis (London, 1991). 115. See J. Walvin, The
People's Game: the ...

The Illustrated London News Social History Of Victorian Britain

Author: Christopher Hibbert
Publisher: Angus & Robertson
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Lawn tennis was then unknown. Unlike the older game which had been played in
a court since the Middle Ages, the modern game was patented in 1874, under the
name of 'Sphairistike', by Major Wingfield, whose original rules were altered three
years later by the Wimbledon All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Golf,
too, was a new game in England, although it had been played in Scotland for
centuries and by Scotsmen living in England on Blackheath. The first English
club, ...

Myths And Milestones In The History Of Sport

Author: S. Wagg
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230320813
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120. 42. Sheila Rowbotham,A Century ofWomen: The History ofWomen in Britain
andthe United States,London: Viking 1997,p.85. 43. QuotedbyJohn Williamsand
JackieWoodhouse 'Can play, willplay? Women and football in Britain'in John
Williams and Stephen Wagg (eds) British Football and Social Change, Leicester,
at theUniversity Press1991, p.93. 44. Hall, Sex, Gender andSocial Change,p.99.
45.Rowbotham, ACenturyof Women, pp. 147–8. 46. Lenglen, Lawn Tennis, p.1.

The History Of Sport In Britain 1880 1914 The Varieties Of Sport

Author: Martin Polley
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415231374
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This was not just about sport: many of the early works looked at a wider leisure
history, arguing that the temporal, spatial, and economic opportunities that
industrial and urban Britain provided was the social, economic, and cultural
context in which new leisure forms could flourish. The music hall, the pub, the
football club, the lawn tennis and croquet club can all be related in such a context
.4 While British sports historiography has not been concerned solely with the
nineteenth and early ...

A Social History Of Leisure Since 1600

Author: Gary S. Cross
Publisher: Venture Pub
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Designed first for cricket and tennis and later for golf, these clubs were exclusive
and imitated similar British sports groups (e.g., Wimbledon's All-England Croquet
and Lawn-Tennis Club); they allowed "old boys" from elite colleges to continue to
play the games they learned in their youth. The amateur-gentleman, of course,
was also at the heart of the ideas of Pierre De Coubertin, who founded the
modern Olympic Games in the 1890s." Amateur athleticism guided also the