Killer Robots

Author: Dr U C Jha
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The US Department of the Navy, The Navy Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV)
Master Plan, November 2004, p. 16. Also see: Button Robert W., et. al., 2009, A
Survey of Missions for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, RAND Corporation, p. 3.
The US Office of Naval Research successfully tested a “swarm escort” of 13
unmanned surface vessels in 2014. See: Freedberg S., Naval Drones 'Swarm',
But Who Pulls the Trigger, in Breaking Defence, 5 October 2014. The US doctrine
related to ...

Marine Robot Autonomy

Author: Mae L. Seto
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Miguelanez E, Patron P, Brown KE, Petillot YR, Lane DM (2011) Semantic
knowledgebased framework to improve the situation awareness of autonomous
underwater vehicles. IEEE Trans Knowl Data Eng 23(5):759–773 The Navy
unmanned surface vehicle (USV) master plan. Department of the Navy – USA,
2007 The Navy unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) master plan. Department of
the Navy – USA, 2004 Button RW Kamp J, Curtin TB, Dryden J (2009) A survey of
missions for ...

Dehumanization Of Warfare

Author: Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg
Publisher: Springer
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(2009) A Survey of Missions for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles. Available at: http
:// 2009/RAND_MG808.pdf
Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, Manual on International
Law Applicable to Air and Missile Warfare (2009) [AMW Manual] Sandoz Y,
Swinarski C, Zimmermann B (eds) (1987) Commentary on the additional
protocols of 8 June 1977 to the Geneva conventions of 12 August 1949. Martinus
Nijhoff, Leiden ...

Military Ethics And Emerging Technologies

Author: Timothy J. Demy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317661664
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Benjamin, Medea. (2012) Drone Warfare-Killing by Remote Control (New York:
OR Books). Button, Robert (2009) A Survey of Missions for Unmanned Undersea
Vehicles (Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation). Davison, Neil (2009) Non-
Lethal Weapons (New York: Palgrave Macmillan). Freidman, Norman (2010)
Unmanned Combat Air Systems (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press). Giordano,
James (2014) Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense: Practical
Consideration, ...

Ad Hoc Networks

Author: Yifeng Zhou
Publisher: Springer
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Button, R.W., Kamp, J., Curtin, T.B., Dryden, J.: A survey of missions for
unmanned undersea vehicles (2009) 9. Porter, M.B.: The BELLHOP manual and
user's guide (2011). http://oalib. Rodriguez,
O.C.: General description of the BELLHOP ray tracing program (2008). http://oalib Caruso, A., Paparella, F., Vieira, L.F.M., Erol, M
., Gerla, M.: The meandering current mobility model and its impact on underwater
mobile ...

Autonomous Vehicles In Support Of Naval Operations

Author: National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
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In order to provide space for much larger payloads as well as the energy needed
to support longer missions, a larger-diameter system is in conceptual
development. Multi-Reconfigurable Unmanned Undersea Vehicle The multi-
reconfigurable unmanned undersea vehicle (MRUUV) is the next step in the
development of UUVs. It is intended as the follow-on to the LMRS. The MRUUV
will include ISR sensors as well as ASW capabilities. In May 2003, the Navy
awarded a $6.7 million ...

Unmanned Undersea Vehicles And Guided Missile Submarines

Author: Edward A. Johnson
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After the mine detection mission, the second priority in the UUV master plan is
undersea search and survey, which includes platform-based reconnaissance
operations that support peacetime and wartime missions. The requirement is to
have a large area oceanographic survey mission for environmental sampling and
reporting without the actual presence of a military vessel. This survey data could
then be used for follow-on missions of large area mine reconnaissance and
clearance, ...

Terrorism Commentary On Security Documents Volume 144

Author: Douglas Lovelace
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019025534X
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System Mission Capabilities Acquisition Status Sea Fox Intelligence Surveillance
and Reconnaisance/Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition,
Force Protection Other Remote Minehunting System (RMS), AN/WLD- 1(V)1 Mine
... Oceanographic Survey Other Marlin* Inspection & Identification,
Oceanographic Survey Other Surface Countermeasure Mine Warfare/Organic
Mine Concept Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Countermeasures, Inspection &
Identification MK18 Mod ...