Orthodox Identities In Western Europe

Author: Maria Hämmerli
Publisher: Routledge
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Among the founders were Nicholas and Militsa Zernov, who were to make an
important contribution to making Orthodoxy better known in Britain, and to
building up friendly relations with Anglicans. The Fellowship is an informal
society, enabling Orthodox and Anglicans to meet one another and learn about
each other's understanding and practice of the Christian faith. In the years before
and after the Second World War its annual conference was attended by
distinguished theologians, ...

Anglicanism And Orthodoxy

Author: Peter M. Doll
Publisher: Peter Lang
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It is good to compose litanies rehearsing the story of the ties between Anglicans
and Orthodox like the one composed by Davidson. If we do not then a Cloud of
Forgetting supervenes, as to some extent I fear that it is in danger of doing ... a
prayer for unity 'ut Christi Ecclesiae partes diu sejunctas charitatis et verae fidei
vinculo constringat '. The young Serb scholar then rehearsed the story of
relations between the Church of England and the Serbian Church up to the
Second World War.

The Living Church

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By W. A. WlORAM The Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem is the representative at that
important world center of the whole Anglican Communion, and he always makes
a point of having at least one representative of the American Episcopal .... of the
traditional interpretation of Christianity contained in the ancient Eastern Eucharist
; (2) To express in a most impressive way the bond of unity and brotherly love
rapidly growing between the Anglicans and the Eastern Orthodox; (3) To give a ...

Cosmo Lang

Author: Robert Beaken, Foreword by Rowan Williams
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
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The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries had seen the growth of interest
in Eastern Orthodoxy amongst Anglicans, and Lang was kept in touch with
developments in the Orthodox Churches by enthusiasts such as Canon John
Douglas, ... be permitted' were never fulfilled.14 Lang's relationship with the
Roman Catholic Church in England was slight and rather formal, and reflected
the rather withdrawn and inward-looking stance of English Roman Catholicism
between the wars, ...

Koinonia And The Quest For An Ecumenical Ecclesiology

Author: Lorelei F. Fuchs
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
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Interrupted by the Second World War, Anglican-Orthodox relations resumed in
1956, at which time the international dialogue gave way to separate dialogues
between the Anglican Communion and particular national Orthodox churches.
636 Upon recommencement at the world level in 1973,the Anglican-Orthodox
Joint Doctrinal Commission (AOJDC) returns to AO focus on unity in faith.
Weaving in and out of its doctrinal discussions is the concept of communion/
koinonia. Prominent ...

Legal Flexibility And The Mission Of The Church

Author: Will Adam
Publisher: Routledge
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John Douglas, The Christian East and Orthodox Politics, 1900–1948 In the early
part of the twentieth century relations between the Church of England and
various eastern Orthodox Churches were particularly warm. This warmth was, at
the very least in part politically prompted and motivated. 'The War Alliance with
Great Britain ... created a favourable disposition towards the English Church
among the ... Greeks, Russians, Serbs and Roumans [Romanians]'7 and British
policy towards ...

The Orthodox Church

Author: Timothy Ware
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141925000
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Churches News Letter, and fosters contact between Anglicans and the Christian
east through pilgrimages and meetings. A more recent society, the Fellowship of
St Alban and St Sergius, founded in 1928 as an offshoot of the Student Christian
Movement, pursues similar aims. It issues a substantial journal, Sobornost. Its
annual conference was attended in the past by such leading Orthodox
theologians as Bulgakov, Lossky and Florovsky, and on the Anglican side by
Archbishop ...

Historical Dictionary Of Anglicanism

Author: Colin Buchanan
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810865068
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After World War II, closer relationships grew between the Orthodox and the
churches of the West. After Archbishop Michael Ramsey visited the ecumenical
patriarch in 1962, the primates of the Anglican Communion agreed on new talks
with the Orthodox, and a Pan-Orthodox Conference at Rhodes in 1964
responded welcoming this. A joint commission was set up in 1966 and produced
the Moscow Agreed Statement (1976) and the Athens Report (1978). This latter
report considered ...

Stalin S Holy War

Author: Steven Merritt Miner
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
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Although this was a comforting delusion, in practice it was a rationale for inaction
and for prolonging the deceptive wartime propaganda into the early postwar. As
for ties between the Russian Orthodox and Anglican churches, rather than
becoming a means of softening the Stalinist regime, or of assuring better
treatment of church people in the USSR as Anglican hierarchs hoped, the
connection was quickly becoming one more hostage to fortune. To condemn
renewed Soviet religious ...