Ay N Tarihi

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AYIN TARiHi B aş b a kan ı i k Basın-Y ay ın v e Turizm G. Md. lüğü tarafından ner
ay yayımlanır. - -_- A N K A R A 0 C A K 1 9 5 4 N0. 242 AYIN TARİHİ I Ayın Politik
ve Ekonomik 0layları I – AYIN TARiHi ...

Turkish Foreign Policy

Author: Pinar Gozen Ercan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319504517
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Princeton: Princeton University Press. Directorate General of Press and
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December 11, 2011, from http://www.byegm.gov.tr/ayin-tarihi2-detay.aspx?y=
1993&a=5. DGPI. (1999c ...

Britain And Turkey In The Middle East

Author: Mustafa Bilgin
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857711059
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176 FRUS, 1951, Vol.V, pp.206, 398—401. 177 Ayin Tarihi, no. 215, October
1951; FRUS, 1951, Vol.V p.226. 178 See, Ayin Tarihi, no.215, October 1951. See
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pp.209—11; Middle Eartern Aflairr. 1951, Vol.II, no.1, pp.367—69, 373, 412. 179
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Aflairr, Vol.III, no.1, January 1952, pp.226—28. 180 Ali Riza, 'Turkish Participation
', p.91.

Politics Of Turkish Democracy The

Author: John M. VanderLippe
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791483371
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Ayin Tarihi 138 (5/45): 53454; Mahmut Goloğlu, Milli ŞefDo'nemi, [93941945 [The
National Chief Period] (Ankara, 1974), p. 344; Akandere, Milli ŞefDönemi, pp.
366473; A. C. Edwards, “The Impact of the War on Turkey,” International Afllzir:
XXII (1946): 389400. Goloğlu, Milli ŞefDönemi, pp. 345446; See also, Ayin Tarihi
138 (5/45): 53472. Goloğlu, Milli ŞefDönemi, pp. 346, 347450. Ayin Yariki 138 (5/
45): 72474, 75. Ayin Yariki 138 (5/45): 182484; Koçak, Tu'rkiyežle Milli ŞefDo'
nemi, ...

Competitive Elections In Developing Countries

Author: Myron Weiner
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822307662
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34. Frey, The Turkish Political Elite, 431-33. 35. Ibid., 434; Weiker, Political
Tutelage, 158-67; Armagan, Turkish Constitutional Law, 194-96. 36. For the text
of Ataturk's statement to the party organization and to second electors asking
them to vote for independent candidates and for the results of the elections, see
Ayin Tarihi 15 (Feb. 1935): 14-23. 37. Ergun Ozbudun, "The Nature of the
Kemalist Political Regime," in Ali Kazancigil and Ergun Ozbudun, eds., Atatiirk:
Founder of a Modern ...

Turkey The Jews And The Holocaust

Author: Corry Guttstadt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521769914
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In its edition of February 19, 1943, the London newspaper ofthe Polish
government-in-exile, Dziennik Polski, quoted the Istanbul-based Re'alite', which
had covered the mass murders of Jews in Poland on its front page.46 In March
1943 — at the time when the German authorities repeated their repatriation
ultimatum — the government gazette Ayin Tarihi reported on a speech by British
Foreign Secretary Eden about “the destruction of the Jews in Poland.”47 It can
thus be assumed ...

Alaturka Style In Turkish Music 1923 1938

Author: John Morgan O'Connell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317182766
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He is best remembered for his instructional and administrative work with the Eyüp
Sultan Music Society (Eyüp Sultan Musiki Cemiyeti). He acquired his title, 'Eyyubî'
, from this association (see Özalp 1986, II: 93). 7 The attribution of the deviant
variant to Şükrü Kaya is significant. See, for example, different versions of this
speech published in the Hakimiyeti Milliye (11 August 1928) and Ayin Tarihi (
August 1928: 1–4). When alaturka was banned from Turkish broadcasts (in 1934)
, many ...

Symbols That Bind Symbols That Divide

Author: Scott L. Moeschberger
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319054643
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15 http://www.hri.org/news/cyprus/kypegr/1996/96-10-20.kypegr.html. 16 P.I.O.
Publication 139/1996. 17 http://www.byegm.gov.tr/ayin-tarihi.aspx?d=en (August
1996). 18 http://www.byegm.gov.tr/ayin-tarihi.aspx?d=en (August 1996). 19 http://
www.byegm.gov.tr/ayin-tarihi.aspx?d=en (August 1996). 20 http://www.byegm.
gov.tr/ayin-tarihi.aspx?d=en (August 1996). The Turkish Cypriot press21 had
reacted to the incidents by 73 Contested Symbols as Social Representations:
The Case of ...