Be Here Now Vieques

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This handy book will help make any visitor's trip to Vieques a success.

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“No, not many people come here since the military left. Some people here on
Vieques did not like the military being here because they thought the military
interfered too much. That caused many strangers and political agitators to come
from the main island of Puerto Rico and demonstrate against the military. Myself, I
liked the military very much and I made a good living working for them when they
were here. Now, I have to fish the coves and try to grow some cows and chickens.

Vieques Lands Transfer Act Of 1994

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Natural Resources. Subcommittee on Insular and International Affairs
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did have some questions, but there are some votes and I guess there is a vote on
now, so I look forward to hearing your testimony, Admiral. Thank you very much.
Admiral CHRISTENSEN. Good afternoon, I am Admiral Ernest Christensen. Mr.
DE LUGO. Admiral, would you suspend for just a minute. I understand that
Congressman Serrano is—oh, Congressman, will you please come up and join
us here as a guest of the committee? Congressman Serrano is a native of Puerto
Rico, ...

The Eden Roc

Author: C. Edward Samuels
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It is such a shame that Carol and I have come here in search of the most fetid of
creatures! We have, however, and now we are anchored off the shore at
Esperanza, Vieques. If poets ever find themselves in need of inspiration, they
simply should tie off our port beam on a night like tonight! Below the Single Rose
is the crystal clear Virgin Island Atlantic Ocean salt water. It is teeming with the
works of the Almighty, ever moving and so very colorful. They are unrestricted by
the ...

Naval Training Activities On The Island Of Vieques Puerto Rico

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Panel to Review the Status of Navy Training Activities on the Island of Vieques
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However, I can assure the citizens of Vieques that these members are as
concerned with the issues of Vieques as those of us who are here today. The
members recognize, because of the importance of the issue, these hearings
should indeed be held and before hearing from our first witness, the Chair would
like to recognize my distinguished colleague, the Honorable William L. Dickinson
. The Chair recognizes the ranking minority representative and member of the

Implications Of Closing The Vieques Training Facility

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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This is here long before I showed up on the scene, sir.Mr. LARSON. So this is not
precedent setting, in other words? Secretary ENGLAND. Sir, I do not believe this
is precedent setting. I believe this is a unique situation we have. I believe what
will be precedent setting is having the referendum. That I believe is a bad
precedent. Mr. LARSON. Well, you know, there is a lot that has been said today,
and it has been enlightening discussion. It is heartening in many respects to see
Congress ...

Readiness Implications Concerning The Atlantic Fleet Training Center Vieques Puerto Rico

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Subcommittee on Military Readiness
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I would like to thank you, Mr. Chairman, and the members of the committee, for
your support for our men and women in uniform. I am also very, very grateful to
be given the opportunity to be here today to testify on this important subject, and
to address the national security interests regarding the Vieques Target Complex.
To get to the root, sir, Vieques is absolutely critical to the readiness, training, and
preparation of our forces prior to their deployment overseas. As a Commander, I
feel ...

Revista Puertorrique A Sobre Los Derechos Humanos

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Zenón- Absolutely. That's precisely why we fishermen are engaged in this
struggle. We understand that what we're demanding is the right to live free,
without anyone bothering us, to be able to work, without anybody dictating to you,
without anyone saying "you have to do it this way" or "this is what has to happen
now" or "you have to go over there in order to get here". That's what's happening
now in Vieques, and that's a denial of human rights. It's the same both on the land
and on the ...

American Energy Initiative Identifying Roadblocks To Wind And Solar Energy On Public Lands And Waters Serial No 112 31 May 13 2011 112 1 Oversight Hearing

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Now, referring to Vieques specifically. I advocated for a green plan for Vieques,
and that got the attraction of the White House and this task force. They basically
adopted that and they are proposing that in the report that was recently issued.
Now, what happens in Vieques is that most, if not all, of the land owned by the
Federal Government there constitutes the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, and I
know that you are here today to speak to the Bureau's role in facilitating solar and
wind ...


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Next is Pedro Baiges, of the central committee of the P. S. P. , followed by Ivan
Davis, a young Vieques fisherman struggling for the right to eam his living. The
fifth trial is ... After about eight hours, Judge Torruella delivered the expected
verdict — guilty of an attempted reclaiming of the beaches of Vieques for those to
whom they rightfully belong. ... Lastly, I believe and feel proud to be here as a
North American lawyer involved in this fight and proud to be here for sentence
today. Berkan ...