Becoming Wise

Author: Krista Tippett
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698409949
Size: 44.74 MB
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This book offers a grounded and fiercely hopeful vision of humanity for this century – of personal growth but also renewed public life and human spiritual evolution.

Becoming Wise Deluxe

Author: Krista Tippett
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735221464
Size: 20.80 MB
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This book is for people who want to take up the great questions of our time with imagination and courage, to nurture new realities in the spaces we inhabit, and to do so expectantly and with joy.

Author: Paulo Coelho
ISBN: 9789744719751
Size: 26.23 MB
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En andalusisk fårehyrde, Santiago, drømmer om en skat og rejser til pyramiderne for at finde den. Ved at følge sit hjerte og søge sin skæbne opnår han rigdom og lykke

Exception To The Rule The Surprising Science Of Character Based Culture Engagement And Performance

Author: Peter J. Rea
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1260026841
Size: 54.81 MB
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Ralph Waldo Emerson, -speaks
-so-loudly-that-i-cannot-hear. STJ Enterprises,
. php?p=product&id=439. Voltaire, in Candide, June 8, 2009, http://files. /207.html.
CHAPTER 1 1. Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art
of Living, Penguin Random House, New York, 2016, 9. 2. Chevalier Louis de
Jaucourt, “Hospitality ...

The Living Age

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It is the highest of human experiences, and should never be approached without
something of the reverence, and sense of mystery, and tenderness, and depth of
insight which belong to its essential nature. ... If they wished to go into
fundamental questions of cosmical origin, and the right which the idea of a divine
mind rather than mere force has to stand at the head of all things, they would
prefer, or at least all sensible men would prefer, leisure of inquiry and of
interrogation for such ...

The National Freemason

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Directly over the open fire-place hung a picture of a vessel with fluttering, snowy
sails, tossing and rocking amid the bright, green, yeasty waves The friend saw it,
read the mystery, ... of Cheney's Madonna and Child, bearing the very spirit of the
original, or ft plaster cast of noble statuary, the original of which could not be
obtained for any nameable sum — and yet you 6ay you cannot afford woi ks of art
! There is sorely nothing you ... Man is partly a solitary and partly a sociable being

The Critic

Size: 40.79 MB
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A Record of Literature, Art, Music, Science, and the Drama ... ment to the ...
Whatever else, theologically or philosophically, the Trinity may signify, it
assuredly symbolises the identity of God the Essence, and God the Thought, and
God the Miracle of Form bursting evermore from the Mystery of Life. To speak of a
... And, if what is called matter were this abominable thing, which God hateth, how
are we praising him by saying that it was not, and that he summoned it into being
? To that ...

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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We are told that the importation of foreign cattle into London lately has been more
than half of the total quantity brought to market, and it is not likely that any
Government of a commercial country would deal lightly with a trade of such
magnitude ... living worth a thousand a year. On the other hand, a lady
denounces the same system and favours boarding-out for young paupers,
because the account she receives of the subsequent career of the girls is not
edifying. Old- fashioned people ...

Saturday Review0

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It is well, however, to keep in mind the difficulties under which this trade is
conducted, because these difficulties inevitably translate themselves into a rise of
price; and thus we come back to the point from which we started, that the only
remedy, ... Mrs. Crawshay, on the contrary, seeks to demonstrate that a
knowledge of music makes the housemaid dust the rooms better, and that an
acquaintance with modern languages, particularly French, will assist her maid to
make becoming ...