Brew Like A Monk

Author: Stan Hieronymus
Publisher: Brewers Publications
ISBN: 0984075631
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Discover what makes the heavenly brews of Belgium so good in this new book by long time Real Beer Page Editor Stan Hieronymus.

The Home Brewer S Recipe Database

Author: Les Howarth
ISBN: 1409292258
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Beer Captured, Tess and Mark Szamatulski [Maltose Press, Trumbull (2005)].
The Big Book of Brewing, Dave Line [Amateur Winemaker Publications, Andover
(1974)]. Brew Classic European Beers at Home, Graham Wheeler and Roger
Protz [CAMRA, St. Albans (1995)]. Brew Like a Monk: Trappist, Abbey, and
Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them, Stan Heironymus [Brewers
Publications, Boulder (2005)]. Brew Ware, Karl F. Lutzen and Mark Stevens [
Storey Books, North ...

The Audacity Of Hops

Author: Tom Acitelli
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613743963
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Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, unpublished first part of manuscript (scheduled publication:
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Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them. Boulder, CO: Brewers Publications,
2005. Hillman ...

Michigan Beer Guide

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Schoolcraft College Continuing Education Services • NEW! 10,000 Years of
Beers. An entertaining history of beer. One night only, April 20, 7-1 0pm. CES
2274, $43.00 • Beer Evaluation. Our most popular course returns. Five nights,
May 11,18, 25 ... Farmhouse Ales and Wild Brews, reviewed in this pages in May/
June 2005 and November/December 2005 respectively, Brew Like a Monk,
Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition, Trappist, Abbey, and Strong
Belgian Ales and ...


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Beer 1.1 turf!/lrm), .10 lb: yaw! alnya pal firr a /it//rr mnrr romp/rrflaimr T rv our
izwarr)-wmnznq Be/qmn ah//z u-bail /rar loday II may /re I/x r/marl In /xmrn you
ever qr! ... Being a Chimay fan, my standard Dubbel yeast has always been
Wyeast 1214/White Labs 500, which is purportedly the Trappist Chimay strain. l
like this yeast for its fruity profile and ability to ferment the wort to its target final
gravity Scott and I both make starters, but we ... “Brew Like a Monk," Brewers
Publications, 2005.

The Wine Spectator

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“The reverence for wine in most countries is in Belgium accorded to beer," says
brew authority Michael jackson in The New World Guide to Beer. Wendy ...
Another characteristic that sets them apart from many other brews is that they go
through a second—and sometimes a third—fermentation in the bottle, much like
Champagne. This gives them ... to make them. Trappist beers are brewed only by
monks in one of five monasteries —Chimay, Orval, Westmalle, Rochefort or


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At l2% ABV the beer is one of the strongest in the world and is best cellared for
several years after which time the heaviness of the malt and intense, sappy hop
flavours recede and the beer develops smooth, port-like notes. The cooler
climate ... Belgian brewers produce somewhere in the region of five hundred
different beers and most of them are served in their own special glass. The
country is home to five Trappist breweries where monks brew their famous strong
ales. (Abbey beers ...

Food Wine

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BELGlUM"S BIG FOUR There are four main categories of Belgian beer: white
beers, ales, abbey beers and lambics. White beers ... Several religious
establishments still brew their own beers, but the standardbearers are those
made in five breweries run by the Trappist order of monks: Chimay, Orval,
Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren. The only breweries with the legal right to
carry the coveted Trappist designation, they produce strong, f ruity, aromatic ales
with bold flavors. Like ...

Market Watch

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And although illiteracy spread like a plague outside monastery walls, monks
maintained the ability to read and write——as well as the art of brewing. This
heritage of abbey brewing continues in ... Meanwhile, the monks of Belgium's five
Trappist brcweries—Trappist Orval, Westmalle, Forges-les-Chi may, Rochefort
and \Westvleteren—continue to brew the strong, top-ferrnenting, bottle-
conditioned ales that are winning acclaim in American bars. Beer enthusiasts are
also clamoring for ...