Nameless Towns

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Major entertainments sometimes appeared on the commissary porches on
Saturdays, including style shows that were staged by the lady in charge of the
women's-wear department and featured not only belles of the town modeling “
hats, dresses, and other accessories” but also the ever-popular Buster Brown
and his wonder dog, Tige." As Pate Warner recalled, this representative of the
Brown Shoe Company of St. Louis, which made only children's shoes, “Was a
little midget feller.

Mixed Harvest

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By 1916, newspapers throughout the upper Midwest and West began running a
series of anti-mail-order cartoons featuring Buster Brown and his dog, Tige,
drawn by the creator of the famous character and one of the originators of
newspaper comics, R. F. Outcault. Buster ... Anti-mail-order efforts reached a
nadir of sorts when local papers and merchants offered rewards to residents who
turned in their mail-order catalogues and then staged a public burning of them in
the town square.


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Buster the dog thinks his perfect life is spoiled when Betty the cat comes to live with him, until he learns not to be afraid of cats.


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The town was chartered in 1761. The pine trees reflect the Vermont state seal. (
Springfield Town Office.) ON THE COVER: This is a Buster Brown Shoe
promotion at the C.H. Moore Store that was located on the south end of the
Woolson Block. C.H. Moore was in business from 1901 to 1925, but the Buster
Brown character lived on and made it to television. Buster's catchphrase was, “Hi,
I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tye, he lives there too.” (
Springfield Town Library.) ...

The A To Z Of Old Time Radio

Author: Robert C. Reinehr
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Buster Brown was a little boy who lived in a shoe with his dog Tige; they were the
trademark of Buster Brown Shoes. Smilin' Ed was an ex-vaudeville performer
who sang Silly Songs, carried on imaginary dialogues with a cast of imaginary
characters, and told adventure stories that were dramatized with music and
sound effects. One of the best-remembered characters was Froggy, who spoke
with a croaking voice and was ordinarily invisible, although he could plunk his “
magic ...

Boys Life

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Exciting true-to-life adventures \Thoroughbred Mutt of famous men and women /r
~ t- a* *> o^\ (Continued from page 21) said cordially. "We'll put your dogs up.
And we're mighty happy to have company for Christmas dinner. I'm Lance
Crawford, this is .... Ask for Buster Brown by name BUSTER BROWN OFFICIAL
BOY SCOUT SHOFS A Pr Brown Shoe Company, Manufacturers, St. Louis Tune
in to Smilin' Ed McConnell and his Buster Brown Gang on TV or Radio- Saturday

New York Magazine

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Also brought out of retirement was Farfel, the laconic, floppy-eared puppet that
served as Nestle's spokesdog from 1956 through 1966, crooning "N-E-S-T- L-E-S
, Nestle's makes the very best." In November 1981, for one season, Farfel was re-
enlisted, not to drawl "choc-late," but to pitch cocoa. Scotties have adorned the
Black and White scotch bottle since 1904, the same year that Boston terrier Tige
first appeared alongside Buster Brown for the Brown Shoe Company. Mack
trucks ...

Spruce Pine

Author: David Biddix
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Seven Our Town A Moment in Time jjlHIl .-.>_ \:<L-^''. - n^~l - - □-. Turning out
when a celebrity visits town has always been commonplace, and when Buster
Brown and his dog Tige stop by the new Spruce Pine Store building in the 1920s,
the whole town turned out to say hello. The store, owned by the Harris Mining
Company, offered general merchandise and moved to this location in the early
1920s. (Courtesy of Guss McKinney.) * *» July 4, 1927, was a special day at. 95
Our Town: ...

Simon Schuster Super Crossword Book 9

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ACROSS 1 The Treasure of Sierra Madre 5 Rooms in "Spartacus" 10 Kind of day
at Black Rock 13 Unattached male 17 Vehicle for 78 Down 18 Soldier in ' 'Grand
Illusion" 19 Support for Tarzan's home 20 Church feature 21 Best Actor: 1941, ...
no pain 6 Restaurateur Shor 7 Namesakes of actor Torn 8 Land on which
Hunchback's Notre Dame stands 9 Lepidoptera chrysalis 10 ' ' Town," Gable/
Tracy film 1 1 Actors Robert and Alan 12 Moines 13 Flowering shrub 14 Buster
Brown's dog ...

From Abba To Zoom

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Burgermeister is featured in the 1970 Yuletide special Santa Claus Is Comin' to
Town. BUS STOP Popular disco ... Buster Brown was actually an early comicstrip
star who first appeared in 1905 in the New York Herald Tribune. BUSTIERS Worn
to enhance a ... Other members included sensible blonde tambourine-player
Merilee, brunette guitarist Steffy, foolhardy redheaded drummer Harvey (voiced
by ex-Monkee Mickey Dolenz), and mischievous dog Elvis. Like numerous
animated ...