Chronicle Of The Old Testament Kings

Author: John William Rogerson
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A richly illustrated chronology of Israel's kings--from Abraham to Herod--covers 1,500 years and features key data, portraits, genealogical trees, full-color maps, hundreds of illustrations, and much more.

Church Synagogue Libraries

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When complete, this series will stand for sure for the first quarter of the 21st
century. ... I repeat a comment I have made in presenting previous volumes of the
series to you: " The most practical use I've been able to make of the NIB has been
in the fact that Biblical texts, commentaries, and reflection for answering
questions and preparing to present a portion of ... CHRONICLE OF THE OLD

Companion To The Old Testament

Author: Ted Leach
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King fosiah: A Lens Through Which to View foshua and judges An important
dimension of reading scripture is to try to understand the context ofa particular
story or book of the Bible. Occasionally ... Our present book of Deuteronomy may
have been the scroll that was found in the Temple in 621 BCE during the reign of
King Josiah. (This scroll ... the Bible. The writer draws from a variety of sources,
some ofwhich perhaps were ancient and some ofwhich may have been more
recent.120 ...

Nelson S Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Author: Ronald F. Youngblood
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
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Historians have grouped the lists of Egyptian rulers into thirty-one dynasties. ... It
was unusual in ancient times for a defeated nation to record its losses. tion of one
nation—as happened when the Sea Peoples brought the Hittite Empire to an end
about 1200 b.c.—the conquered nation usually was unwilling—or ... Another
practice that seems very strange to the modern reader was the practice in some
Near Eastern countries of including an accession year as part of a king's reign.

The Old Testament

Author: Steven L. McKenzie
Publisher: Abingdon Press
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International activities are also important background for the reigns of Manasseh
and Josiah. Manasseh is ... Josiah's death in the ensuing battle in a real sense
marked the end of Judah as an independent nation, and the remainder of the
history narrated in 2 Kings was dependent on power struggles in the ancient
Near East. Neco replaced ... The official record of Babylonian kings known as the
Babylonian Chronicle confirms the fall of Jerusalem on March 16, 597. Zedekiah
faced the ...

Ancient Israel At War 853 586 Bc

Author: Brad E. Kelle
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
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t * r - H The portion of the Babylonian Chronicle, a histoncal annal from the reign
of Nebuchadrezzar II. which records the capture of Jerusalem in 597 BC. (British
Museum, London) transactions. Textual sources from ... With regard to the biblical
material, the HB/OT contains two overlapping accounts of Israelite and Judean
history in the Assyrian and Babylonian periods: 1 Kings 16 to 2 Kings 23, and 2
Chronicles 17-35. The former is generally considered to be part of a larger work ...

Archaeological History Of The Ancient Middle East

Author: Jack Finegan
Publisher: Marboro Books
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The third was Ashur-nirari V, who made a campaign in his second year against
Arpad (Tell Rifaat, forty kilometers northwest of Aleppo) and made the ruler,
Matiilu, his vassal through a treaty, which has been preserved in an Akkadian text
. ... Rezin of Damascus, deported to Assyria the people of Israel, and received
tribute fromJehoahaz (Ahaz), these events being told in the Annals and another
historical text, and corresponding with biblical record (2 Kings 15:29f.; 16:9f; 1

A History Of Ancient Israel And Judah

Author: James Maxwell Miller
ISBN: 9780334041177
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James Maxwell Miller, John Haralson Hayes. A second account of the capture of
Samaria appears in the narratives about the reign of Hezekiah (18:9-12). 18 The
following events are noted in the biblical account. ... 2. During Shalmaneser 's
first regnal year (726-725), revolt broke out again in the west involving at least
Tyre and Israel. The Eponym Chronicle notes that the main Assyrian army was "in
the land" in the spring of 725. Second Kings 17:4 18. A number of studies on the
fall of ...

American Book Publishing Record

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Series. WHITELAM, Keith W. 933\O072 The invention of ancient Israel : the
silencing of Palestinian history / Keith W. Whitelam. New York : Routledge, 1995.
p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. [DSU5.5.W475 1995] 20 95
-14120 ISBN 0-415- 10758-X 59.95 ;. Bible. O.T.— History of Biblical events-
Historiography. 2. Palestine — History ... Chronicle of the Roman emperors : the
reign-by- reign record of the rulers of Imperial Rome / Chris Scarre. London ; New
York ...