Cinema Wars

Author: Douglas M. Kellner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444360493
Size: 58.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Cinema Wars explores the intersection of film, politics, and US culture and society through a bold critical analysis of the films, TV shows, and documentaries produced in the early 2000s Offers a thought-provoking depiction of Hollywood ...

Cinema Wars

Author: Douglas Kellner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405198230
Size: 77.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume offers a thought-provoking depiction of Hollywood film as a contested terrain between conservative and liberal forces.

War And Cinema

Author: Paul Virilio
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9780860919285
Size: 73.75 MB
Format: PDF
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Looking at how the technologies of cinema and warfare have developed a fatal interdependence, this book explores these conjunctions from a range of perspectives.

Cinema Alchemist

Author: Roger Christian
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781783299003
Size: 14.57 MB
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Christian, an Oscar-winning set decorator and director, tells the story of his breakthrough work on some iconic science fiction masterpieces of the 1970s.

War Cinema

Author: Guy Westwell
Publisher: Wallflower Press
ISBN: 9781904764540
Size: 19.89 MB
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CONTEMPORARY WAR CINEMA. 1989-2006 Chapter three described how the
war cinema of the 1980s - through the ideological work conducted by movies
such as Apocalypse Now, Rambo and Platoon - recuperated the traumatic
experience of the Vietnam War, echoing and feeding into a general cultural
tendency of historical revision. This chapter examines those movies made in the
1990s and beyond that have combat as their subject. Made during a time of
political consolidation ...

The Philosophy Of War Films

Author: David LaRocca
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813145120
Size: 32.54 MB
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... 2005); blockbusters like Déjà Vu (Scott, 2006), The Bourne Ultimatum (
Greengrass, 2007), The Dark Knight (Nolan, 2008), and Eagle Eye (Caruso,
2008); and even absurdist comedies like Burn after Reading (Coen brothers,
2008). Surveillance's omnipresence in these films comes as no surprise to
readers of Paul Virilio. In War and Cinema, Virilio laid out cinema's intimate
relation with modern warfare: (1) war's reliance on sight takes advantage of
cinema's technological ability to ...

Surviving Images

Author: Kamran Rastegar
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199390177
Size: 13.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Inferno explores the experiences of war, and Purgatorio explores the aftermath of
wars and their legacies on survivors, while Paradiso consists merely of the
briefest hint of a possible redemption afterward. Thus, the Palestinian trauma of
1948 may be viewed as the reverse shot of the establishment of a Jewish state,
or vice versa. Shot, reverse shot. The Palestinian trauma, metaphorically, is a
purgatorio reflected 4 The Time that Is Lost: Cinematic Aporias of Palestine.

British Cinema And The Cold War

Author: Tony Shaw
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781845112110
Size: 20.96 MB
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All wars, especially cold wars, are fought in part through words and images.
Information - and its concomitant, propaganda - was central to the 40-year battle
fought between the 'East' and the 'West' after the Second World War. Once the
Soviet Union had achieved nuclear parity with the United States in 1 949, a direct
military clash between the superpowers was generally considered to be suicidal.
The resulting psychological conflict - an alternative to 'real' war - was
unparalleled in ...

American War Cinema And Media Since Vietnam

Author: Patricia Keeton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137277890
Size: 49.65 MB
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Most of the poem's 16,000-plus lines describe with awe the intensity, vitality, and
exultance of hand-to-hand combat, all but drowning out Thersites's dark
accusations made early in the work, and this has always been a central paradox
of both the literature and cinema of war. From Saving Private Ryan to Zero Dark
Thirty the more realistic, “gritty,” and high tech the combat scenes are re-created,
the less the viewer even thinks that the issues of politics, ideology, or social class
are ...