Civic Librarianship

Author: Ronald B. McCabe
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810839052
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Civic Librarianship explores the ideas of this new community movement and shows how they can transform public libraries by offering a renewed sense of purpose and powerful new strategies for development.

Transforming Libraries Building Communities

Author: Julie Biando Edwards
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810891824
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Librarians who commit themselves to creating a community-centered library fall
into the tradition of “civic librarianship” as defined by Ronald McCabe: “Civic
librarianship is an effort to apply the community movement ideas and strategies
to the public library” (McCabe 2001, 60). They are also taking to heart the
declaration of former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, an ardent library
supporter who told librarians in his city, “Unless you are out there changing
neighborhoods, you are not ...

Journal Of Library History Philosophy And Comparative Librarianship

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The defense argued in response that civic center activities— classes and
meetings of various kinds— were taking place in the library building, and that at
no time had any attempt been made to exclude "any person, persons or class of
persons" from "said library."15 During the trial, Mrs. Cox was called to the stand
and questioned about her motives for placing article 7 in the Articles of
Incorporation. The lawyer for the plaintiffs asked her why she did not want a
Catholic as a director of ...

Critical Approaches To Information Technology In Librarianship

Author: John Buschman
Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group
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All of these developments have the potential to radically alter the civic context of
information delivery. THE CIVIC ROLE OF LIBRARIES The philosophical roots of
the civic role of libraries are traceable to Thomas Jefferson's day. The public
library is a place where, in Jefferson's words, "the energies of the individual can
be harnessed toward constructive social goals." As Edward Everett, past
president of Harvard College, said in 1 858 at the dedication of a new building for
the Boston ...

Pathways To Progress

Author: John L. Ayala
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1591586445
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From Cleveland to Brooklyn, the library literature is replete with examples of how
public libraries enhanced the socialization process by providing immigrants with
reading materials and information designed to guide them on the pathway to
citizenship and full participation in the civic process. ]ones's illuminating history of
the role that librarians played in literacy development and citizenship provides
our profession with a vivid look at the librarians' role in helping immigrants to
preserve ...

University Of California Publications In Librarianship

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Civic activity is variously defined by the respondents. Certain of them made the
point that civic activity must be considered as something apart from and
completely different from political activity. Others insisted that what was frequently
defined as civic was in reality political behavior and defined civic to include
working for the passage of a school bond election or for the election of a
particular councilman. Still others failed to make a distinction. The reasons
behind civic activity as a ...

Renewing Professional Librarianship

Author: William A. Crowley
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
ISBN: 9781591585541
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authors might protest, it is likely that contributions such as John E. Buschman's
engagement with the marketplace mentality in his Dismantling the Public Sphere:
Situating and Sustaining Librarianship in the Age of the New Public Philosophy (
2003); Ronald B. McCabe's argument for renewal of the public library's
community instructional mission in his Civic Librarianship: Renewing the Social
Mission of the Public Library (200 1 ); and Wayne Wiegand's encouragement of
librarians to ...

Libraries Beyond Their Institutions

Author: William Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780789029089
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13 Echoing these theorists are a new cadre of librarians advocating a broader
new "civic librarianship" where libraries build community and solve local
problems.14 Recent books such as R. Kathleen Molz and Phyllis Dain's Civic
Space/Cyberspace: The American Public Library in the Digital Age; Kathleen
McCook's A Place at the Table: Participating in Community Building; Ronald
McCabe's Civic Librarianship: Renewing the Social Mission of the Public Library;
and Nancy Kranich's ...

Libraries Civil Society And Social Development

Author: Sofiĭski universitet "Sv. Kliment Okhridski."
Publisher: Memorial Union Corporation
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Restore democratic purpose of press through civic journalism 8. Reexamine laws
and community planning to enhance civic life • Libertarian Librarianship Goals
and Assumptions as Summarized by Ronald McCabe 1. Emphasis on individual
2. Grew out of counter culture of 1960s 3. Based on political republican concepts
4. A romantic vision of being able to mold things as you will, and not dependent
on an external form or reality 5. Rules are to be broken since they do not honor
the ...

Understanding Community Librarianship

Author: Alistair Black
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Similarly, community librarianship is often equated, rather simplistically it has to
be said, with public librarianship and, in particular, its public service ethos, which
in very small communities is perceived to be strengthened by social cohesion
and familiarity. However, as indicated in Chapter 1, interpretations of community
are multifarious. Certainly, when public libraries were in their infancy, the idea of
community as a means of furthering social solidarity was encapsulated in the
civic ...