Closet Cultivator

Author: Ed Rosenthal
Publisher: Ed Rosenthal
ISBN: 9780932551214
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Written in clear, easy-to-understand language for the novice grower, Closet Cultivator is the ultimate secret growing guide.

The Cultivator Country Gentleman

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The more crops that will substitute the hay crop, that are raised, the more hay the
farmer will have to sell at a high price, as there is every indication that hay will
bear an unusually high price the coming winter. South Windsor, Conn. W. H.
WHITE. EARTH CLOSETS. The inventive genius of the nineteenth century has
made no nobler achievement than the introduction of the earth closet Health,
decency and comfort, together with the utilizing of a manure (estimated to be
worth $10 per ...

The Illustrated Annual Register Of Rural Affairs And Cultivator Almanac For The Year

Author: John Jacob Thomas
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... quite pleasing in appearance. The door between the child's bedroom and the
back entry is glazed, to admit light to the latter. If desired, the closets between the
entry and bed-room may give place to a door. The second-floor plan (drawn on a
smaller scale) shows five good bedrooms, with a closet to each. A sketch of the
rear is given, showing the back porch and arrangement of the kitchen wing. The
whole may be constructed of wood, — where materials and labor are not very
costly, ...

The Cultivator

Author: J. J. Thomas, Editor
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dwelling, stowed away in the closet. Every good housewife has neatly arranged
cupboards and strong paper bands, mark the letter of the alphabet and year
provide a regular row of brass hooks around the interior, and i smaller
compartments may be made by dividing a worsted allow but one article to occupy
each. Let one side be nppro- lining, by setting in pieces of wood or pasteboard,
all pointing printed to one kind, and another side to another kind, having toward
the center of the ...

The Cultivator

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Next in order is the sitting room, a pleasant convenient room; the working
woman's sitting room, will also be her nursery, her library, her vestibule; her bed
room, is pleasantly situated with a convenient closet,her parlor is handy by,
where she can use it at :o : FARMERS, READ THIS I HOLDEN's DOLLAR
MAGAZINE! LAR. looking ornaments are out of place on a farm house, and as a
kind of example to operate against the other extreme—flimsiness. The only finish
necessary for the roof ...

The Cultivator Vol Vi Third Series 1858

Author: Offfice of the Country Gentleman
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The truth is, tho Octagon form contains from fifty to one hundred per cent, more
room, in proportion to length of outside wall, than the plans most in use in this
country. As the plan I send you nearly explains itself, I need only speak of a few
features. The dining-room closet is half of five feet square, and of course will
contain ten feet of wall space for shelves. The entry, leading from the kitchen and
dining-room to the side door, is a convenient passage-way for the ordinary use of
the family.

The Ohio Cultivator

Author: Michael B. Bateham
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The same also of the be I room for servants, in rear of kilchen. It is near their work,
and no exans* can be offered to piss through anv rooms, except to sweep th-mi,
etc. The lied room rear of library is so distant t'rom all others, aud aving a fire
place, us to render it suited to sickness. If . sired, a passage way may be made
through the closet, connecting it through the liwrary. For largo dairies, I would
construct the rear rooms, heretofc. '2S2 Vol. V. OHIO CULTIVATOR. PANT. j S»6 j
"T 4.

The Utne Reader

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Psychedelics Encyclopedia, Anarchist Cookbook, Marijuana Growers Guide,
Create a New Identity, Smart Drugs and Nutrients, Virtual Reality, Cyberpunk,
Reborn in Privacy, Counterfeit Currency, Underground Drug Library, Sexual
Secrets, Mushroom Cultivator, Covert Surveillance, Underground Economy,
Closet Cultivator, Underground Comics, Angry Women, Credit Power Handbook
plus hundreds log. $2.00 ...

How To Grow The Finest Marijuana Indoors Under Lights

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The philosophy of the covert closet cultivator who turns to hydroponics should be
K.l. S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid!). There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Stick to
tried and true methods, at least until you know what you're doing. Complicated
plumbing connections should be simplified and made as leak-free and
accessible (in case of possible failure) as possible. As you progress up the
learning curve, you can change and experiment with more advanced techniques;
but beware, ...