Colorado Plateau 3

Author: Charles Van Riper
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 9780816527380
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This volume focuses on the integration of science into resource management issues, summarizes what criteria make a successful collaborative effort, outlines land management concerns about drought, provides summaries of current biological, ...

Ancient Landscapes Of The Colorado Plateau

Author: Ronald C. Blakey
Publisher: Grand Canyon Assn
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Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau is the first book to showcase Blakey's remarkable work. His maps are accompanied by text by Wayne Ranney, geologist and award-winning author of Carving Grand Canyon.

Stone Canyons Of The Colorado Plateau

Author: Charles Bowden
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 9780810929920
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The text by Charles Bowden deals with Mormon heroes, the Hole-in-the-Rock migration, and with John D. Lee, infamous for his part in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Distribution Of Elements In Colorado Plateau Uranium Deposits

Author: Alfred T. Miesch
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spectrograph ic analyses Mg Al Si K C.i 8c Tl V Cr Mn Fe Co 7 3 3 7 0 9 12 14 10
6 10 7 3 3 7 13 10 11 14 12 5 0 6 3 3 7 0 9 12 14 10 4 0 7 if 3 7 13 8 11 14 11 4 0
7 2 3 7 13 7 12 13 13 5 13 7 3 3 7 13 9 11 13 13 i 0 7 3 3 7 13 8 11 14 12 4 0 7 3
3 7 0 10 12 14 13 6 0 7 3 3 7 ...

Mineralogic Classification Of Uranium Vanadium Deposits Of The Colorado Plateau

Author: Theodore Botinelly
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55), Ocala limestone was found only at the south end of the hard-rock phosphate
belt in 3 mines and on the northeast edge of the land-pebble phosphate district in
3 drill holes (pis. 4 and 5). Its thickness is uncertain. Ocala limestone is soft,
friable, aad porous. In many places it consists almost entirely of fossils. Its most
conspicuous impurity, green or brown clay, is so sparse that the limestone is
almost everywhere white. Two samples (pi. 3, Iocs. 69 and 70) of Ocala limestone
from ...

The Colorado Plateau Province As A Field For Geological Study

Author: Grove Karl Gilbert
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Some of the largest continuous lava fields of our country belong to the Plateau
region. A field in southern Utah stretches ninety miles from north to south and
seventy miles from east to west; and the corresponding dimensions of one in
New Mexico and Arizona are one hundred and seventy-five, and one hundred
and forty miles. Almost coalescent with the latter is a third field which includes the
San Francisco group of peaks in Arizona. Beneath these, and beneath minor
floods of lava, ...

Life In Stone

Author: Christa Sadler
Publisher: Grand Canyon Assn
ISBN: 9780938216810
Size: 69.86 MB
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An overview of the Colorado Plateau's fossil remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago, featuring numerous illustrations and photographs.

Geological Survey Bulletin

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3-4 (table), 15, 21-22. Discussion of rock formations in Colorado Plateau of Utah
and Arizona. To rocks above Dakota ( '!) sandstone in Henry Mountains, Gilbert (
1877) applied local names (ascending) Tununk shale, Tununk sandstone. Blue
Gate shale, Blue Gate sandstone, Masuk shale, and Masuk sandstone. Only
Gilbert's names for the sandstones have been adopted by U.S. Geological
Survey and in present report his names for the shales are used in quotation
marks because of ...