Colorado Plateau 3

Author: Charles Van Riper
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
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This volume focuses on the integration of science into resource management issues, summarizes what criteria make a successful collaborative effort, outlines land management concerns about drought, provides summaries of current biological, ...

Distribution Of Elements In Colorado Plateau Uranium Deposits

Author: Alfred T. Miesch
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spectrograph ic analyses Mg Al Si K C.i 8c Tl V Cr Mn Fe Co 7 3 3 7 0 9 12 14 10
6 10 7 3 3 7 13 10 11 14 12 5 0 6 3 3 7 0 9 12 14 10 4 0 7 if 3 7 13 8 11 14 11 4 0
7 2 3 7 13 7 12 13 13 5 13 7 3 3 7 13 9 11 13 13 i 0 7 3 3 7 13 8 11 14 12 4 0 7 3
3 7 0 10 12 14 13 6 0 7 3 3 7 ...

Mineralogic Classification Of Uranium Vanadium Deposits Of The Colorado Plateau

Author: Theodore Botinelly
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55), Ocala limestone was found only at the south end of the hard-rock phosphate
belt in 3 mines and on the northeast edge of the land-pebble phosphate district in
3 drill holes (pis. 4 and 5). Its thickness is uncertain. Ocala limestone is soft,
friable, aad porous. In many places it consists almost entirely of fossils. Its most
conspicuous impurity, green or brown clay, is so sparse that the limestone is
almost everywhere white. Two samples (pi. 3, Iocs. 69 and 70) of Ocala limestone
from ...

Geological Survey Bulletin

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3-4 (table), 15, 21-22. Discussion of rock formations in Colorado Plateau of Utah
and Arizona. To rocks above Dakota ( '!) sandstone in Henry Mountains, Gilbert (
1877) applied local names (ascending) Tununk shale, Tununk sandstone. Blue
Gate shale, Blue Gate sandstone, Masuk shale, and Masuk sandstone. Only
Gilbert's names for the sandstones have been adopted by U.S. Geological
Survey and in present report his names for the shales are used in quotation
marks because of ...

100 Classic Hikes Arizona 4th Edition

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•17 all-new hikes •More than half the color photos are new •All hikes completely reviewed and re-checked 100 Classic Hikes: Arizona, 4th Edition, is the newest update in the popular Classic Hikes series of full-color coffee-table ...

The Sedimentary Basins Of The United States And Canada

Author: Andrew D. Miall
Publisher: Elsevier
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Laramide Orogeny 430 3. Basin Distribution and Classification 430 4. Timing of
Laramide Deformation 432 5. Basin Structure 435 6. Depositional Systems 437 7.
Tectonics of the Laramide Orogeny 443 Acknowledgments 446 References 446
Abstract Sedimentary basins of the broadly defined Laramide province, which
includes the Rocky Mountain region from Montana south to New Mexico, the
Colorado Plateau, and the southwestern most US and northern Sonora, Mexico
subsided ...

Proposed Grazing Management Program For The Eastern Arizona Eis Area

Author: United States. Bureau of Land Management. Phoenix District Office
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TABLE 3-4 SOILS GROUPS Bureau of Laud Management Phoenix and Safford
Districts, Arizona Soil Groupings and Geomorphic Features Soil Characteristicss
Major Soil Series Ecological Sites Location In State Water Erosion Wind Erosion
SusceptiDlllty Susceptibility Colorado Plateau 1. Shallow soils on mountains &
hills of sedimentary origin Nearly level to moder- Kopie, Epikom, ately steep (0-
25% slopes), sandy, loamy soils formed In sandstone to shale & limestone Clay ...

Structural Geology Of The Colorado Plateau Region Of Southern Utah With Special Emphasis On Deformation Bands

Author: George Herbert Davis
Publisher: Geological Society of America
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Like the other major Laramide uplifts in the region, the San Rafael Swell is an
east-facing asymmetric anticline, marked by a broad, western limb dipping
uniformly 3°WNW, and a narrow eastern limb, the San Rafael monocline (Fig. 49)
, which dips from 15°E to 80°E. The crestal line of the uplift is the San Rafael
anticline (Fig. 48), and it lies on average just 5 km (3 mi) west of the monocline.
Structural relief on the swell is nearly 2,120 m (7,000 ft). Structural relief on the
monocline itself ...

The Genesis Properties And Significance Of Fracturing In Colorado Plateau Sandstones

Author: Jonathan David Rogers
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SANDSTONES OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU 3. 1 Introduction The problem of
cliff development and retreat has been a subject of study by the author since
1972. Throughout the Colorado Plateau, escarpments are developed in nearly
horizontal rock units of differing properties. Slope angles vary within an extremely
limited range. Scarp retreat is a discontinuous process that assumes many
different modes of ...

United States Geological Survey Professional Paper

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Oak Oljeto2.. Oraibi 3. Padilla. Padres Painted Desert. Pilot Rock. Piute Porras
Pueblo Colorado' Quart zite . Rainbow. Rainbow Plateau. Red rock Round Rock
5... Roundy Sahotsoidbeazhe Salahkai Saneneheck Segeke Segetoa
Segihatsosi. . . . Segi Mesas Seklagaidesa Sehili Selukai . Senatoa. Geographic
feature. Mountain; canyon; spring; geologic formation. Province Stream and can
yon. Spring Stream; canyon. Spring Stream and canyon. Ranch Settlement ; butte
. Mesa .do.