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The second edition of a work first published in English in 1953; the original
German edition, entitled Das Marsprojekt, was published in Germany a year
earlier. This paperback edition has a new Preface by the author, in which he
describes briefly the most important technological breakthroughs that have
brought the planet Mars today so much closer to our reach than when he wrote a
decade or more ago. He is director of the George C. Marshall Space Flight
Centre at Huntsville, ...

How We Ll Live On Mars

Author: Stephen Petranek
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476784779
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In this sweeping, provocative book that mixes business, science, and human reporting, Petranek makes the case that living on Mars is an essential back-up plan for humanity and explains in fascinating detail just how it will happen.

Aiaa Computing In Aerospace Conference

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[2] von Braun, W. The Mars Project, University of Illinois Press, Urbana IL, 1953,
adapted from "Das Marsprojekt" in Weltraumfahrt, 1952. [3] Gennery, D. B.,
Modelling the ... on Mars" in 13 th Annual AAS Guidance and Control Conference
, AAS-90-050, American Astronautical Society, Feb. 1990. [6] Vaughan, R., R.
Gaskell, ... [16] Gonzalez, R. C, and P. Wintz, Digital Image Processing, 2nd
edition, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 1987. [17] Pien, H., Monte Carlo Analysis
of a Simple ...

Sterne Und Weltraum

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heV/ne □ Lange Zeit vergriffen - endlich wieder lieferbar zwischen den Franz L.
Nehers großer Roman über das Marsprojekt von Wernher von Braun. Mit einem
Vorwort von Wernher von ... Second Edition, Revised. Exposition Press, Smith-
town, New York, 1982, 222 S., Preis $ 10.-. Im Jahre 1977 erschien die erste
Auflage dieses englischsprachigen Buchs über die an Oberflächengebilde des
Mars vergebenen Namen und ihre Bedeutung. Diese erste Auflage wurde in
SuW 17, 183 ...

Ars Journal

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We invite contributions to this department of references which have not comt to
our attention, as well as comment on how the department may better serve its
function of providing leads to the jet propulsion applications of many diverse
CORPORATION Sidney, New York TfauuefelC&tt&ld. Book Reviews Das
Marsprojekt, Studie Einer Inter- planetarischen Kxpedition (in German), by W. von
Braun, Umschau Verlag, ...

Appointment On The Moon

Author: Richard S. Lewis
Publisher: Viking Adult
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Hearings, House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics,
Subcommittee on Manned Space Flight, Part 2 (B), 89th Congress, 2nd session.
1 3. Hearings, House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics
, 88th Congress, ... An English-language version of Das Marsprojekt was
published by the University of Illinois Press in 1953 as The Mars Project. 18.
Philip Abelson, speech at the University of Maryland, Apr. 29, 1963. 19. NASA
official release ...

Contemporary Authors

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WRITINGS: (With others) Across the Space Frontier, edited by C. Ryan, Viking,
1952; Das Marsprojekt: Studie einer interplanetarischen Expedition, Umschau
Verlag, 1952 (English translation, The Mars Project, University of Illinois Press,
1953); ... Maco Magazine Corp., 1953, 2nd edition published under title The
Complete Book of Satellites and Outer Space, 1957; E. L. Neher, Menschen
Zwischen den Planeten: Der Roman der Raumfahrt, Bechtle, 1953; Great
Adventures in Science, ...

Wernher Von Braun Crusader For Space

Author: Ernst Stuhlinger
Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company
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Markovna, Nina, Nina's Journey, A Memoir of Stalin's Russia and the Second^
World War, Regnery Gateway, New York, 1990. 3-21. Von Braun, Wernher,
Survey of Past Liquid Propellant Rocket Development in Germany, and of ... [11].
4-3. Fagan, James J., Interview by Ernst Stuhlinger, Huntsville, Alabama, July 25,
1988. 4-4. Wernher von Braun, Das Marsprojekt, Bechtle Verlag, Esslingen,
Germany, 1952; English version: The Mars Project, University of Illinois, Urbana,