Laccolith Complexes Of Southeastern Utah

Author: Jules D. Friedman
Publisher: U S Geological Survey
ISBN: 9780607885705
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The petrogenetic processes that formed the Henry Mountains, Utah, may be the
same as those responsible for other laccolithic intrusions in the Colorado Plateau
, specifically the La Sal and Abajo Mountains. Each range consists of small
separate intrusive centers where magma was em- placed into Phanerozoic
sediments at shallow crustal levels. Two major rock suites, plagioclase-
homblende porphyry (95 volume percent) and syenite porphyry (5 volume
percent), exist in both the ...

U S Geological Survey Bulletin

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We contend that the laccoliths are part of an east-west-oriented magmatic belt,
itself a portion of a larger mid-Tertiary magmatic system in western North America
, and that the minor volume of the laccoliths reflects the inability of large volumes
of magma to penetrate the thick, strong, stable crust of the Colorado Plateau.
INTRODUCTION The laccolithic intrusions of the Henry, La Sal, and Abajo
Mountains of southwest Utah (fig. 1) represent much 'Depart of Geology, 673
WIDB, Brigham ...

Geophysics And Petrology Of The Deep Crust And Upper Mantle

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These results agree with observed properties of the lower crust from geophysical
measurements (Jiracek and others, 1979; Seager and Morgan, 1979; Baldridge
and others, 1984) and suggest that crustal granulite may have a major influence
on observed properties of the crust in reactivated intracontinental rifts.
COLORADO PLATEAU Techniques.--Crustal xenolith suites from Moses Rock
dike and Mule Ear diatreme were sampled in order to compare observed seismic
velocity ...

Geology Of Utah S Mountains Peaks And Plateaus

Author: William T. Parry
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1460284135
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of the Colorado Plateau, the basement rocks include a volcanic arc that had
formed on the continental margin in Precambrian time, but there are few
Precambrian age rocks exposed on the Colorado Plateau. The thickness and
types of the sedimentary rocks can ... The nature of the deep crust and mantle in
Utah's portion of the Colorado Plateau is determined from rock fragments at Mule
Ear, Moses Rock, Cane Valley, and Garnet Ridge. Mule Ear, Moses Rock, and
Garnet Ridge are ...

Exposed Cross Sections Of The Continental Crust

Author: M.H. Salisbury
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400906757
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For example, major intermediate to silicic magmatic centers occur on the margins
of the Colorado Plateau, and are centered upon regional topographic swells of
about 500-1000 m (cf. Diment and Urban, 1981 ... Uniform thinning combined
with flow of deep crust toward the extended domain has the tendency to smooth
topography across the boundary relative to the case of uniform lower crustal
thinning, but only near the boundary if the effect is fairly localized. Far from the
boundary ...

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration In Geological Media

Author: Matthias Grobe
Publisher: AAPG
ISBN: 0891810668
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Neon isotope ratio crossplot comparing Green River springs' gases to deep CO2
accumulations of the Colorado Plateau (Gilfillan, 2006). The deep CO2 has Ne
derived from all of air, crust, and mantle, but the Ne within the Green River
springs gases is of atmospheric origin. This is not air contamination during
sampling but air dissolved in groundwater of meteoric origin within the Navajo
aquifer. MORB = mid-ocean-ridge basalts. As previously outlined, the
atmospheric contributions to ...

The Second Hutton Symposium On The Origin Of Granites And Related Rocks

Author: P. E. Brown
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 0813722721
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These lavas generally post-date low-angle extension of the Basin and Range
crust and become generally younger towards the Colorado Plateau. Our isotopic
data illustrate that the CH rhyolites require a ... Subsequent deformation along
high-angle normal faults presumably has had less effect on the deep crust, but
has created the distinctive physiography of the Basin and Range and delineated
the margins of the Colorado Plateau. Obviously, the midTertiary volcanic and
extensional ...

Amplitude Studies Of Cocorp Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling Data From The Basin And Range And Colorado Plateau

Author: James Roger Mayer
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zones in deep reflection data and should be estimated as a standard part of any
interpretational procedure. INTR0DUCTI0N Fundamental differences in
lithospheric structure are apparent between the Colorado Plateau and adjacent
Basin and Range province. For example, the Colorado Plateau is characterized
by a 40 km thick crust and heat flow of 1.25 HFU (Keller et al., 1979; Bodell and
Chapman, 1982), whereas crust in the Basin and Range is only 30 km thick with
heat flow of ...