Digital Communication

Author: Lee
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The material in this book is thus directly relevant to the design of a multitude of
digital communication systems, including for example local and metropolitan
area data networks, voice and video telephony systems, digital CATV distribution,
digital cellular and radio systems, the narrowband and broadband integrated
services digital network (ISDN), computer communication systems, voiceband
data modems, and satellite communication systems. We extract the common
principles ...

Analog And Digital Communication

Author: Dr.J.S.Chitode
Publisher: Technical Publications
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3.7 Pulse Transmission and ISI Problem 3.7.1 Baseband Transmission of Binary
Data We know that the binary data can be transmitted in baseband or passband.
In passband transmission the binary data modulates some carrier and the
modulated carrier is transmitted over the channel. In baseband transmission,
there is no modulation of high frequency carrier. One of the baseband system for
transmission of digital data is discrete pulse amplitude modulation (PAM). In this
discrete ...

The Theory And Practice Of Modem Design

Author: John A. C. Bingham
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
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This book examines these new theories and applications of modem design, and includes several practical examples of how to choose and design all the major components of a modem.

Digital Communication

Author: Edward A. Lee
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This book concerns digital communication.

Data Communication Networking

Author: V.S.Bagad
Publisher: Technical Publications
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Eventhough PSTN is used for voice communication, it can also be used for
computer to computer communication. With the help of modems, the computers
can communicate with each other over the telephone network. The bandwidth of
the conventional telephone network is limited, hence the speed of digital data
communication on telephone network is low. Higher speeds are possible with
fiber optic technology. The error rate performance and speed of cables is better
than telephone ...

Practical Wireless Data Modem Design

Author: Jonathon Y. C. Cheah
Publisher: Artech House Publishers
ISBN: 9781580530477
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Without relying upon rigorous mathematical derivations, and including actual design examples, this text offers the reader the knowledge and tools to more effectively analyze, specify and solve a multitude of common wireless data modem ...

Review Of Digital Communication

Author: J. Das
Publisher: New Age International
ISBN: 9788122411799
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Moreover, many such channels show strong low frequency attenuation (due to
coupling transformers) and delay distortion, thus making the circuit virtually a
bandpass channel. This problem is solved by using d.c.-free codes, e.g., AMI,
pseudoternary and PRS, and also by shifting the data spectrum through ASK,
FSK and PSK. modulation. For the purpose of increasing the spectral efficiency of
data modems, multilevel signalling using PAM, FM, multiphase PSK and
multilevel QAM are ...

Communication System Design Using Dsp Algorithms

Author: Steven A. Tretter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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and Data Scramblers This experiment begins a series on digital communications.
DSP technology has made a dramatic impact on digital communications,
particularly narrow band systems like voice-band telephone line modems. In
1970, a plain 9600 bps telephone line modem was the size of a big microwave
oven and cost at least $15,000. Today the signal processing portion of a state-of-
the-art V.3428,800 bps modem can be bought as a set of two or three chips for
about $40 and ...