Drink The Harvest

Author: Nan K. Chase
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Drink the Harvest presents simple recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photographs for a variety of teas, syrups, ciders, wines, and kombuchas.

Food Processing By Rural Families

Author: Asian and Pacific Council. Food & Fertilizer Technology Center
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soft drinks (1). Table 6 details the exports of fruit and vegetable juices (5). About
90% of export are fruit juices. Soft drinks are for domestic consumption only. Due
to tough competition with soft drinks, the juice-making industry hardly has any
profit from ... Large-scale juice-making industry has to add sugar and water intc
juices in order to survive the battle. ... During harvest season, vegetables or fruits
other than fresh consumptions are preserved by pickling or preserve-making in
the ...

Proceedings Of The 29th Annual Conference Agm

Author: Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology. Conference
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Quality attributes of grape fruit (Citrus paradisi) juice preserved by simplified
carbonation Osuji, C.M. ; Uzomah, A. and Chukwuma C. Department of Food
Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri Nigeria. n
traduction Value added grape fruit juice (GFJ) could be developed by simplified
iddition of carbon dioxide. The demand for fruit juice beverage has continued to
jrcw as it is seen as a healthy option among beverages1. Since most farm fresh
fruit harvest in ...

Prepared Foods

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BEVERAGES Company and Product Description A Sante Wine-Time Citrus
Cooler Adumba Imports Krakus Blackcurrant Juice After the Fall Products Orange
Papaya Juice line extension American Brands Apple juice in foil-lined cartons
Anheuser-Busch Eagle brand economy priced beer Apple & Eve Cranberry
Grape juice added to line Aroma Canning Sparkling Juice Drinks with natural fruit
juices and carbonated water Articulas Mundet Apple Bright carbonated apple
drink August ...

Postharvest Technology Of Fruits And Vegetables

Author: L. R. Verma
Publisher: Indus Publishing
ISBN: 9788173871085
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Techniques of grinding and making the mash. Confructa Stud., 28: 125. 26. Jain,
S.P., Tripathi ... Varietal suitability of litchi for squash making. Indian Food Packer,
42 ( 1 ): 29. 28. Joshi, V.K. ... Kalra, S.K, Tandon, D.K. and Lohami, H.C. (1987).
Preservation of discolouration in Guava beverage during storage . Indian Food
Packer, 4 1 ( 1 ) : 2 1 . 32. Kalra, A. and Van Buren, J. (1989). Clarification of
apple juice. In: Processed Apple Products. D.L. Downing (ed.) Van Nostrand
Reinhold ...

Canning Trade

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Prospective manufacturers can now obtain exclusive licenses to operate under
U.S. Department of Agriculture patents for making such products as fruit juices,
dried honey, and dry whole milk. In a recent change in its historic patent policy,
USDA ... 2.964,407) covers a process for the vacuum dehydration of whole milk
to a powder that dissolves instantly in cold water to make a beverage virtually
indistinguishable from fresh milk. The product, which would be sold from the dairy
case, ...

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Food And Drink In America A J

Author: Andrew F. Smith
ISBN: 9780195175516
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During World War II scientists developed a process for making powdered orange
juice. After the war, the powdered juice concentrate was marketed by Florida
Foods Corporation. It was not greatly successful, but then the company launched
a new line of frozen juice under the brand name Minute Maid, and sales
skyrocketed. The company changed its name to the Minute Maid Company.
Minute Maid was acquired by the Coca- Cola Company in I960. Canned fruit
juices are sold in ...

Happy Happy Happy

Author: Phil Robertson
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The harvest was so great that Granny lit all four burners on the stove and had Pa
and Jimmy Frank set an entire number three washtub full of grapes on top of
them to render the juice. As our luck ... After making a smaller amount of jelly than
usual, my family simply sealed a number of gallons of surplus grape juice in quart
jars without sugar and stored them in the cabinets alongside and beneath the
sink—thinking we might make jelly later, after the price of sugar went down. But
we ...

Dictionaire Oeconomique Or The Family Dictionary

Author: Noel Chomel
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Containing the Most Experienced Methods of Improving Estates and of
Preserving Health ... the Most Advantageous Ways of Breeding, Feeding, and
Ordering All Sorts of Domestick Animals ... the Different Kinds of Nets, Snares,
and Engines for Taking All Sorts of Fish, Birds, and Other Game, Great Variety of
Rules, Directions, and New Discoveries Relating to Gardening ... the Best and
Cheapest Ways of Providing and Improving All Manner of Meats and Drinks ...
Means of Making the ...

Food Science And Technology Abstracts

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malting quality of 10H1664, 11H1829, 11H1878 barley grain, malting quality of
poorly filled 10M1271 beermaking, barley malting for 10H1663 breweries
programmes for malting 4H713 carboxypeptidases activity during malting 1H5
cereals, ... clarification of mandarin juices 8G543 minerals in mandarins 8J1321
N fertilizers & quality of mandarins 6J8S4 peroxides in frozen mandarin essential
oils 4J566 quality evaluation indices for canned mandarins 4J567 soft drinks, off-
flavours of ...