Eager To Please

Author: Julie Parsons
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'Are you listening, outside world?

Eager To Please

Author: Kim Corum
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BDSM has never been this romantic or seductive. Please keep in mind, however, that this newly reissued edition contains adult situations and language and is intended for a mature audience.


Author: James R. Hurford
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For interest A classic pair of examples in modern syntactic theory is: • John is
eager to please. • John is easy to please. Traditional grammatical descriptions
would label both the adjective phrases eager to please and easy to please as '
complements' of the verb be, and perhaps not make any further distinction
between the two. But there is a crucial difference in meaning, which the
superficial similarity in grammatical structure obscures. In John is eager to please
, it is understood that the ...

Current English Linguistics In Japan

Author: Heizo Nakajima
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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On the basis of these observations, they suggest that easy to please is an
adjectival phrase, whereas eager and to please do not form a single adjectival-
phrase constituent.7 It is questionable, however, that eager to please is not a
single constituent. In fact, the sequence eager to please, like easy to please, may
be preposed as a unit as in (10a), as noted by Higgins (1973b):8 (10) a. How
eager to please is John? b. How easy to please is John? It is generally accepted
that constituents ...

Breaking The Girl And Eager To Please

Author: Kim Corum
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Oddly enough, the only person she misses is her butler. Breaking the Girl and Eager to Please: Two Erotic Novels of Submission-two white hot stories of sex and submission that you won't be able to put down.

The Organization Of Language

Author: Janice Moulton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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The lexemes PLEASE and JoAN connect as a unit to EASY, where PLEASE is
the main term. In contrast PLEASE and EAGER connect to JoAN as a unit, with
EAGER the main term. Now consider the orrery for JoAN PLEASEs EASILY in (b).
In this CASE EASILY connects to PLEASE, and JoAN connects to PLEASE, but
the scope relations are different. In order for EASILY to modify the unit JoAN
PLEASEs, it would have to have the same orrery as for SURPRISINGLY, JoAN
PLEASEs, ...

The Teacher S Grammar Of English With Answers

Author: Ron Cowan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521809733
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(47) *It is eager that John will please. (Cf. It is certain that John will please.)
Unlike (46b) and other tough movement sentences, (45) does not have a
grammatical extraposed version with an infinitive complement, as (48) shows.
Moreover, whereas in tough movement sentences, the subject was originally the
infinitive clause object, as in (45), John clearly is not understood as the object of
please. Thus, (45) also cannot be a tough movement structure. (48) *It is eager to
please John.


Author: Neil Smith
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521546881
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It follows that in our production and understanding of examples like this we must
be deploying different grammatical rules as well as knowledge of vocabulary.
The examples in (3), John is easy to please and John is eager to please, show in
a different way that sentences do not wear their analyses on their sleeves. (3a)
can be paraphrased by It is easy to please John, where John is the object of
please; but in (3b) no such paraphrase is possible, and the interpretation is rather
that John ...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder As A Learned Behavioral Pattern

Author: Craig Wiener
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761838098
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In the traditional view, Jimmy's ADHD behavior is presumed to be caused by a
neural biological disinhibition; no other possibilities are explored. Traditionalists
highlight that Jimmy seems "eager to please," but they do not clarify how he has
earned that characterization. However, they do emphasize the characterization
because it supports the notion that Jimmy's unacceptable ADHD behavior is
beyond his control. That is, because he sometimes behaves in socially
acceptable ways, ...

Handbook Of Logic And Language

Author: Johan F.A.K. van Benthem
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780444537270
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However, there is an obvious distinction between (16) and (17): in (16) the
subject NP John is understood as the object of the V please, so that the sentence
may be paraphrased as It is easy for one to please John but in (17) the subject
NP is understood as the subject of please, so that the sentence may be
paraphrased as John is eager that he, John, should please (someone). This
distinction is correlated with several syntactic differences between the adjectives
easy and eager: (a) ...