Employment Law In A Nutshell

Author: Robert Covington
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It provided the employer the flexibility to control the workplace through the
unchallengeable power to terminate the employment relationship at will. In turn,
the employee retained the freedom to resign if more favorable employment
presented itself or if working conditions became intolerable. The at-will
employment relationship has been codified in 45 several jurisdictions. See, e.g.,
CAL. LABOR CODE § 2922 (West 1971). For a time, the at-will doctrine even
assumed constitutional ...

Federal Law Of Employment Discrimination In A Nutshell

Author: Mack A. Player
Publisher: West Group
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Teen Legal Rights 3rd Edition

Author: David L. Hudson Jr.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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Under federal law, it is illegal for an employer to punish or discriminate against
any worker who exercises these rights. FOR FURTHER READING In General
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American Law Yearbook

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Legal Drafting In A Nutshell 3d

Author: Thomas Haggard
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 1628105453
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This book reflects the drafting insights we have gained from our collective
experience of approximately 60 years of practice and teaching legal drafting,
both as a stand-alone course and as integrated into substantive courses like
contracts, employment law, property, bankruptcy, and workouts and
reorganizations. But in a greater sense, it also attempts to carry forward to a new
generation the collective wisdom of the legal drafting community. Over the years,
we have taught from or ...

Journal Of Legal Education

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Association Of American Law Schools Journal Of Legal Education

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West Publishing Co. Leslie's Labor Law in a Nutshell, by Douglas L. Leslie,
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Police Liability And Risk Management

Author: Robert J Girod
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 146659313X
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New York: Foundation Press. [Also cited as Prosser.] Vieira, N. (1998)
Constitutional civil rights in a nutshell, 3rd ed. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.
K20596 Torts, Civil Rights, and Employment Law Law enforcement agencies 285


Author: Ian McEwan
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Eine klassische Konstellation: der Vater, die Mutter und der Liebhaber. Und das Kind, vor dessen Augen sich das Drama entfaltet. Aber so, wie Ian McEwan sie erzählt, hat man diese elementare Geschichte noch nie gehört.