The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

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The most popular and legendary actresses to play mammy were Hattie McDaniel,
Louise Beavers, and Ethel Waters. Playing the mammy in film or television, which
was sometimes controversial, provided African American actresses with
employment, afforded them an opportunity for individual artistic expression, and,
occasionally, resulted in their successfully challenging various stereotypical
aspects of the characters that they portrayed. However, mammy was usually
required to be ...

Encyclopedia Of African American Society

Author: Gerald D. Jaynes
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Every year, the NAACP presents its Image Award to honor projects and
individuals of all races who have helped to promote positive images and
meaningful opportunities for African Americans. The selection process for
prospective nominees starts when entries are submitted to the NAACP from
sources that include television networks, record labels, and publishing houses.
From this pool of entries, a special committee of industry professionals and
NAACP leaders from across the ...

Encyclopedia Of Race Ethnicity And Society

Author: Richard T. Schaefer
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first Oscar for an African American lead actress went to Halle Berry in 2002. By
the 1960s, the roles of African Americans began to reflect the new political
visibility for peoples of color wrought during the civil rights era. After the major
events of mass ... It was no longer possible for Hollywood to display racist images
of African Americans, nor was it possible to deny the need for representation of
African Americans in all aspects of the film industry. By the 1970s, Black cinema
entered an ...

Shooting Stars Of The Small Screen

Author: Douglas Brode
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Shooting Stars of the Small Screen is a comprehensive encyclopedia of more than 450 actors who received star billing or played a recurring character role in a TV Western series or a made-for-TV Western movie or miniseries from the late ...

Encyclopedia Of Television Film Directors

Author: Jerry Roberts
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Appendix D Genres, Writers, Historical Figures, Actors, and Actresses The
following lists highlight the success certain directors have had in specific genres,
their ability to interpret great authors and historical figures, and their skill in
guiding ... Jack Couffer, William C. Faure, James Hill, Simon Langton, Diarmuid
Lawrence/Paul Seed/Adrian Shergold, Raoul Peck, Nicolas Roeg, Tommy Lee
Wallace African American Experience: Debbie Allen, Michael Apted, Georg
Stanford Brown, ...

A Biographical Encyclopedia Of Scientists And Inventors In American Film And Tv Si

Author: A. Bowdoin Van Riper
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He taught, instead, that the body contained four vital fluids, or “humors”: blood,
phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Disease resulted from an imbalance among
the humors—an excess of one or a deficiency of ... Hippocrates is played by
veteran character actor Charles Coburn as a gray-bearded, toga-clad variation
on the wily-old-man character he perfected in films such as The Lady Eve (1941).
When the patient's wife piously declares that her husband “perishes because the
gods are ...

Black Firsts

Author: Jessie Carney Smith
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907–11; Salzman, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, vol. 4,
pp. 2101–02; Jet 96 (20 September 1999): 19. 1982 • The first black American
woman to direct a feature-length film, Losing Ground, was Kathleen Collins. She
also wrote the screenplay. ... African Americans, 13th ed., p. 1022. 1989 • Lenny
Henry (1958-), British comedian, actor, writer, and director, was the first British
comedian to make a live stand-up comedy film, Lenny Henry Live and Unleashed

Brown Sugar

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In this groundbreaking book, Donald Bogle narrates a sweeping history and describes a remarkable tradition that was largely unknown or not understood - or simply unacknowledged.