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The western coast is far more level, with numerous inlets and thousands of
islands—South Korea's overall coastline is more than 1,488 mi (2,400 km),
mostly because of these features. South Korea shares a border of 151 mi (248
km) with North Korea, and lies across the Korea Strait from Japan, and the Yellow
Sea from CHINA. The climate is said to be one of the healthiest in the world,
temperate most of the year, with the southernmost regions (notably the island of
Cheju) lying within ...

Earth S Landscape An Encyclopedia Of The World S Geographic Features 2 Volumes

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An Encyclopedia of the World's Geographic Features Joyce A. Quinn, Susan L.
Woodward. 59–79 in (1,500–2,000 mm) annually. Due to higher rainfall amounts,
average salinity in the southern part of the sea of Japan is 33.8, although snow
melt can reduce salinity in the north to 31.5 in the spring. With an ... The current
forks at Tsushima Island in the strait; the western branch flows along the east
coast of South Korea and into the center of the sea as the East Korea Warm

Encyclopedia Of Human Geography

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The United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan,
and Hong Kong have traditional strongholds of secondary activities. The pattern
is changing, however, as transnational corporations establish manufacturing
centers in developing countries to take advantage of lower labor costs. In these
operations, components of products are manufactured and then shipped to
assembly points accessible to the ultimate markets for final sale. Some
secondary-sector ...

Encyclopedia Of Plague And Pestilence

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Further reading: Howe, A World Geography of Human Diseases; Sabin, “
Research on Dengue during World War II.” Japanese Encephalitis Epidemics of
the 1920s and 1930s Series of epidemics of Japanese B encephalitis (JBE). The
disease, whose causative arbovirus was not isolated until 1935, had been
prevalent in Japan since the summer of 1871. It had also been reported in the
Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Burma (Myan- mar), and Thailand (
the Chiang Mai or ...

The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia Of World Geography With Complete World Atlas

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I Y pain, ' Q' Mu) ~ ' ':1 Nicobar rs Severnaya Zemlya New Siberia Islands Lap tev
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Seoul I O yo Beijing' ~ 1 /sfiyi' "°"$"“ CHI (_\'\ 4 BURMA (MYANMAR) KLAOSK 7)'I"
°* , Q C EA N Vlentian 'A Sea 'P 3 »; THAILAN ~§'°"“"' v '\ ' 3. BRUNEI "'l"3£.

The New World History

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This maneuver is apparent in postwar atlases (see, for example, Encyclopedia
Britannica World Atlas 1949, pages 210–21; Bartholomew 1950, page 104;
Hammond's Ambassador World Atlas 1954). 79. ... The most important Japanese
work in global geography from the late Edo period, the Konyo Zushiki Ho,
employed the then-standard fourfold continental scheme (Asia-EuropeAfrica-
America), appending insular Southeast Asia to Australia and the Pacific islands
in a residual fifth ...

Encyclopedia Of War And American Society

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The Korean War—considered the forgotten war by some because it fell between
the “good” war, World War II, and the “bad” war, Vietnam—was the first time in the
nuclear age when the United States committed its forces to combat. ... to the
Inchon landings, to the Yalu River and back, will be debated for many years at
military staff colleges and by military historians. It was a classic “limited” war—
constrained by geography and restrictions on the use of weapons. The Korean
conflict ...