Encyclopedia Of World Geography

Author: R. W. McColl
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Presents a comprehensive guide to the geography of the world, with world maps and articles on cartography, notable explorers, climate and more.

Encyclopedia Of World Geography

Author: Peter Haggett
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Presents profiles of countries from around the world, with information on such topics as historical events, the environment, physical geography, habitats, animal and plant life, agriculture, the economy, culture, governments, and industries ...

Encyclopedia Of World Geography Japan And Korea

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The inherent shortage of farmland seems to have been mainly responsible for
two outstanding and long-established agricultural features in the region: the
small size of individual farm holdings, and the intensive methods of cultivation. In
the 1950s almost three-quarters of Japanese farms were less than 1 ha (2.47
acres) in extent. By 1990 amalgamation of farm holdings had reduced that figure
to two-thirds. This consolidation has, in turn, further contributed to the overall
reduction in ...

Earth S Landscape An Encyclopedia Of The World S Geographic Features 2 Volumes

Author: Joyce A. Quinn
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An Encyclopedia of the World's Geographic Features Joyce A. Quinn, Susan L.
Woodward. largest lake in the United States west of the Mississippi River.
Because it has no outlet, the lake is salty. Its level and size fluctuates; as of 2014
it is the eighth largest saline lake in the world by surface area. Its brine fly
populations are food for thousands of migrant bird species. Geographic
Coordinates. 41°10'N, 112°35'W Description. Great Salt Lake is the lowest part of
a large drainage basin ...

Capital Cities Around The World An Encyclopedia Of Geography History And Culture

Author: Roman Adrian Cybriwsky
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An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture Roman Adrian Cybriwsky ...
the world's largest capital cities: Tokyo, Japan (metropolitan population 32.4
million); Seoul, Republic of Korea (20.6 million); and Mexico City, the bustling
capital of the Republic of Mexico (more than 20.5 million). The work covers as
well the world's smallest countries in size (Vatican City again, Monaco, Nauru in
the Pacific Ocean, and Tuvalu again), and the size giants of world—the Russian
Federation ...

Encyclopedia Of Human Geography

Author: Gerald Rudolph Pitzl
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Suggested Readings: John Tarrant, "Farming and Food," in The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of World Geography, New York: Oxford University Press, 1991;
John E. Young, Mining the Earth, Worldwatch Paper no. 109, Washington, D.C.:
Worldwatch Institute, 1992. Primate city. The term primate city has two different
but related meanings. In 1939, American geographer Mark Jefferson published
an article in the Geographical Review titled "The Law of the Primate City." In this
article ...

Encyclopedia Of Human Geography

Author: Barney Warf
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Cartographic scale, one of the mainstays of the art and science of cartography, is
a measure of the relationship between a map's size and the portion of the real
world it is intended to represent. The representative fraction (RF), which
associates distance on a map to distance on the earth, is the standard way of
describing this meaning of scale. In spatial statistics, the predominant concern
has been with what is known as operational scale, that is, the geographic area (
such as the unit ...

Encyclopedia Of Geographic Information Science

Author: Karen Kemp
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T. Source: NASA World Wind using city models provided by Planet ... Closely
associated with spatial analysis, terrain analysis is a fundamental component of
geographic information science and provides solid support for a wide variety of
GIS modeling and analysis activities. Terrain analysis is built upon ... The spatial
resolution of DEMs as indicated by the cell size is critical in terrain analysis
because most terrain analysis conclusions depend on and may vary with the
DEM resolution.

Encyclopedia Of The Stateless Nations S Z

Author: James Minahan
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Provides an up-to-date guide to over 300 developed or emerging national groups worldwide, some of whom are poised to shape the world of tomorrow.

The Garland Encyclopedia Of World Music South Asia The Indian Subcontinent

Author: Bruno Nettl
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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Tribal Music Folk Music Devotional Music Popular Music The Indian state of
Maharashtra is over 307,000 square kilometers in size and has natural borders
on all four sides. To the north, the ... Another geographical factor of cultural
importance is the state's location within India, roughly midway on the country's
north-south axis; repeated Puranic and epic references to Maharashtra as
dakshinapatha 'the region in the southern path' show that this perception is an
old one. People coming ...