Encyclopedia Of World Geography

Author: Peter Haggett
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VOLUMES IN THE SERIES 1 United States I 2 United States II 3 Canada and the
Arctic 4 Central America and the Caribbean 5 South America 6 The Nordic
Countries 7 The British Isles 8 France 9 Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
10 Spain and Portugal 11 Italy and Greece 12 Germany, Austria and Switzerland
13 Eastern Europe 14 Russia and Northern Eurasia 15 The Middle East 16 North
Africa 17 West, Central and East Africa 18 Southern Africa 19 The Indian
Subcontinent ...

Encyclopedia Of World Geography

Author: R. W. McColl
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It is now commonplace for newspapers to print maps of districts and to provide
stories about electoral geography. Electoral geography is also affecting political
perceptions in other parts of the world. The future for electoral geography is wide
open as liberal democracy or social democracy is adopted by former totalitarian
or traditionalist regimes. BIBLIOGRAPHY. R.M. Crisler, “Voting Habits in the
United States,” The Geographic Review (v.62/2, March 1952); V.K. Dean, “
Geographic ...

Encyclopedia Of World Geography

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extending across the southern states remained virtually untouched until the
second half of the 19th century. The removal of land ownership restrictions in
1876 led to the rapacious acquisition of cheap virgin forest by lumbermen and
speculators. Hundreds of saw mills sprang up, and the largescale felling of timber
resulted in the exposure of fragile soils, and widespread erosion on unprotected

Earth S Landscape An Encyclopedia Of The World S Geographic Features 2 Volumes

Author: Joyce A. Quinn
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An Encyclopedia of the World's Geographic Features Joyce A. Quinn, Susan L.
Woodward. Ten Largest Lakes, by Surface Area Square Miles Square Kilometers
1. Caspian Sea* (Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan) 143,200
371,000 2. Lake Superior (United States) 31,820 82,414 3. Lake Victoria (Kenya,
Tanzania, Uganda) 26,828 69,485 4. Lake Huron (United States) 23,000 59,600
5. Lake Michigan (United States) 22,000 58,000 6. Lake Tanganyika (Burundi ...

Encyclopedia Of Human Geography

Author: Barney Warf
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Second, whiteness is a standpoint from which white people understand the world
and their position in it. Third, whiteness is a set of cultural practices that—in white
settler societies such as the United States and Canada—usually are dominant
but also unmarked and unnamed. Accordingly, in places such as the United
States and Canada, whiteness is hidden as the normative “way of life” by which
all other cultural ways of being are measured; it forms the taken-for-granted and
hidden ...

Oil A Cultural And Geographic Encyclopedia Of Black Gold 2 Volumes

Author: Xiaobing Li
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Oil remains the most important and widely used source of energy in the world. In
spite of the increasing development of renewable energy, it is unlikely that its
status will be challenged any time soon. Because of its high efficiency and the
relatively low pollution it creates, oil, often described as “black gold,” has been
the most popular energy source since replacing coal in the 1960s. The United
States is the largest oil consumer in the world, and its consumption is predicted to
continue ...

Encyclopedia Of Diversity And Social Justice

Author: Sherwood Thompson
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By the 1960s, a third shift was underway. Most immigrants to the United States
after World War II were Asian or Hispanic, and the figurative face of an American
was becoming global rather than being almost entirely descended from
Europeans or Africans. To reflect these shifts, social studies curricula changed
again. Today in the United States, most ninth-graders take Ancient World History
(or geography), tenth-graders take Modern World History, and eleventh-graders
take American ...

Concise Encyclopedia Of The History Of Energy

Author: Cutler J. Cleveland
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Analytical approaches have become increasingly mathematical over time, and
this work has been somewhat separate from other branches of geography. It is
consequently more convenient to trace the evolution of the energy concept in
geographic thought by focusing on the contributions of human geography, which
initially considered energy from economic and cultural perspectives. The article
begins with a discussion of pre-World War II studies of the coal industry.
Subsequent ...