Estate Planning For Blended Families

Author: Richard Barnes Attorney
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413315402
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Author Richard Barnes has years of experience guiding couples through the process of setting goals, discussing competing priorities, and choosing strategies and this book covers: Identifying goals and concerns Discussing matters with your ...

7 Keys To A Healthy Blended Family

Author: Jim Smoke
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736911641
Size: 71.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on wisdom garnered from decades of helping remarried couples, Jim Smoke offers time-proven principles and wisdom from God's Word to help you lay a solid foundation for your family.

Representing Estate And Trust Beneficiaries And Fiduciaries

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But, even the very blended family can become dysfunctional when the client as
the one binding the family together dies. The husband may love his second wife
and his children from the first marriage, but there is no reason to assume that
when he is gone that his second wife and his children are going to love each
other. In the blended family, say the estate plan provides everything outright to
the surviving spouse and if there is no surviving spouse, then everything to the

Plan Your Estate

Author: Denis Clifford
Publisher: NOLO
ISBN: 9780873375801
Size: 28.82 MB
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In many second or subsequent marriages, one or both spouses may feel truly
conflicted about estate planning. On one hand, a surviving ... On the other hand, if
a spouse has children from a former marriage, he or she may well want to be
sure that the bulk of his or her property eventually goes to those children. A
spouse may not ... With a "blended" (or not so blended) family, you have to make
a realistic appraisal of your unique situation to do sensible estate planning. Here
are some ...

The Cycle Of The Gift

Author: James E. Hughes, Jr.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118488377
Size: 24.45 MB
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Blended. Families. Nothing is easy about blending families, and dealing with
stepchildren and money is one of the greatest challenges. Our children and our
money trigger extremely powerful emotions. To make giving work within this
context, we ... some of your wealth with your second spouse and his or her
children, what you think such an inheritance is meant to accomplish, and what
concerns you have if your children have to wait for an inheritance because of
your second marriage.

Personal Financial Planning

Author: Lawrence J. Gitman
Publisher: Harcourt College Pub
Size: 39.36 MB
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For example, single parents, especially those with no additional resources (such
as a divorced spouse who can take over in the event of premature death)
typically need larger amounts of life insurance to provide for dependents.
Likewise, two-income families that depend on a second income to make ends
meet must insure both spouses adequately. Also, “blendedfamilies, which
include children from prior marriages, require more protection for the larger family
unit in the event of one ...

Blending Families

Author: Elaine Fantle Shimberg
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780425166772
Size: 55.34 MB
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This comprehensive guide delves into the common problems people face when bringing two families together due to second marriages and offers methods for dealing with issues such as discipline, religious differences, and holiday planning.


Author: Robert A. Esperti
Publisher: Peterson Esperti Inst Incorporated
Size: 43.45 MB
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However, the ultimate disposition of the trust estate remains subject to your
control and direction. ^ My new bride and I each have two children from previous
marriages. Do we have any special estate planning needs? Planning for the "
blended family" is among the most challenging aspects of basic estate planning.
Dying with no will or a simple will almost always produces unintended
consequences, frequently with disastrous results. While goal and priority setting
is an important part ...

The Apartment Owner

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A second or subsequent marriage ... These changes in circumstances create a
crucial need to review and revise your prior estate plan to account for your new
life, as well as to protect that which is important from your previous one. Let me ...
Such a disposition could disinherit your children from a prior marriage, and it
would fail to take into account the common situation that both spouses bring
assets to the marriage that they would like to see preserved for their separate

Good Housekeeping

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THE BETTER WAY Managing family funds wisely and making provisions for your
loved ones after your death are never easy tasks and they are further
complicated and delicate if you're part of a blended family that includes children
from previous marriages. The key to success, say financial planners and
attorneys, is open and honest communication between spouses. Here are some
matters that couples should discuss: "Couples should decide, preferably before
they marry, if they ...