Author: Mary Martina Dockter
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EVANESCE. (Heaven Sent) Man's existence dies flesh fading from sight Souls
are consumed in flames asstars atnight Creation upon the earth forever is in
transience For time in lifebe measuredby its evanescence Thus, a blink of an eye
depicts birth to demise Mankind is to vanish to an after life of surmise And our
human bodies forgot withina universe To journey by eternal rest, our
spiritsdisperse Within God's empyrean is our evangel, destiny As vaporized stars,
a galaxy of endless ...

The Theory Of Algebraic Equations A Chapter Of Elementary Algebra

Author: William THYNNE (A.B.)
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If a, )6, the coeflicients to the impossible character, evanesce, it is seen that K =lc
j: k' : which happens likewise if the real parts, a and b, of both the impossibles ,
evanesce; but not if only one of the alternate pairs, a and B or a and b, evanesce.
The principle, obviously, extends to the sum of any number of impossible
binomes : and thus, the subconjunct of a sum cannot exceed the sum of the
subconjuncts. 3°. If impossible binomes be multiplied together the subconjunct of
the product is ...

Author: 翁燕珩
Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司
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Hit, ^ isJtl -escent, &ЭД adolesrent(^^5S5ÄJ$A X evanesce (3£)Ш§^Х
convalesce ($IJ5jf£pêw), putrescent (ШтШМ), obsolescent (ТШШ'Й:)» (
ephemeral, ephemerality, evanescent, evanescence, evanesce, convalesce,
putrescent, obsolescent) а Ш&ШШЛ ( eu- ) euphemism За^г^еЕ^'йвТо'ЙжШ еи-^
ЩШ pheme, (good)", mm pheme "^ (voice)", H А "^МЙ^гЙ'ач MW (something said
in a good voice)"« euphemism ШМ^-^]^. euphemistic(/,ju:fi'mistik/)o euphony (/
juifeni/), 'ÈJiÈ^lBUï W ...

Correct English

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melodious, phonic, dulcet, rhythmic. ANT.: unmelodious. evacuate, v.: vacate,
abandon. evade, v.: avoid, shun; elude, foil, parry, baffle; prevaricate, equivocate,
dodge, quibble. evanescence, n.: evaporation. . evanescent, a.: transient, fleeting
, becoming imperceptible. evaporate, v.: vaporize, evanesce. evaporation, n.:
vaporization, evanescence; exhalation. evasion, n.: eluding, evading, escape;
baffling, foiling; prevarication, “equivocation, sophistry, tergiversation, subter fuge
, dodge, ...

Correct English And Current Literary Review

Author: Josephine Turck Baker
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Evanesce. Evanesce (ev-a-nes; accent on nes) means to vanish, to fade away. "
The morning mists evanesce before the sun's rays." Evanescence. Evanescence
(accent on nes) means a vanishing away ; dissipation, as of vapor. . * * * "Yet he
held back still, as a man who has learned the evanescence of joy, holds back
when he sees his happiness within his grasp." — Ellen Glasgow. Evanescent.
Evanescent (accent on nes) means vanishing, fleeting. But even this amazing
triumph of ...

Correct English And Current Literary Review

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“How impossible to evade the avalanche of consequences they (his words) set
loose!"— Caroline Abbot Stanley. Evagation. _ Evagation (e-va-ga-shon; accent
on go) means a roving or rambling. [Rare] Evaluate. Evaluate (accent on val)
means to ascertain the value of. Evanesce. Evanesce (ev-a-nes; accent on nes)
means to vanish, to fade away. “The morning mists evanesce before the sun's
rays.” Evanescence. Evanescence (accent on nes) means a vanishing away;
dissipation, ...

Prc Legal Document Collection Foreign Investment Trade Customs

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The derivatives referred to in the previous paragraph shall first be used to
compensate the expense for collecting the derivatives. Article 69 A pledgee has
the obligation to properly take care of the hypothecated assets. The pledgee shall
assume civil liabilities for the damage or evanesce of the hypothecated assets
resulted from improper care. If the pledgee fails to properly take care of the
hypothecated assets, which could lead to the damage or evanesce of the
hypothecated assets, ...

The Thinker S Thesaurus Sophisticated Alternatives To Common Words Expanded Third Edition

Author: Peter E. Meltzer
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393338975
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factious. See dispute (3) disagreement (heated . . . or friction between groups) n.:
ruction. See dissension (4) disagreement (relating to or attempting to create . . . ,
separation, or a breach of union, esp. within the Christian church) adj.: schismatic
. See disunity disappear v.t.: evanesce. It used to be that people had to be
famous for a reasonably long time before anyone would want to read a book by
them. But in the gogo '90s, the period between appearing on TV and getting a fat
book ...

The Tr Giuli

Author: Giovanni Battista Casti
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Moreover, what but must suffer from travestiture in another tongue ? To repeat an
elegant comparison, it is like pouring off a perfume from one vessel into another,
where, if ever so carefully done, its fragrance must in part evaporate in the
transfusion. But let us hope our TEE G1ULI will prove an essential oil — an Eau
de mille fleurs — that may allow a few odours to evanesce, with abundance still
remaining agreeably to stimulate the sense, and above all, to pro- xxiv. LIFE AND
writings ...

The Performance Studies Reader

Author: Henry Bial
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415302418
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... the federal office huilding in Oklahoma City hv right-wing dissidents, the
repeated allegations of extramarital dalliances hy President Bill Clinton, to name
only a handful of literally thousands of episodes life generates — these are the
new hlockhusters that preoccupv the traditional media and dominate the national
conversation for weeks, sometimes months or even years at a time, while
ordinarv entertainments quickly evanesce. But however much we mav he
preoccupied with them, ...