The Emergence Of Pressure Blade Making

Author: Pierre M. Desrosiers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461420024
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Flenniken, J. Jeffrey, and Philip J. Wilke 1989 Typology, Technology, and
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Archaeology By Experiment

Author: John Coles
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317606086
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Lithic Technology: an introductory bibliography. Arch. Res. ... An experimental
reconstruction of a Roman military turf rampart, 7th Congress of Roman Frontier
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Archaeological Concepts Techniques And Terminology For American Prehistoric Lithic Technology

Author: Wm Jack Hranicky
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481751743
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Museum Journal, University of Pennsylvania, Vol. ... (2007) Experimental
Archaeology - A Science for Studying Native American Prehistoric Technology.
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Photographing Artifacts.

Lithic Technology Of Neolithic Syria

Author: Yoshihiro Nishiaki
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited
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Akkermans, P.A., H. Fokkens and H.T. Waterbolk (1981) Stratigraphy,
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From The Yenisei To The Yukon

Author: Ted Goebel
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 9781603443845
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Experiments with Danish Mesolithic Microblade Technology. ]ournal ... In
Mesoamerican Lithic Technology: Experimentation and Interpretation, edited by
K. G. Hirth, pp. ... Material Research Society, Pittsburgh, Pa. ... Early Migrations to
America in the Light of a Study of the Dyuktai Paleolithic Culture in Northeast

Lithic Technology

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J. D.v.l(l):2 Wright, N.v.3(l):2 Faulkner, A. v.2(3):4-12 FILMS RELATED TO LITHIC
TECHNOLOGY Alchemy of time v.l(l):6 ... and uses v.3(l):4 FLINT CHIPPING-
TEETH v.2(l-2):23 FLINTWORKING SCHOOL v.l(l):6 Foundations of
Pennsylvania ... J. L. v.3(2):29 MICRO LITH v.3(2):15-19 MICROWEAR STUDIES
v.2(l-2):3-8 Models for driving cultural information from stone ... v.3(3):41, 42, 43,
44 Newsletter of Experimental Archeology v.2(l-2):25 NEWSLETTER OF LITHIC

Ancient Lives

Author: Dr. Brian Fagan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317350278
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Layard, Austen Henry, 7, 7, 8, 126 Leakey, Louis experimental archaeology by,
190 Homo habilis discovered by, 220 at ... 273–274, 274 Libby, Willard, 15, 127
Lichtheim, Miriam, 353 Lidar (light detection and ranging), 64 lifeways defined,
33 of ... 369 literature, Gilgamesh (Sumarian), 23, 343 lithic analysis, 91, 96–97
lithic experimentation, 190 lithic technology, ... 430 Mandala, 368 Manzanilla,
Linda, 420 Maori, 128 pa of, 325 Marcus, Joyce, 198 markets, 142 Marquesas
Islands, ...

Multidisciplinary Approaches To The Study Of Stone Age Weaponry

Author: Radu Iovita
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401776024
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Archery experiments and estimating performance characteristics can also
provide insights on technological choices of ... will shed important new light on
pertinent issues regarding technological transformations and subsistence
strategies ... In G. L. Peterkin., H. Bricker & P. A. Mellars (Eds.), Hunting and
animal exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia (pp. ...
Measuring use-related fracture velocity in lithic armatures to identify spears,
javelins, darts, and arrows.

Journal Of Archaeological Science

Author: Scottish Church History Society
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Lithic Technology 2, 3-8. Holley. ... Experimental Determination of Stone Tool
Uses: A Microwear Analysis. Chicago: ... In (S. Beyries, Ed.) Industries lithium's:
Traceologie et Technologic. Vol. .... Worn stone tools from southeast