Archaeology By Experiment

Author: John Coles
Publisher: Routledge
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HESTER, T. R. 1972. Lithic Technology: an introductory bibliography. ... An
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The Emergence Of Pressure Blade Making

Author: Pierre M. Desrosiers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461420024
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Flintknapping Digest 4(2). Harwood, Ray 1999 History of Modern F lintknapping.
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Archaeological Concepts Techniques And Terminology For American Prehistoric Lithic Technology

Author: Wm Jack Hranicky
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481751743
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Museum Journal, University of Pennsylvania, Vol. XXIV, Nos. 2-3. (1930) An
Outline of the Problem of Man's Antiquity in North America. ... Middle Atlantic
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Lithic Technology in ...

Lithic Technology Of Neolithic Syria

Author: Yoshihiro Nishiaki
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited
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Akkermans, P.A., J.A.K. Boerma, A.T. Clason, S.G. Hill, E. Lohof, C. Meiklejohn, M
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Reflections on the significance of two PPN typological classes in the light of
experimentation and microwear analysis: flint "sickles" and obsidian "Cayonti
tools". In: H.G. ...

From The Yenisei To The Yukon

Author: Ted Goebel
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
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Callahan, Errett. 1985. Experiments with Danish Mesolithic Microblade
Technology. ... Lithic Technology 31(1): 57-77. Inizan, Marie-Louise, Monique
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Paleolithic of North Asia and Its Diffusion. In Material Issues in Art ... Early
Migrations to America in the Light of a Study of the Dyuktai Paleolithic Culture in
Northeast Asia. In Early Native ...

Multidisciplinary Approaches To The Study Of Stone Age Weaponry

Author: Radu Iovita
Publisher: Springer
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Archery experiments and estimating performance characteristics can also
provide insights on technological choices of prehistoric hunters (Yaroshevich
2010; Yaroshevich et al. 2010; Petillon et al. 2011). Such a study involving
multiple lines of evidence will shed important new light on pertinent issues
regarding technological transformations and subsistence strategies associated
with the emergence of the MP in the Levant. ... Macro- and micro-wear traces on
lithic projectile points.

Lithic Technology

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J. D.v.l(l):2 Wright, N.v.3(l):2 Faulkner, A. v.2(3):4-12 FILMS RELATED TO LITHIC
TECHNOLOGY Alchemy of time v.l(l):6 Ancient projectile points v.l(l):6 The
Flintworker v.l(l):6 The Hunter's edugev. ... properties and uses v.3(l):4 FLINT
CHIPPING-TEETH v.2(l-2):23 FLINTWORKING SCHOOL v.l(l):6 Foundations of
Pennsylvania prehistory v.2(l-2):24-25 FRACTURES v.2(l-2):3-8 Conchoidal v.3(
3):50-53 Eraillure formation v.2(3):4-12 Frazier, F. v.2( 1-2): 15-21 A functional
interpretation ...

Ancient Lives

Author: Dr. Brian Fagan
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Layard, Austen Henry, 7, 7, 8, 126 Leakey, Louis experimental archaeology by,
190 Homo habilis discovered by, 220 at Olduvai Gorge, 226 Zinjanthropus boisei
discovered by, 127, 208 Leakey, Mary Homo habilis discovered by, 220 at Laetoli
, ... 64 lifeways defined, 33 of Homo erectus, 243–248 of Neanderthals, 255
Linares, Olga, 162–163 Linga, 369 literature, Gilgamesh (Sumarian), 23, 343
lithic analysis, 91, 96–97 lithic experimentation, 190 lithic technology, 14 Little
Tennessee ...

Journal Of Archaeological Science

Author: Scottish Church History Society
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Microwear analysis of experimental flint tools: a test case. Journal of
Archaeological Science 4, 29-62. Kimball. L. R.. Kimball. J. F. & Allen. P. E. (1995
). Microwear polishes as viewed through the atomic force microscope. Lithic
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of tool use: the microwear analysis of the quartz and flint assemblage from the
Bjurselet Site, Vasterbotten. Northern Sweden. In (S. Beyries, Ed.) Industries
lithium's: Traceologie et ...

Apm Archeologia Postmedievale 17 2013 Montagne Incise Pietre Incise Archeologia Delle Risorse Nella Montagna Mediterranea Carved Mountains Engraved Stones Environmental Resources Archaeology In The Mediterranean Mountains

Author: Anna Maria Stagno
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Dye A.D., Franklin J.D., Hays M.A. 2010, Lithic Technology and Site Function at
Early Times Rock Shelter, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee. Paper
presented at the 67th ... of Speleology, London, pp. 49-60. Franklin J.D. 1998,
New Radiocarbon Dates Cast New Light on Prehistoric Quarrying Activities in 3rd
Unnamed Cave, Tennessee, «Georgia Underground», 34 (1) ... Experiments in
Lithic Technology, BAR International Series 528, Oxford, pp. 15-31. Munson P.J.,
Munson ...