U S Geological Survey Bulletin

Author: John A. Karachewski
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Franczyk, K.J., and Nichols, D.J., 1988, Depositional systems reflecting foreland
to intermountain basin deposition in Campanian to Paleocene time, Book Cliffs
and Wasatch Plateau, Utah: Geological Society of America Abstracts With
Programs, p. ... 1989, Detailed cross section correlating the Upper Cretaceous
and lower Tertiary rocks between the Uinta basin of eastern Utah and western
Colorado and the Piceance basin of western Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey
Miscellaneous ...

Geological Survey Professional Paper

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The sand was probably derived from a distant northeast source. Interval D in the
Uinta Mountains area is composed of sandstone, shale, and limestone in the
Doughnut Formation and has limited extent. The sea continued to expand in
Wyoming from Late Mississippian into Early Pennsylva- nian time, and Lower
Pennsylvanian rocks cover most of the region except western Colorado and
eastern Utah. REGION DEFINED The Central Rocky Mountains and northern
Colorado Plateau ...

The Colorado Plateau

Author: Donald L. Baars
Publisher: UNM Press
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This new edition of Donald L. Baars's classic The Colorado Plateau incorporates new text, maps, photographs, figures, tables, and bibliography to provide the most up-to-date geology of the red rock and canyon country of the Four Corners of ...

Paleotectonic Investigations Of The Mississippian System In The United States

Author: Lawrence Carey Craig
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Lawrence Carey Craig, Carol Waite Connor, Augustus K. Armstrong, Katharine L.
Varnes, Curt A. Mast, Louise W. Kiteley, Geological Survey (U.S.), Geological
Survey (U.S.). ... Black Hills area, Guernsey Formation (upper part) in the Hartville
area, Leadville Limestone in western Colorado, Deseret Limestone and Madison
Limestone equivalent in the Uinta Mountains area, and Mooney Falls, Thunder
Springs, and Whitmore Wash Members of the Redwall Limestone in southern

Classic Concepts And New Directions

Author: Lon D. Abbott
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 0813700337
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REFERENCES CITED Aslan, A., Cole, R.D., Hood, W., Livaccari, R., Betton, C.,
and Knowles, C., 2005, Geological history of the Uncompahgre Plateau and
Unaweep Canyon: Grand Junction Geological ... depositional systems and
Wolfcampian paleogeography, Uncompahgre basin, eastern Utah and
southwestern Colorado, in Fouch, T.D., and Magathan, E.R., eds., Paleozoic
Paleogeography of West-Central United States: Rocky Mountain SEPM
Paleogeography Symposium 1, p.

U S Geological Survey Bulletin

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Lowell, J.D., 1974, Plate tectonics of foreland basement deformation: Geology, v.
2, p. 275–278. Lucchitta, Ivo, 1979, Late Cenozoic uplift of the southwestern
Colorado Plateau and adjacent lower Colorado River region: Tectonophysics, v.
61, p. 63–95. Mabey, D.R., and Budding, K.E., 1987, High-temperature
geothermal resources of Utah: Utah Geological and Mineral Survey Bulletin 123.
Mattox, R.B., 1975, Upheaval Dome, a possible salt dome in the Paradox Basin,
Utah, in Fassett ...

Laccolith Complexes Of Southeastern Utah

Author: Jules D. Friedman
Publisher: U S Geological Survey
ISBN: 9780607885705
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Relations of tectonics to ore deposits in the south- ern Cordillera: Arizona
Geological Society Digest, v. 14, p. 199-213. Lipman, P.W., Doe, B.R., Hedge,
C.E.. and Steven, T.A., 1978, Pet- rologic evolution of the San Juan volcanic field,
southwestern Colorado — Pb and Sr isotopic evidence: Geological Society of
America Bulletin, v. 89, p. 59-82. Livacarri, R.F., Burke, Kevin, and Sengor, A.M.C.
, 1981, Was the Laramide orogeny related to subduction of an oceanic plateau?:
Nature ...

Geological Survey Bulletin

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... of here, and figure 31 marks the northeasternmost exposure of the Shafer
limestone at the top of the Rico Formation. Northeast from here the Rico and
overlying Cutler Formation are not readily separable and are included in the so-
called Cutler Formation undifferentiated. This land-laid unit of red sandstone,
siltstone, and shale is as much as 8,000 feet thick just southwest of the ancient
Uncompahgre highland (present Uncompahgre Plateau, in western Colorado
and eastern Utah), ...

Ancient Landscapes Of The Colorado Plateau

Author: Ronald C. Blakey
Publisher: Grand Canyon Assn
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Paleogcography and geologic history of the western Ancestral Rocky Mountains,
Pennsylvanian-Permian, southern Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau, in
Houston H., P. Moreland, and L. Wray, eds. The Paradox Basin: ... Speculative
tectonic model For the early Mesozoic arc of the Southwest Cordilleran United
States. Geology 16:1121—1125. Campbell, J.A. 1980. Lower Permian
depositional systems and Wolfcampian paleogeography, Uncompahgre basin,
eastern Utah ...