The Journal Of Education

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Child training is the solution of reconstruction problems and the Tight kind of child
training depends upon a strong public school system, which in turn depends
primarily upon two factors : First, the length of time that boys and girls are kept in
school; second, the quality of instruction given to them during ... The correlation of
history, geography, civics and English teaching should be effected, thus saving
time while making the child feel himself a living, creative unit in the social

Theatre News

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According to McCann, women directors are perceived as being "in charge," and
have the toughest time of all theatre artists making their way in the profession. ...
In contrast to Wasserstein's career, which began directly out of graduate school,
Sybille Pearson has been an actress, housewife, mother, and playwright. ... After
giving up acting at 30, she decided to put aside her creative urges and become a
librarian - a profession for '"an older woman, with a salary and a pension." Back
in ...

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism

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With a very shrewd business sense and a sturdy contentment with her life style as
a single woman, Dacia Boone is impervious to her mother's worries about her
homeliness; she turns a deaf ear to Mom's frequent exclamation, "If only you ...
Along with many fiscal details about how she accomplishes this, the story shows
Dacia making a stunning success of both building projects. ... As the backdrop for
dozens of Gilman stories, socialized feminist spaces need no elaborate rationale.

Atlanta Magazine

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Private schools, on the other hand, generally offer advantages like small classes,
an academic curriculum geared solely for college prep or other special needs,
individual attention, education in accord with your family's values and greater
flexibility of school policies .... Because it goes only through sixth grade, Veronica
could then graduate to the Atlanta Girls' School (grades 6-12), where diversity is
relatively high and each student works on her own iBook. The entire campus is ...

The Agricultural Journal

Author: British Columbia. Department of Agriculture
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Business. Business Methods in Feeding. Producing Functions of Dairy Animals
Are. S this is essentially a women's A gathering, it will perhaps be as well to
consider our subject of " Labour-saving Devices" principally from the woman's
standpoint; that is, in so far as it concerns woman's chief province—the ... Science
has become a mighty force in the world, and of its marvellous discoveries there is
no end, and we are gaining an absolute confidence in man's mind as a creative

American Vocational Journal

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Afternoon Panel Discussion December 7 How Can Home Economics Help Most
Effectively In The Reconstruction of Social and Economic Problems of Family Life
? Panel Personnel ... Mrs. Wolfe has found several mothers and daughters in her
state who were much benefited by studying the same subjects. Mrs. Elliott
suggested that it ... side of leisure time. There is a great need to do something for
boys and girls who are out of school, out of work, disillusioned and dissatisfied
with life.

Associated Advertising

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION: National commercial bodies should participate in
forming a business commission which would go to Europe without delay, to (1)
study European reconstruction needs so the United States might render the most
accurate ... ADVERTISING WOMAN WRITES BOOK WRITING out of her eight
years' experience in China, Miss A. E. Paddock, a member of the New York
League of Advertising Women and the Woman's Press Club, has presented the
result of her ...

House Beautiful

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"I am inclosing one dollar, our contribution to the fund for Reconstruction Work in
France. As the members of our club are all women who are themselves
struggling with poverty, 1 need not apologize for the size of the gift: it will plant a
fruit tree! ... The rule that governed them was not the tie of relationship, but the
urgency of need — the widow with a boy to educate, a girl making her way in the
world with ambition and nothing else — these were the persons who were
surprised and made ...

Angela N N K Lleri

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