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In Switzerland and Germany, Max Bill, Emil Ruder, Hans Erni, Celestino Piatti,
and Josef Muller-Brockmann began to make extensive use of systematic grids in
which the position of all elements — text and image — were determined by a
rational structure. In his book Grid Systems in Graphic Design: a Visual
Communication Manual for Graphic Designers, Typographers and Three-
dimensional Designers (1961), Muller- Brockmann explains his approach to the
grid: 'In a sophisticated ...

Graphic Design Theory

Author: Helen Armstrong
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Abridged from the original version published in Gutenberg-Jahrbuch (Mainz,
1926). ... First published in German as Die neue Typographie: Ein Handbuch fUr
Zeitgema'ss Schaffende (Berlin: Bildungs verband der Deutschen Buchdrucker,
June 1928). ... 63 Josef MulIer-Brockmann, "Grid and Design Philosophy," in Grid
Systems in Graphic Design: A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic
Designers, Typographers, and Three Dimensional Designers (Zurich: Niggli,
1981), 10.

Typography And Graphic Design

Author: Roxane Jubert
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Kroniek van het grafisch ontwerpen in Den Haag 1945-2000, Rotterdam: 010,
2002 Muller-Brockmann, Josef, Graphic Design in IBM. Typography,
Photography, Illustration, IBM Europe, Paris, 1988 Muller-Brockmann, Josef, Grid
Systems in Graphic Design. A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic
Designers, Typographers, and Three- Dimensional Designers, Switzerland:
Arthur Niggli, 1981 (German-English) Muller-Brockmann, Josef, The Graphic
Designer and His Design ...

Grid Systems In Graphic Design

Author: Josef Müller-Brockmann
Publisher: Arthur Niggli
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A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic Designers, Typographers and
Three Dimensional Designers Josef Müller-Brockmann ... AG., Herisau AR ISBN
3721201450 3rd revised edition 1988 Library of Congress Cataloging in
Publication Data ISBN 838-2711-3 Published simultaneously in the Federal
Republic of Germany by Verlag Gerd Hatje, Stuttgart in Spain (edition in Spanish
and Portugese) by Editorial Gustavo Gili S.A., Barcelona 29 All rights reserved.
No part of this ...

American Graphic Design

Author: Ellen Mazur Thomson
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Grid Systems in Graphic Design = Raster system fur die visuelle Gestaltung.
Niederteufen, Switzerland: Arthur Niggli, 1981. Subtitled: "A visual
communication manual for graphic designers, typographers and three
dimensional designers." The grid as Swiss designers used the grid in graphic
design, and as a foundation for layout of type and image on a page. The text, in
both English and German, emphasizes "clarity," "logic," and "objectivity" in
keeping with the tenets of this school.

Josef Muller Brockmann

Author: Kerry William Purcell
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Graphic Design in IBM, Typography, Photography, Illustration (Paris: IBM, 1988).
The Graphic Designer and his Design Problems (Teufen: Verlag A. Niggli, 1961)
Grid Systems in Graphic Design: A visual communication manual for graphic
designers, typographers, and three dimensional designers (Teufen: Verlag A.
Niggli, 1981 ). History of the Poster, with Shizuko Yoshikawa (Zurich: ABC Verlag,
1971). A History of Visual Communication (Teufen: Verlag A. Niggli, 1971). Mein
Leben: ...

Subject Guide To Books In Print

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($846-1, Pub. by Collets). State Mutual Bk. Stock, Louis D. Safety Practices for the
Graphic Arts. inded LC84-80550. (Illus). 185p, 1984. 42.00 (ISBN 0-88362-070-7,
1300). Graphic Arts Tech Found io Magazine Editors. Graphic Excellence. (Illus).
... Coronet Bks. Tully, Judd, et al. Richard Hunt. (Illus), 48.p. (Orig). 1989 pap, text
ed 6.00 (ISBN 0-925941-01-8). Donky Gallery. ombus, Arthur T. & Baird, Russell
N. The Graphics of Communication: Typography, Layout. Design, Production.


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The attitude expressed by the Dutch designers represented a unique premise
relevant to the process and product of the graphic design profession. For graphic
design to communicate effectively, a synthesis of diverse elements — typography
, image, color, an understanding of audience, culture, and context — is required.
Dutch design at its best is a visual extension of a cohesive cultural group. The
development of graphic design in the Netherlands has a continuous history of
vigorous ...


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Weber S.A. d'Editions, Geneva. SFr.yo.—. - This monograph of the sculptor,
painter and graphic artist, now available in an English/Italian version, was first
published by the Centre of Contemporary Sculpture in Tokyo after a very
successful one-man ... The grid system, i.e. a system for controlling design areas
by means of grid fields, has its roots in the 1920s, when objective and functional
designs in typography, graphic design and photography based on strict ordering
principles were ...