Guinness Book Of World Records 1978

Author: Norris McWhirter
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RECORD-BREAKERS MORE! ... la Knr Tort will A p. 1978 Edition GUINNESS

Shattering Conventions

Author: Bob Calhoun
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THE 1978 EDITION OF The Guinness Book of World Records was the runaway
bestseller of Garfield Elementary School's Scholastic book fair. The crushing
demand couldn't be met outright, and the 700page paperback tome promising “
more amazing human achievements than ever” had to be backordered. The wait
was interminable. It was weeks before a large cardboard box packed with
mustard yellow paperbacks was wheeled into my 3rd grade class by Joe, the
overly hairy ...

Guinness Book Of World Records 1990

Author: David A. Boehm
Publisher: Sterling Publishing (NY)
ISBN: 9780806957913
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Guinness. Book. The name GUINNESS is a registered trade mark and should not
be used in publicity for, or otherwise in context of, ... The first US edition appeared
in New York in 1956 followed by editions in French (1962) and German (1963). ...
In the seventies there followed Dutch (1971); Portuguese (1974); Czechoslovak (
1976); Hebrew, Serbo-Croat and Icelandic (all in 1977) and Slovenian (1978).

Reference And Subscription Books Reviews

Publisher: American Library Association
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This new addition to the family of Guinness books is "taken in part from The
Guinness Book of World Records revised American ... Material from the 1962
through 1979 editions of The Guinness Book of World Records and the 1979
edition of the .... The deadline for receipt of information for this edition was
summer 1978.

Guinness World Records 2015

Author: Guinness World Records
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Meet the oil barons, retail magnates and tech tycoons who are all members of the
exclusive Guinness World Records Super-Rich Club – the 16 men (and yes, they'
re all men, and all but four of them American) who've held the record for the
wealthiest living person over the past 60 years. Our 1960 edition records the
belief that Chicago gangster Al Capone (USA, record for the highest gross
income ever achieved in a single year by a private citizen. Adjusted for inflation,
in 1927 he ...

Foods Nutrition Encyclopedia 2nd Edition

Author: Marion Eugene Ensminger
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 084938981X
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Fig. C-21 shows an extraordinary gain in weight which occurred throughout the
life of the heaviest medically weighed human. AGE IN YEARS Fig. C-21. The
continuous gain in weight of one of the world's heaviest humans. (Plotted from
data given in McWhirter, N., Guinness Book of World Records, 16th ed., Bantam
Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1978, pp. 21-22) • Failure of growth and
development In Infants, children, and adolescents— Adequate energy intake is
required for efficient ...