Gurps For Dummies

Author: Adam Griffith
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470043615
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Adam Griffith, Bjoern-Erik Hartsfvang, Stuart J. Stuple. We break down the basic
types of puzzling campaigns into the following categories: Mysteries Espionage
campaigns Riddles Treasure hunts Conspiracy Exploration Each of these
subcategories is independent of scope or milieu of the campaign and can be
played in any situation. They are described in the next few sections.

Conspiracy Theories

Author: Mark Fenster
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816632421
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The GURPS book's description of the game manager's introduction of the basic
rule structure to players echoes in many ways the progression of the “classical”
conspiracy narrative: Most introductions to the Illuminati depend on the “pyramid
of evidence.” The [game manager] leads them into things slowly, dropping very
minor hints that there are mysteries behind the facade of the normal. The [players
] can find clues that at first seem to have nothing to do with the current adventure.

Bleeding Hearts

Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101565950
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I brought my Ouija board over to your house, and you spelled out this crazy word
gurps, which none of us could understand. And when you and Sheila finally
found Brian, he was at the Star Trek convention playing some weird game called
Gurps. Ouija knew exactly where he was — or where he would be when you ... If I
recalled correctly, after that eerie episode, Ruby had sworn off using her powers
to try to solve mysteries. It seemed as if she had forgotten about that lamentable
event ...

City Magick

Author: Christopher Penczak
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781609255480
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New York: Fireside, A Division of Simon & Schuster, 1990. Lyn, Jamie. Earth
Design: The Added Dimension. Miami Shores, FL: Earth Design, 1995.
McCubbin, Chris W. GURPS: Cthulhu Pink. Austin, TX: Steve Jackson Games, Inc
., ... Santa Fe: Bear 81 Company, 1998. Telesco, Patricia. Urban Pagan: Magical
Living in a 9-to-5 World. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1995. Thorsson, Edred.
Northern Magic: Mysteries of the Norse, Germans and English. St. Paul, MN:
Llewellyn, 1992. Wright ...

Dice Tales

Author: Marie Brennan
Publisher: Book View Cafe
ISBN: 1611386845
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Even if you're a player who never runs a game, the next few chapters should still
be of interest to you, because RPGs are collaborative, and thinking about both
sides of the table can be helpful. It starts with the decision to run a game. What
type of game? The answer to that question usually takes the form of a system:
you're going to run a Pathfinder game, an Ars Magica game, a Polaris game.
Unless you're using just the core book of a generic system like GURPS, the
choice of system ...

What S Up 2006 365 Days Of Skywatching

Author: Jeff Barbour
ISBN: 1411682874
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(GURPS Supporting Cast, Creatures of Earthdawn, Double Exposure), and
several magazine articles. Fraser grew up on Hornby Island, a small rock off the
coast Western Canada with incredibly dark skies ... Born at the dawn of the space
age, R Jay GaBany has grown up and matured during a time when mankind's
fascination with the great mysteries beyond our home planet has surged. His
interest in astronomy started at an early age, sparked by the Apollo Moon
Landing program.

Net Guide

Author: Peter Rutten
Publisher: New York : Random House Electronic Publishing
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®£J / AMERICA ONLINE -^keyword RPG Smasher Land BBS (bbs) Message
bases, files, and utilities for AD&D, GURPS, Shadowrun, Fantasy Hero, Traveller,
and others. Also provides a variety of online games. ESI 614-593-8359
Dungeons & Dragons AD&D Archive at Stanford ... the world of Kulthea. Interact
in real time with other players as you seek treasure and glory, and fight to stay
alive. Haggle over prices in the marketplace, react to and puzzle over the
mysteries that emerge ...

Rosemary Remembered

Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440673818
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And with a vengeful ex-convict on the loose, there's plenty for China to worry about. And as the evidence unfolds, she's more determined than ever to make the killer pay... From the Paperback edition.

Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Gurps Wild Card Moma. Romare Bearden Moore. Let This Mind Be Morrison. Jim
Morrison American Night. Vol 1 Mosco. Sense of Place Murray. History of Chess
Murray. History of Boardgames Myra. Halloween Is It for Real Nader. The
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