Hand Carried Qrp Antennas

Author: Peter Parker
ISBN: 9781520617602
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All have been built and tested by the author over almost 30 years of successful QRP activity. Hand-carried QRP antennas is the author's second book, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP, released in 2015.

Amateur Radio

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A chip such as the HA7210 can easily be used to implement a very simple QRP
transmitter for 160, 80, or 40 meters as shown in fig. 2. ... Going a step further by
using a surface-mount transistor, surface-mount crystal (Digi-Key CSM-7 series),
a couple of hearing-aid or watch batteries, and some construction skill will result
in a transmitter that can be hidden almost anywhere. ... 73, Irwin, WA2NDM hy-
gain.tiyitkx Antennas Call For prices I 4& 1 -800-244-4567 "Better than a hamfest!


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It's a cinch to use and has 20 memories, all PL tones, scans, goes anywhere, and
has a reasonable price tag. Output power is approximately 1/4 watt. However, I
have found that "QRP level" quite sufficient for talking with friends on
neighborhood repeaters. This is one item any amateur would love as a holiday
gift The micro-talkie's optional accessories are also fantastic, and include a
palmsize battery charger, two styles of carrying cases, and a tiny speaker-mic
with DTMF keypad for ...

73 Amateur Radio Today

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Has 3-position slide switch, built-in hand guard, 3-wire grounded cord,
thermoplastic case. ... It also means keeping almost all of the club business within
the executive committee, with a very brief committee report at the regular
meetings. .... $2.20 $2.50 $3.00 $5.00 RG142 COAX CABLE 92W018 $2.50/ft
Minimum Order » 1 5.00 iMornia Add Sales lai Prices good 60 days Irom dale of
publication and are subject lo change wilhour nolice AS Safes Final 89 IE C
operated from anywhere ...

Electronics Now

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H ' " Uses two 13 oz. coffee or juice cans for antenna, able to be , .3“ _ av '_'.:-- {fir
. .{ 1-r“ns'¢|vcr ' g _,,_,. ... Speed readout is on two LED displays which can be set
Speedy kits includes a deluxe black ABS plastic case with SPEEDY graphics for
a professional look Operates on 12 SG-7 Speedy Radar Set . ... ..Simple to
hookup and tiny in size. sophisticated features like digipeating, file transfer and
remote teminal access as well as routine message handling are available. It
comes fully ...

73 Amateur Radio

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... counters carry a full one year warranty on parts and labor We take great pride
in being the largest manufacturer ot low cost counters in the entire USA Compare
specifications Our counters are full featured, from audio Id UHF, with FET high
impedance input, proper wave shaping circuitry and durable high quality epoxy
glass plated-thru PC Board construction All units are 100% manufactured in the
USA H89.95 M89.95 ACCESSORIES FOR COUNTERS Telescopic wnlp antenna
— ...

The Arrl Handbook For The Radio Amateur

Author: Chuck Hutchinson
ISBN: 9780872591868
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An operating diary— A logbook is a good place for recording general information
about your station. You may be able to tell just how well that new antenna is
working compared to the old one by comparing recent QSOs with older contacts.
The logbook is also a logical place to record new acquisitions (complete with ...
On the other hand, computer logs offer many advantages to the serious contester
or DXer. For example, the computer can search a log and instantly tell you
whether ...

The Arrl Handbook For Radio Communications 2003

Author: American Radio Relay League
Publisher: Amer Radio Relay League
ISBN: 9780872591929
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There are many state QSO parties, and others for special interests, such as the
QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party. Sweepstakes. ... Any noncommercial message —
birthday and holiday greetings, personal information or a friendly hello — may be
sent anywhere in the US and to foreign countries that have third-party
agreements with the United States. ... You may be able to tell just how well that
new antenna is working compared to the old one by comparing recent QSOs with
older contacts.