Heavenly Mathematics

Author: Glen Van Brummelen
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691148929
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I haven't followed mathematical proofs with such delight in decades. If, as the author laments, spherical trigonometry was in danger of extinction, this book will give it a long-lasting reprieve.

The Mathematics Teacher

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THE ART OF TEACHING ♢ ... Apparently it was completely forgotten during the
middle ages, but at about the time of the discovery of America it was revived, and
during the period of great discoveries that followed the voyages of Columbus, it
was the principal navigating instrument of those sailors who have left their wake
on the ... Many of the problems in the spherical trigonometry needed by the
navigator and the surveyor could be solved by using the data secured with the

Indian Foreign Review

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... the Musalman teacher the elements of forgotten science; they bring astronomy;
they translate the Siddhants of India and other books. They invent; what do they
not invent? They take up mathematics from the Hindu and the Greek, they
discover equations of the second degree, then the quadratic — they discover and
invent spherical trigonometry; they study the stars; they measure the size of the
earth within a degree or two. They make a new architecture, they discover a new
music, ...

The Civil Engineer And Architect S Journal

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He also signalised himself as an astronomer, a scholar, and a poet, by a series of
Latin metrical stanzas, proposing a reformation of the ancient fables of the signs
of the zodiac; an algebraical treatise on the Julian period; and a Latin treatise on
spherical trigonometry. Few men of any time have exhibited a more expansive
mind than Wren: like Michael Angelo, nothing seemed too great, too difficult, or
too minute for its investigation. At one time sweeping the heavens with “Galileo's
tube ...