Can We Believe In Miracles

Author: George Warington
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48) ; which, as there is no difference in the kind of miracles the several
Evangelists record, may be taken as a conclusive proof of the identity of " signs "
with " mighty works." In Acts ii. 22, the miracles of Christ are denoted by all three
terms taken together. So, again, with the miracles of the ApostoHc ... Of any
distinction in reference, so that one term would denote one set of events, and
another term a different set, there is not the slightest trace. We adhere, then, to
the definition set forth ...

I Believe In Miracles

Author: Burton W. Seavey
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607916681
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... and reiterated that the stomach was overrun with ulcerous lesions and the only
viable option was surgery. Clairmond, however, remained adamant until the
physician relented and ordered a new set of x-rays. When the results were in, the
dumbfounded surgeon was unable to comprehend what they showed; so he
ordered a second set. Imagine his amazement when both sets failed to reveal
any presence of ulcers. Clairmond was given copies and, when he 64 / Believe In

I Believe In Miracles I Am One

Author: Barbara Oakes Graham
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595318738
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The big jumbo jet set down at the airport in Colorado Springs at 11:35 p.m. on
November 18, 1965, just like two porcupines making love—very, very carefully. I
woke the kids and hustled them up so they'd be ready to deplane when a full stop
was achieved. Although I was arriving in yet another strange city with three
children I was totally responsible for, I still had that exhilarating sensation of
being set free. A brand new adventure awaited us and I felt that familiar
excitement churning ...

Believe In Miracles But Trust In Jesus

Author: Adrian Rogers
Publisher: Captain Fiddle Publications
ISBN: 9781581340761
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A noted pastor explores the seven "sign" miracles of Jesus highlighted in the Gospel of John and what they mean for us today.

Brainwashed And Miracles

Author: Aaron L. Kolom
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434326101
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This is the story of a teenage girl who has been chosen by Power to become a Witch.

The Power Of Making Miracles

Author: Arnold Fox
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
ISBN: 0768408393
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Set aside some time today to sit in a quiet room, on a comfortable chair. Tell
everyone that you do not want to be disturbed; take the ... is the beginning of a
new life for you—the life you've always wanted. As you see this, recite your credo
with enthusiastic belief: I believe in miracles The miracles of my mind. My
thoughts shape and make my world Filling it with loving joy, courage, peace,
beautiful dreams. I believe that God loves me, That He wants me to succeed. I
believe I can, and am ...

The Miracles Of Jesus The Messiah

Author: E. Keith Howick
Publisher: WindRiver Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781886249004
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The volume includes complete scriptural references to the King James Bible, footnotes, a complete index, and a scripture index allowing readers to quickly find relevant commentary.

Miracles Or Coincidences

Author: Geraldine Moran
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452581290
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MIRACLES. Paul died in April 2012. We honor his life by leaving you with his
thoughts around miracles. If you had met me a few years ago, you would have
seen that I was out of breath and had a very blue tinge to my skin. I was born with
a ... Be the miracle.” (Morgan Freeman [God], from Bruce Almighty). For me, mind-
set is the building block of what actually creates the miracles in our lives. Having
a strong mind-set, with big dreams, strong beliefs, and determination can create ...

The Bible

Author: George Anastaplo
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1461634261
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which he does not pause to describe.580 He selects for somewhat extended
presentation only half a dozen out of the many accounts of miracles he could
probably have drawn upon. What then ... But if you are disposed to believe in the
miracles of Jesus, you should pay attention to the ones I have selected for your
instruction.” To list the ... The set of half-dozen described (not merely referred to)
miracles and the set of two super-miracles may be dependent upon each other.
Here, then ...

Miracles God Science And Psychology In The Paranormal 3 Volumes

Author: J. Harold Ellens
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0275997235
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In these books, eminent scholar J. Harold Ellens and his team of expert contributors examine miracles of body, mind, and spirit, presenting the most recent research and writing on these uncommon events as they aim to bring hard science to ...