Hamidian Palestine

Author: Johann Büssow
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004205691
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Based on Arabic, Turkish and Hebrew sources, the book analyses this historical moment from a wide variety of perspectives.

The Rise And Fall Of A Palestinian Dynasty

Author: Ilan Pappe
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520268393
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The Fall of Abd al-Hamid II Before the family could quite grasp the significance of
the Jewish longing for Jerusalem and Eretz Israel that would become a vast
colonialist project of dispossession, their world was badly shaken when Abd al-
Hamid II lost his place in Istanbul and in history. Though in terms of Western
historiography Ismail al-Husayni was the most progressive (given his treatment of
his daughters and his Western education), he regarded the sultan's fall as an
unmitigated ...

Spies Scandals And Sultans

Author: Ibrāhīm Muwayliḥī
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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The Later Ottoman Sultans Introduction translation of Ibrahim al-Muwaylihi's
renowned, indeed infamous, work is ix. Arabic Turkish Mustafa II Mustafa II
Ahmad III Ahmet III Mahmud I Mahmut I 'Uthman III Osman III Mustafa III Mustafa
III 'Abd al-Hamid I Abdilhamit I Salim III Selim III Mustafa IV Mustafa IV Mahmud II
Mahmut II Abd al-Majid I Abdilmecit I Abd al-'Aziz Abdilaziz 'Abd al-Hamid II
Abdilhamit II Muhammad V Rashad Mehmet V Reflat Muhammad VI Wahid al-din
Mehmet VI ...

Supplement To The Catalogue Of The Arabic Manuscripts In The British Museum

Author: British Museum. Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts
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Department of Oriental Printed Books and Manuscripts, Charles Rieu. 'Abd al-
Hadi al-Basfidi, 580. 'Abd al-Hafig B. Shams al-Din al-Margafi, 198. Ibn 'Abd al-
Hakam, v. 'Abd al-Rahman B. 'Abdallah (d. 257) 520. 'Abd al-Hahk B. Saif al-Din
al-Dihlawi (d. 1052). Sharh Mishkdt al-Magfibill, 141. 'Abd al-Halim B. Ahmad al-
Halimi (0.1108) 1038. 'Abd al-Hamid B. Hibat-allah Ibn Abi'l-Hadid (d. 655).
Sharla Nahj al-Baldghah, 527-8. Al'Alazgiyyzit, 528 II., 814. —— B. 'Isa al-
Khusraushahi (d.

World Civilizations Volume Ii Since 1500

Author: Philip Adler
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In 1876 when Abdul Aziz died, they and other reformers within the government
supported Abdul Hamid II (AHB- dool hah-MEED) for the succession, on the
promise that he would liberalize the government. The reformers got SULTAN
ABDUL HAMID II. The last sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the last Islamic
caliph, Abdul Hamid ended the Tanzimat. Throughout his long reign from 1876 to
1909, he suppressed liberal reforms and the growing Arab nationalist movement.
their ...

Intelligence For Peace

Author: Hesi Carmel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135261660
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IE 'Ali Belhadj, nos 5, 45. lE Wadji Ghunayim, Sula/e al—Khatib; idem, Hijaz al—
Mar'a al-Muslima; Hasan Ayub, Fi-l Mar'a; Yusuf al—(brdawi, Khatbafi—l Mar'a. m
Ahmad al-(lattan, may” al—Alma', no. 3. iii Hawali, Qira'at. lE 'Abd al—Hamid
Kishk, no 395. IE Salah Abu Isma'il, al—Mukhattat al—Isti 'mariya. IE] 'Abd al—
Hamid Kishk, ath—Thalitha al—Kabira; idem, az—Zilzal. IE] 'Ali Belhadj, al-Amr
bi'l-Ma'raf, no. 7/ 1. IE] Ahmad al-(httan, al—Fasadfi-Kawayt; idem, Yarbiyat al—
Alma', ...

Authority Privacy And Public Order In Islam

Author: Union européenne des arabisants et islamisants. Congress
Publisher: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9789042917361
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1908) Dimitry R. Zhantiev — Moscow There is hardly another period in the history
of the last Great Islamic Empire (that is the Ottoman Empire) which has received
such uncomplimentary estimation as the reign of Abdul-Hamid II. The sultan
himself used to be estimated by many observers and scholars as 'anti-reformer', ...

International Entrepreneurship In Small And Medium Size Enterprises

Author: Hamid Etemad
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1845421558
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Selected papers from the Inaugural McGill International Entrepreneurship
Conference (at McGill, Montreal, September 1998) appeared in the following: two
dedicated sections of the Journal of Global Focus, 11(4) and 8(2), Hamid Etemad
, guest editor; two special issues of the Journal of International Marketing, 7(4)
and 8(2), Hamid Etemad and R.W. Wright, guest editors; International
Entrepreneurship: Globalization ofEmerging Businesses (JAI Press, 1999). II.
Selected papers from ...