In Movement There Is Peace

Author: Elaine Orabona Foster
Publisher: Psyconops
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Follow along the pilgrim's path as it shares its secrets on how to: Create a life that's unafraid of deathExperience emotional lightness by carrying a smaller physical loadJourney without plans, and have more fun doing itMake a leap of ...

The Israeli Peace Movement

Author: Tamar S. Hermann
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139483447
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If there were a peace movement in Israel, I would not call for sanctions.
Unfortunately, there is no peace movement in Israel. There is no peace
movement to talk about and therefore the occupation will not come to an end” (
Pappe 2005). Whereas most moderate peace activists often thought that the
Palestinians contributed their share to the failure of the peace process and
thereby to the continuation of the occupation, because of their sense of guilt
about Israel's conduct, their criticism ...

Cultures Of Peace

Author: Elise Boulding
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815628323
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Peace. Movements. and. Their. Organizational. Forms. The. Seedbed. of. Peace.
Cultures. WE HAVE EXPLORED in chapter 2 how utopian visioning and utopian
experiments persist through time as an expression of the human longing for
peaceable lifeways. Another expression of that longing is found in peace
movements — popular groundswells of opposition to war and violence —
accompanied by efforts to demonstrate alternative ways to deal with conflict and
injustice. Over time ...

Peace And Survival West Germany The Peace Movement European Security

Publisher: Hoover Press
ISBN: 9780817980931
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PEACE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE "Peace" is an ambiguous word. If it were
not, there would be no peace movement; there would simply be a continuing
rational discussion concerning the best means to preserve (or obtain) peace.
Sometimes, indeed, there does seem to be full agreement on the end to be
attained and disagreement only on the means. The peace movement and many
in the SPD argued, as we have seen, that INF modernization in Western Europe
was a threat to ...

Crusading Peace

Author: Tomaz Mastnak
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520925991
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In the beginning there was peace: At the close of the tenth century and the
commencement of the eleventh, the pax Dei, the Peace of God — a peace
movement carried out in the name of God — emerged in the territories that today
make up central France. The pax Dei in turn led to the establishment of the treuga
Dei— the Truce of God. Yet these peacemaking efforts together resulted in the
crusade at the end of the eleventh century. A new kind of holy war grew out of the
holy peace.1 ...

The Contemporary Us Peace Movement

Author: Laura Toussaint
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135851638
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number of small leaders in the peace movement and asserted this is more
effective than having a few large leaders: I think it has a pretty effective
leadership as I've seen things over the years. People have learned howto work in
coalitions much better. I don't see any MLK [Martin Luther King] out there. There
are people who do their pieces, butIdon't seeanybody who is really charismatic
and moving everybody along.Actually in some ways, I thinkthe peace movement
ismore powerful ...

The British Peace Movement 1870 1914

Author: Paul Laity
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 0191554499
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Angell's appeal to the business classes symbolized, he thought, an
unwholesome change which had taken over the peace movement: 'There is a
great danger that pacifists in their desire to be thought well of by emperors,
bankers and journalists — especially journalists — will gradually forget the faith
and moral enthusiasm which have made the peace movement a live thing.' He
argued that 'pacifism' was being turned into a business proposition, as
symbolized not only by Angell but ...

Language And Politics

Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: AK Press
ISBN: 9781902593821
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The exception to this would be the French interventions in Africa, which are
continuing under the French Socialist Party government, but the French are
mostly outside the peace movement. I don't really think there is a French peace
movement. They protest what the United States does, but you can't find any
protest in the French press when South Africa attacks Namibia with French
planes, or over France selling arms to Indonesia. But leaving this aside, in terms
of the European ...

The Search For Negotiated Peace

Author: David S. Patterson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113589860X
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If the pervasiveness of voluntary associations, including peace societies, was a
specially American phenomenon, such groups also existed in some measure in
all political democracies. Thus, before the outbreak of the European war there
were as many as 50 peace societies in Great Britain. In 1904, British peace
leaders had formed a National Peace Council to coordinate the programs of
religious, socialist, and radical parts of the peace movement. Cooperation with
the Council was ...

A Dissenting Democracy

Author: Magnus Norell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135292817
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Peace with the most important Arab country was seen as a key to extending the
peace process to other Arab states and, even more important, to the Palestinians.
The basic goal of 'Peace Now' (the peace-for- territories formula) was not novel,
but the emphasis given to it by the movement put it at the forefront as the tool for a
peaceful solution to the conflict. It could have stopped there, with 'Peace Now' like
a mayfly born out of the peace process with Egypt, vanishing in the wake of the ...