Tactical Communications For The Digitized Battlefield

Author: Michael J. Ryan
Publisher: Artech House
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[6] FM 24-18, Tactical Single-channel Radio Communications Techniques,
Washington, D.C.: Headquarters Department of the Army, Sept. 30, 1987. [7]
Further details on in-service CNR can be found in the following: Jane's C41
Systems, 2000-2001, Surrey, England: Jane's Information Group, 2000. Jane's
Military Communications Systems, 2000-2001, Surrey, England: Jane's
Information Group, 2000. Witt, M., "Tactical Radios: A Never-Ending Saga,"
Military Technology, July 1999, ...

Gulf Military Forces In An Era Of Asymmetric Wars

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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Source: IISS, Military Balance, various editions including 1989-1990, 1999-2000,
2004-2005, and 2005-2006. and its ground forces in the case of an invasion.
They can also be used for ... Other Helicopters and Transport Aircraft Bahrain has
3 T67M200 Firefly training craft, a Boeing 727 supply ship, an Avro RJ85
communications plane (Jane's claims there are two), and a Gulfstream II and III
for royal flights.23 Bahrain also has 2 Boeing 747 communications craft. In
addition to its ...

Saudi Arabia Enters The Twenty First Century The Military And International Security Dimensions

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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They also include the author's publications and other sources mentioned at the
start of the section on Saudi Arabia; Dr. Andrew Rathmell, "Saudi Arabia's Military
Build-up — An Extravagant Error," Jane's Intelligence Review (November 1994),
pp. 500-504; Andrew Rathmell, The ... Jane's Air-Launched Weapons; Jane's
Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems; Jane's Military Communications; and
Jane's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Targets. 2. Historical sources include
James ...

The Security Of The Caspian Sea Region

Author: Gennadiĭ Illarionovich Chufrin
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
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period 1999-2001. One S-300 system protects the capital, Astana, while another
covers the southern border of Kazakhstan and the CIS.94 Since Russian
transfers are often made to pay its debt to Kazakhstan or as donations, only a
small share of ... communications operations.98 The US-Kazakh Defense
Cooperation Plan for 2000 provided for continuing IMET training for Kazakh
servicemen, the Central Asian Battalion (CentrasBat) peacekeeping exercises
and other forms of military ...

Peace And War

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275969394
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307. International Defense Review, 1/1994, p. 20; Jerusalem Report, September
5, 1996, p. 20; Elliot A. Cohen, Michael J. Eisenstadt, and Andre J. Bacevich.
Knives, Tanks, and Missiles, Washington, Washington Institute, 1998. pp. 115-
116. 308. Jane's International Defense Review, April 1999, p. 22, December 6,
2000, p. 17. 309. "Israel Army Computer Corps Builds Success in Business," The
New York Times, July 24, 1999, p. B2. 3 1 0. "International Defense Digest,"
working paper ...

World Military Expenditures And Arms Transfers 1999 2000

Author: State Dept. (U.S.), Bureau of Verification and Compliance Staff
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780160511905
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For all countries, with the same exceptions as noted above for the military
expenditures-to-GNP ratio, military expenditures and central government
expenditures are converted to dollars at the same rate; the ratio of the two
variables is thus the same in dollars as in national currency. It should be noted ...
personnel under arms for other countries are based on a variety of US
Government and other sources, including Jane's World Armies and the IISS's
Military Balance. The armed forces ...

The Science Of War

Author: Michael E. O'Hanlon
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400830930
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Personal communication from Shuhfan Ding, Institute of International Relations,
National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, April 14, 2000; see also David
Shambaugh, “China's Military Views the World,” International Security, vol. 24, no
... 4 (Spring 1999), p. 147; Duncan Lennox, ed., Jane's Air-Launched Weapons (
Surrey, England: Jane's Information Group, 1999), issue 33 (August 1999); and
Christopher M. Centner, “Ignorance Is Risk: The Big Lesson from Desert Storm
Air Base ...

Strategies To Protect The Health Of Deployed U S Forces

Author: National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 030917225X
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Sacramento, Calif.: California State Air Resources Board, Research Division.
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