Journal Of The Asiatic Society Of Bengal

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JoJo 9; e o 'o','e','o', ; – “Joe”,” aş 2–le “33”. Jo 9° es: J &= ** J" 4; ), —o. Jor- so six
Joe so & Joo JoJo 29 JS Joe” J. Jo Jo Jojo. 394 Jr. “; so Ko," < *, 2* o os ol), *** 2:
Jo * ~ * ~ * Joe &= x > Joy” co" * * * * * * *- e. Jo Jo —” --- e. ; JJ, 99 “los e e-Jo J. “”
is 2- Jo 99 8 yaoi" co, to jol, 3- ero o Koš 2: o Jo" –y'rs *— Joes') Joy' lost £bjor" to
Jo too eroese: * J-K-- \,; J, 99 JS Ko- o Jo Jo Joo “e 23.9%), 45°J. J.” “soy" Jo Jo
Jolo, Jo Jo" By the hand of the gardener's wife he wrote to you to beg that you ...

The Journal Of The Asiatic Society Of Bengal Ed By James Prinsep

Author: James Prinsep
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Joly- (-), J-Lo storo Jo look-less', olor- 232, Je Joio, lots *294/9tke,” or Jaú (a co-F"
Ji to Gy eithel 3 Jū-F" ** alo J. Fork, we's, J.'s see J. cle jos ul-, eith J. rtill "lo" to “,
co-o-o: oo 53° les,é2 J-1, e, eus “, J-3, J-9 jo so; Ji-Leo J. Joel J. J.", * Joao" 3 cro
sy', cook, were 8" floweel, J. J.--,5 još, to ero' loy to *b, * J. Jis' tes, “is als—gs tuxe,
o,” so you, *b, * **** wy_total), L. J. c9;s B-33 jo-> ero lo & 3role,” “3 el-Lā', ... Jo Jo
&e 2 relive", we's, Joeiss, i.e. ', to Go a-o,- troye “5,” Jo 5"/9's, K---/*-ī,” JoJo,'.

The Best Anger Journal

Author: Carl Robinson, Ph.D.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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people, you are training them how to deal with you. I have adog named JoJo,a
threeyearold German shepherd, who is very obedient through formed behavior. I
did not realize it until I was teaching classes one day and someone in class
askeda question about behavior. If I want to establish a behavior in JoJo, all I
have todo is be consecutive inthe way I handle him. If Iwereto go to my
backdoorand slamit openand yell “Getout of here!” every day for the next thirty
days, JoJo will go to his ...

Asiatic Journal

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to \-f es Jo e-85 eo-" o sex- & *** Jo 5* Jo- \o * > * > * j, “ “J Jo 939; Liú , , so *-* > *
> **ś 4,-,-, 2-o'o -> <-, ---|--|-> 3 *% A, 3 o' A *- : * > *- : 44; 3 o' ' ', Jo Jo as 2, je zoo
$2, Ko was as “TJ” eus ests \-T JA Jú) **** V, --- Jo Jo 3 J.A.” 939;. ... Persia, or
Ajem, ** has fled from the Arabs and taken re“fuge with us, and we have no par'
tiality for him, but are more favorably ** inclined to you, and are desirous of * your
joining us, that we may discharge “ him, and put the city under your go**

Philippine Journal Of Education

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If you get caught I . . . I mean Jojo and I . . . will rescue you, too. Let's move! "
Mahar watched as Ria heaved a big sigh and lifted her long skirt. She seemed to
glide out of the room and soon disappeared into the crowd. "Mahar! What's the
matter with you?" It was Jojo again. "Are you in love? " "What? " answered Mahar
incredulously. "What are you talking about? Of course not! If you'd just stop
talking we'd get more done." "But . . ." Jojo objected, but Mahar wasn't listening.
Jojo also ...

To Dance With God

Author: Andrew Hersom
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1683484398
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“I wanted your little stud self in my clutches to add you to the list of men who've
shared my bed. You know, that list in my journal you read the other day.” I was
caught and had no escape route. “You want to . . . um . . . 'stud' me, Dee?” was all
I could think to say. She could hardly stifle her laughter. “You can be so gullible,
JoJo. You're here because it was easier than toting you all the way back home. I'
m a little offended that you'd think I'd actually 'stud' you, boy. You are not my type.

Journal Of A Residence In Ashantee

Author: Joseph Dupuis
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The supplementary part is as follows: No. 8. .*.* &#2c2. .* ...” - *** o to ~ ov,” -- J is
Jo J & Jo Jo...” of JoJo — *...* * ~ * J) to Joao as "eft or ex-loo Jie o os; " 45- - , of
jo J Jo A & Ago" -" to " -> "...”&P," Jo "jo Ajo. J. J. J." o "Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo to " to " to
" -- "y" - - - - c, - * A J & J A * * * * * * * L-o-o: ..." --> jo o or A ** A) > A so "J" o' or "j"
... When you get through it (the Desert, which is two days journey from N. to S.)
you will arrive at Ghofan, a country of the Moslems. And from Ghofan to the
country of ...

Journal Of A Residence In Ashantee Comprising Notes And Researches Relative To The Gold Coast And The Interior Of West Africa To Which Is Prefixed An Account Of The Origin And Causes Of The Present War

Author: Joseph Dupuis
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APPENDIX. cxxxi This, which is the preliminary part of the manuscript, exhibits
the lines of communication between Lower Guinea and the districts of Haoussa,
Fillany, &c. The supplementary part is as follows: No. 8. Jo Jo A) or o) & " " ..."ro."
Jo Jol e5 "José J, & rol o, o -> .*.* * ~ * J) * Joao o "esso ero, ... When you get
through it (the Desert, which is two days journey from N. to S.) you will arrive at
Ghofan, a country of the Moslems. And from Ghofan to the country of the King's
Son, and to ...

The Asiatic Journal And Monthly Miscellany

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stood still, the face of the earth seemed an entire ruby from the reflection of his
countenance: you might say, that he was sprinkling from the glowing rose-leaf of
his cheek drops of cornelian-coloured rose water upon the ground. *Po-j-" or
goes--> *W* owls; 3,923, * - Jo-2 o' or -oo old - A sea-jo-le; soft (, ex-co Jo 3 °95
+* **, *, *sjo. 3'-j \; 0,313 o' Loo 5' 4 -- * * ~ ey- Jo-> 3 > <-,- Ao cope • * j, k > Jojo j
< *-- Jole o *}} 92 o ** 28 As);- Jo- A• Jojo o *** \,\ S. cool o 4 o'er: * ~ * * * * * ~< −9
A; ...

The Asiatic Journal And Monthly Register For British And Foreign India China And Australia

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G-3 JoJo 89 cl 5, co-o! Look J-4 e- j *** * * O freshly matured fruit, from whose
orchard were you brought? O newly arrived prophecy, at whose instance did you
descend from heaven?” “The dame heaved a cold sigh from a V;| <-- Joye & see
Jo * I possess a secret affliction which admits of no consolation; I have a malady
in my heart which admits of no remedy. The solacer of my fortune is this decrepit
old man, and my disordered mind is united to melancholy and vexation. This, as
you ...