Kill Without Shame

Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Zebra
ISBN: 1420137581
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Five brave military heroes have survived the hell of a Taliban prison to return home—and take on civilian missions no one else can.

Ares Security Kill Without Shame

Author: Alexandra Ivy
ISBN: 373254608X
Size: 40.93 MB
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"Kill without Shame" ist der zweite Band der spektakulären neuen Serie der Spiegel-Bestseller-Autorin Alexandra Ivy um die fünf Jungs von ARES Security. Alle Teile sind unabhängig von einander lesbar.

The Mind Of A Murderer

Author: Katherine M. Ramsland
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313386722
Size: 32.37 MB
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Although this murder spree was not a sexual crime, he'd written about the “
remorseless ego,” and within this frame he had offered a theory for thinking about
the type of offenders who kill without shame or conscience. His study would later
assist the first FBI profilers, and in fact Reinhardt had been lecturing at the FBI
since 1945. He was perfectly positioned to look closely at Starkweather and Caril
Ann Fugate, the killing couple. 2 In Lincoln, Nebraska, Charles Starkweather was

Bulletin With Newsweek

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When your icon of the enemy is complete you will be able to kill without guilt,
slaughter without shame. These words, written in 1986 by the then-contributing
editor to Psychology Today, Sam Keen, appeared in his award-winning book on
20th-century propaganda, Faces of the Enemy: Reflections of the Hostile
Imagination. Part of its purpose was to investigate the creation of the mental state
of people who are able to "kill without guilt, slaughter without shame". This, it
would appear, ...

How To Kill Without Really Trying

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers
ISBN: 9780873983969
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He began to weep. That man later moved from Michigan way across the country,
but when I get within a hundred miles of where he lives, he will drive the roads at
night to come hear me preach. He has prayed for me all these years. His family
loves me and feels close to me. I have often wondered what it would be like if that
night I had not gone to that brother, humbled myself and said, "Brother, I am sorry
I wronged you." Listen, if you wrong one of God's children and do not make it right

A Clean Kill

Author: Leslie Glass
Publisher: Onyx Books
ISBN: 9780451411891
Size: 76.56 MB
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Derek might have been the last person to see Maddy Wilson alive, but different
kinds of suspects required different methods of approach. The armed and
dangerous, crazy-rabbit killers without much organization or control had to be
approached with extreme caution. The careful killers, who took their time at the
scene of a crime, then walked away in broad daylight, were likely to return to their
lives as if nothing had occurred. Those sociopaths killed without shame or
remorse and A ...

Killing In The Name Of Identity

Author: Vamik D. Volkan
Publisher: Pitchstone Llc
Size: 43.51 MB
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They also "re-humanize" their victims as representatives for the opposing group.
They kill such representatives in order to hurt the opposing group and send it a
message. However, natural or man-made accidental disasters do not shame,
humiliate, dehumanize, kill, or destroy physical environments in the name of
large-group identity. The December 2004 tsunami, for example, did not have a "
mind"; it did not discriminate against any one large group. Even though the
tsunami caused ...

Mozambique Mysteries

Author: Lisa St. Aubin De Teran
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748127801
Size: 16.36 MB
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By night, tiny electromagnetic sparks light up the warm natural champagne in the
salt rivulets and lagoons. It is as though nature were giving a slide-show on the
natural harmony of land and sea and all their plants and creatures. Every aspect
of the landscape exudes peace. When the local people disturb this harmony by
taking life, they tend to pray for forgiveness. No crab, fish or chicken is killed
without acknowledging the shame of disturbing the environment. Even nasty
insects like ...

We Were Taught To Plant Corn Not To Kill

Author: Douglas London
Publisher: Back Up Books Human Rights Press
Size: 22.83 MB
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Without shame a society could not exist, as these more individualistic feelings
would make conflict impossible to resolve. An extreme example of a person
without any feelings of shame for their behavior would be a psychopathic mass
murderer who is capable of killing without feeling they are doing anything wrong.
Psychopaths are missing something in their individual psychiatric make-up that
leaves them immune to normal societal brakes on behavior. What a psychopath
lacks is the ...

Wilson S Ghost

Author: Robert S. McNamara
Publisher: PublicAffairs
Size: 45.77 MB
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... complete you will be able to kill without guilt, slaughter without shame.70 What
do U.S. decision makers — and the American people — know about the process
described by Sam Keen? What do the NATO civilian and military leaders
assembled at headquarters in Brussels know about it? The probable answer is
little or nothing. Yet this process — what the American psychoanalyst and social
critic Erik Erikson referred to as "pseudo-speciation," or reducing one's enemy, in
the mind's ...