Leslie S

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BABY t'il|lll|lGESi l make a anacialty of manufacturing Baby rriagea to cell direct
to private ggrtlen. You can. thereftire. do tter with me than with a dealer.
Carrlaneo '4 Delivered Free oi Charge “pl to all polntsin the United States, Q '
Send tor Illustrated ('ntalopzur-. CHAS. RAl$ER._Mff. 2 64 Clyhourn Ave .
Chicago. Ill. HESS I. HEAD IOISES ll F DE Fl'eck'n INVISIBLE Tilllllil' g||§|||flI§,
Whispers card. C_orni'0rhb'n. lnoeuhl wicronll Bolmllu lull. Hold by F'. lllSlllX|
only, Ull Ir'dIny, flow York.

Scientific American

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See In pad. i ti lgesi d anodyne, K. M. TurCar wheel fender, street. W. R. De
Pamphlet #: machine, B. S. Lewis..... 551,776 An: ..... Broadway New York.
Lenses. Large assortment always | nor - - Fibrous material preparing m ine
Signal. See Electric signal Canadian parent - may now be obtained by the in "''''-''''
'''''''''''''''" tus for automatic supply of. . 551,800 Skirt, bicycle, T. H. Royce 552,004 |
ventors for any of the inventions named in the fore- |...' '' lies of every deFifth
wheel, F. A. Taylor.

Publishers Weekly

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F A,rw'glkI-lzdwllilflefi 46 Cornhill, Boston, lass. long ff": an I-flédnnd Gcrmil.
Regislcr, short or Warld Almainai. ... 25 vols D11', on com” lgesi. 20 v 5 J1 =. .. ..:'.''
.*'.''.".“'¢;.:"' “"1 L-1"-~ - ltte, lbrner Enrcycxliw Sim Bludwlm Si' L°"lI- H0. Electricity
and gdeaghiietisj v°Il_§-- Kqod condition. Tlieuhéli 1" B and, 1895.m' “nus E' h"
Ph°l'» Pubimlaieit Mamet. S. P. Thompson, Spon ... ited Jumping Fro of
Calvnreras ('ounty. and other Sketches by Mar Twain, New York, 1867. John A.
Lavender, Troy, ...

Popular Photography

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YS50T7ll .. .1 Lens Caddy 26,69 CteUpLans 46.19 LgeSi-MemC^137 KV«w«
nder93 J9 Srt System Case 169 99 Lens 74.69 *mmCon Lens2».94?0rnmCon '
TTlftt WOmWATtR STFKHES V550MS 296- VS50T7L VS ... wrVal Zoom v^
MountFtasti UFWCanw*fljrye Motor U-AfM* — LUFZA Zoom Lens 97.95 LffZ L
Long Zm MEWAVeOAoWtxujAdjpi* MosiVldeo CtoseUpLens Houtng 164.96
MumrjneHoa NEW" Pelican time W«tnwt> ~ tjieiieivatfi J7JL 34 93 54 H 67.9S 1
In Grey 9lacl Otmp.' ...

The Literary Digest

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40 Cents, Postpaid FUNK K WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, New York l 5/
Se Preparation g Manuscripts for the Printer By FRANK H. VIZETELLY A.r.rvc|'ate
Editor qf Funk ('3-' Wagxalh " Standard Dictionary!” The purpose of this book is to
oint out the manner in which manuscripts shoul be prepared so as to reduce to :i
minimum the cost of authors' corrections and tells how to submit manuscripts for i.
ilJllC2illl)l'i. It contains. in addition, information aring directly on the technicalities

New York Times Book Review And Magazine

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The four largest contain about the same area as the States of New York,
Pennsylvania, Maine, and Maryland. The population of Japan is about ... -—j¢j-—
—-—f|-—~}-——§-— ~' i__,_i:i' with the patriotic souls of the long past are taught
to the children. The art of Japan is fully treated. Foreign influences .... i New
Voliime of the Periods of European Literature l2mo, $1.50 net THE DARK lGESi
By W. P. KER Professor in Univrrsiiy College, Lt Ild')l3. An account of th: dcv:lopm:
n' of Literature ...


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Chica o to New York held by the Chica o iliotor Club. NA IONAL STOCK
CHASSIS ... $75,041, Store MASSACHUSETTS. col'umbnl'wscn Le“ Mom: Co"
288 E Long s,i 1 m“ repulr Cal's- Dwll in accessories and charge elec- mfiaségm-
Dagés Aucto IS)ulels Co., 87 Church St. Pre. iI'ron. oscair Lear. Store ... "in: . pa?
1IImcT11EIs_I)Ig:lIIIIIi1IinagIt-es':o:lgesI itotm'tshi'g andblil'e- Goldwater
_aoncnerugnrlgfig'aum Co T11 2123 DeIII III IICCIIIIIOIIIIIII SELQISZIIIIIIII . ~ - g -
or upmo e, ' ' ' . e. - .

Electrical Review

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1292 of NHL, '\}(-;lr.\k Association of the State Domestic appliances. by William A
$5111.; :33 I _ J: . . _ ' c u a o a - - . - . . . Q - l y r - ~ r 0 - . n . ' v ' - ' ' v I“ C face, by
George A_ Orrok . . . . . 1242 “32: Independent Telephone Associa- 1it.
mgixtfhppggax'lgesi;mm?““m” C' “nigh 623 0mgensers and Inducuon generators
in Third ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ~ - ~ - H770. 996 Draft. natural and artificial“henfi'né' “0
Iganrzgmission systems. rotary. by A L. Associatiornc OfIr'Fieandent Te'ephone
Brim'kerhn“ ...