Legal Liability In Recreation Sports And Tourism

Author: John Otto Spengler
Publisher: Sagamore Publishing
ISBN: 9781571676436
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This is a resource for individuals and organisations striving to prevent the occurrence of accidents, property loss, and excessive legal claims in the leisure field.

Legal Liability In Recreation And Sports

Author: Bruce B. Hronek
Publisher: Sagamore Publishing
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Mr. Hronek lectures on risk management nationally internationally and teaches
Legal Liability and Natural Resource Management classes at Indiana University.
He has authored a number of articles and book chapters and is coauthor of a
book on risk management. J.O. SPENGLER is currendy an assistant professor in
the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism at the University of Florida. He
received a Ph.D. from Indiana University in Human Performance, a law degree (
J.D.) ...

Sports Travel Security

Author: Peter Tarlow
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0128051000
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Therefore, community leaders might want to establish centers where individuals
can learn how to incorporate the art of a particular sport into a person's private or
business life, along with a chance to destress over a glass of wine and/or
relaxing dinner. □ Sports tourism communities should always seek the counsel
of their legal team and understand their legal liabilities. A good team of event staff
and risk managers is essential, and the community should not solely rely on a
team's risk ...

Sport And Adventure Tourism

Author: Simon Hudson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136393919
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Ross Cloutier is the founder of the Adventure Programs Department at the
University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, British Columbia, and has been
instrumental in the development of business, legal, and risk management
curriculum. He has written two books for the adventure tourism industry, The
Business of Adventure and Legal Liability and Risk Management in Adventure
Tourism. Cloutier is a professional mountain guide and has studied outdoor
recreation, outdoor ...

Recreation Services

Author: Nora Rock
ISBN: 9781552393161
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"Recreation Services is a new and accessible textbook outlining legal issues in Canadian sport and recreation management.

Leisure Recreation And Tourism Abstracts

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rural areas, Netherlands | 33 recreational facilities, environment, outdoor
recreation, Netherlands 468 Land diversion, golf courses, farmland, land use, UK
519 Land ownership allotments, leisure, UK 1249 leisure industry, businesses,
legislation, ... 1601 sport, children 677 Leases, valuation, private sector, deer,
hunting, USA, Louisiana l l 57 Leeward Islands (see also United States Virgin
Islands) Legal liability, recreational facilities, risk, management, USA 1673 Legal
rights, tourists, ...

International Sport Management

Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1450422411
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His research areas include legal liabilities in sport, risk management in sport and
athletics, and premises liability. Dr. Ammon has written extensively with ... His
professional affiliations include the North America Society for Sport Management,
and the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.
Kevin K. Byon, PhD, is an assistant professor in the ... His primary research
interests concern sport consumer behavior and sport tourism. Dr. Byon has
published 13 ...

Proceedings Of The Fourth International Outdoor Recreation Tourism Trends Symposium And The 1995 National Recreation Resources Planning Conference May 14 17 1995 St Paul Minnesota

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Landowner perceptions of liability for injuries to recreation users are greater than
are the actual liability risks. Legal liability risks are very small for landowners who
allow the public to use their property for recreation activities, as all states have
enacted some form of statutory protection for landowners. These state
recreational use statutes provide that in exchange for granting access to the
public to their land — usually without pay — landowners are given certain
protection against ...

Journal Of Hospitality And Tourism Management

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The business of adventure: Developing a business in adventure tourism. British
Columbia: Bhudak Consultants. Cloutier, R. (2000). Legal liability and risk
management in adventure tourism. British Columbia: Bhudak Consultants.
Cordato, A.]. (1999). Australian travel and tourism law. Sydney: Butterworths.
Covey, S.R. (1990). The 7 habits of highly efiective people: Restoring the
character ethic. Melbourne: The Business Library. Elias, D. (1999, August 1).
Tourism chasing the rush.

Journal Of Park And Recreation Administration

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These chapters include consideration of such areas as team and individual
sports, camping, physical education, outdoor recreation, and play grounds. Very
little editing was done to explain or provide appropriate references and context
for the missing material. Throughout the paperback edition, there are numerous
references to sections which are not included. Since Legal Liability is not the kind
of book a reader will consume cover to cover, when I began to consider it I tumed
to two ...