Live It Again 1945

Author: Barb Sprunger
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"Featuring the best of The Saturday Evening Post"--Cover.

Live It Again

Author: Geoff North
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Hugh Nance used to think his wife whined too much—his three kids were spoiled brats that took everything for granted.

Working Class Life In Northern England 1945 2010

Author: Tony Blackshaw
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ISBN: 1137349034
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What this tells us is that today the Inbetweeners identify with community
collectively, but live it on individual terms, or, in other words, most of them, like
Clare, are thoroughly comfortable with community as somewhere they can
happily visit and then safely leave after a while. And so it began in the
Interregnum, the trick of being simultaneously part of the community and outside
it, of always keeping it at arm's length. As we will see in the next chapter, that dual
sensation – of betraying ...

America The Great

Author: Edward Hawkins Sisson
Publisher: Edward Sisson
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Perhaps the Irish people might yet redeem their failure of character in 1942-1945,
by seeing how close their situation was to the situation today of the people of
Taiwan, and even of the Falklands, and of applying the principle that won them
their ... do it again if needed. Will Indians also so prove? It wasn't the people of
India that made the government of Great Britain pledge to “the right of all peoples
to choose the form of government under which they will live” – it was America. But
it was ...

Narrative And Imperative

Author: Risa B. Sodi
Publisher: Peter Lang
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We talked among ourselves, saying, 'It's going to be so beautiful! Can you
imagine it! They'll greet us with music!'" But it wasn't like that at all. "I got home in
August 1945, and the winter of '45- '46 was so difficult, so desperate for me as to
induce me to write; and to write in order to reconstitute the Lager. I felt it was
useless to talk to the others (non-returnees), and so I wrote in order to see the
Lager again, to live it again." Millu, like Tedeschi, found that no one was
interested in her tales; ...

Memoirs Of Nikita Khrushchev Commissar 1918 1945

Author: Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev
Publisher: Penn State Press
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Here's how it happened. When the Germans were already in a panic, I picked up
a rifle. There were lots of rifles lying around. I knew how to shoot. I aimed and
bumped him off." We said: "Well, you may have fired a shot, but you don't know if
you ... They hunted and hunted and finally they had good luck. They caught a live
wild hare, a very hardy hare, with a strong will to live. They tied it to a tree. The
wild hare just sat there. The hunters decided not to waste ammunition on the hare
and ...

When I Was A German 1934 1945

Author: Christabel Bielenberg
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803261518
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When Ellen hesitated, she did not mention it again. The wheels of the ... In 1942,
the case of her legitimacy was still undecided and she could now no longer live
in one place for any length of time, for fear of the nocturnal knock on the door.
She went to live with one or ... She had to live the life of a 'submarine', a pitiful
figure hounded from pillar to post emerging here, emerging there, fed and cared
for only by those who were brave enough to risk looking after her. In 1942 when
Ellen's ...

Pacific War Diary 1942 1945

Author: James J. Fahey
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618400805
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Thursday, February 15, 1945: We received little sleep as we arose at 4 A.M.
Breakfast was served at 5: 15 A.M. and we left Subic Bay at 5:30 A.M. Troops will
land this morning on the Bataan Peninsula. We arrived at our destination early so
as to be ahead of the invasion force. ... Our big 6-24 Liberator bombers dropped
a lot of blockbusters on it again today as usual. I do not know how anything can
live after they finish. The concussion alone is enough to kill them. The explosions
were ...

The Hidden Children Of France 1940 1945

Author: Danielle Bailly
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438431961
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tain terms that she was his wife and that she would have to live with him! It was
this Monsieur Boury who had sublet this apartment to my parents, and my father
made the dangerous trip everyday between Alfortville and Courbevoie. My father
told me later that when they came to see me (they had to take the suburban train),
... The joy of this information evaporated. It is one of the sharpest memories I have
. Once I tried to talk to him about it again but he didn't remember it. I then arrived
at ...

Smiling Slovenia

Author: Vladislav Bevc
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9781433103445
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Drago Jancar writes in his introductory article, about the speech Marshal Tito
made during a rainstorm from the balcony of the Edvard Kardelj University in
Ljubljana in May of 1945: it was Annunciation of Death for the opponents of the
regime ... Everything that took place in the forty-five years of communist
dictatorship must be clearly imprinted into Slovenian awareness, just like the
memory, of the Holocaust lest a nation not wanting to know its past be
condemned to re-live it again, ...