Lord Mumford S Minx

Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Lyrical Press
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Yet what begins as a game becomes far more serious when the dashing gentleman finds he is losing his heart . . . I’m smitten with this tale of love and adventure all over again , and believe you will be too. Alexandra Ivy

The Suffolk Stud Book

Author: Suffolk Horse Society
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Diamond 2550 W. Row (late) Diamond 2562 S. Hayward Diamond 2555 F.
Taylor Diment 2571 J. Martin Dimity 2343 A. G. Smith Dora 2484 Lord
Rendlcsham Doris 2391 M. Biddell Dot 2489 G. H. Wilson Dorothy 2494 N. B.
Garrard ... 2509 J. Symonds Lady Moggy 2523 W. Gray Ladyship 2378 Pratt &
SonB Leiston Lass 2354 R. Edgar Lock 2400 A. H. Mumford Luckey 2446 W.
Wilson Lugar 2438 R. Edgar Madge 2565 J. Symonds Maggie 2405 G. F.
Hempson Marie Stuart 2436 C.

Live Stock Journal

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Famous as Norfolk has long been for its trotters and Suffolk for its Punches, no
thoroughbred from either of those two counties had made anything of a name for
itself since Phosphorus won the Derby of 1837 for Lord Berners, and—speaking
... To many readers of the LIVE S'rocx JOURNAL it may seem that the half-bred
horses should be accorded the first place in the account which I propose to give
of what I have recently seen upon the Duke of Hamilton's estate, especially as he
is ...

Baily S Magazine Of Sports And Pastimes

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Bella Donna, aged, lilt 191b Mr J. Goodwin 1 Telegram, aged, 12»t 81b - -Mr J.
Ford 2 Kitty, Hit J - * Mr Ridley S The Countryman, 5 yrw, llrt - - Mr Lewis 0 Won
easily. ... G.Hobson 1 Vnbalathus, aged, list 111b- - Mr Crawshaw 2 Diadem, 4
yrs, 10st lib Mr Trewent 3 Plover, aged, 12st 21b - - Mumford 0 Triana, 4 yrs, 10st
«lb - - - W. Barker 0 I>e nance, 5 yrs, 1 1 at 31b - - Mr Reynolds 0 Beanstalk, 6 yrs
, Hat 31b - Mr Vallender 0 2 to 1 on Lymington, 4 to 1 agst Vnbalathus, and 8 to 1
agst ...

Family Herald

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was all that Lady Sarah could say as she surveyed “ that young minx," as she
mentally named her, through her gold eye-glases. “Here is a carriage coming up
the avenue,” called Linda from the window: “Whose liveries are these ? Lady
Egerton's, do you say : Dear * I thought, they were Mr. Mumford's, the great soap-
boiler; you know they are almost the same, only Mrs. Mumford drives such a
splendid pair of * , Well, if it's only Lady Egerton, Ismail run away and send
mamma,” *4, she ...

Merriam Webster S Collegiate Dictionary

Author: Merriam-Webster
Publisher: Merriam-Webster
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Jame-son Vjam-san, 'je-ms-ssiA Sir Leander Starr 1853-1917 Doctor Jameson
Scot, physician & administrator in So. ... Jew-ett Vju-3t\ Sarah Orne 1849-1909
Am. writer Ji-anq Ze-min Xje-'an-za-'minX ... \zhol-'ya\ Louis 1645-1700 Fr.
explorer Jo-mi-ni Vho-ma-'neA Henri de 1779-1869 Swiss-born soldier & mil.
strategist Jones Vjonz\ Anson 1798-1858 pres. of the Republic of Texas (1844-
46) Jones Daniel 1881-1967 Eng. phonetician Jones Howard Mumford 1892-
1980 Am. educ.

The Illustrated London News

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Minx (yawl), 69 tons; Lord Berners, Galatea (schooner), 143 tons; Lord
Willoughby d'Ercsby, New Moon (Iugger), 200 tons; Viscount Lismore, Ionc (
schooner), 75 tons. ..... R. F. Mumford to Walsall; Rev. D. Paul toTltchmarsh ; Rev.
A. Per-twee to St. Mar aret's, Leicester; Rev. E. Puttock to Flaxley ; Rev. J. R.
Rathbonc to Bring urst with Great Easton, Lelccstcrshire ; Rev. J. Raven to
Cowley ; Rev. B. 0. T. Thorpe, Vicar of St. Clement's, Cambridge, late Chaplain of
Campbell Town and ...