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Of my four daughters, she is the one who loves the city best.” “Then I must see
that she learn to love England as well,” the earl said. “Your guild does not have a
representative in London, do they? The Milanese are planning to send one in
order to spare their cloth merchants having to wait for English custom, and to
make it more convenient for our merchants. If you do not send a representative to
London too, the Milanese will take all your trade, thus ruining the Florentine silk
merchants ...


Author: Bertrice Small
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Preparing for her arranged marriage and life in her intended's chateau, dutiful daughter Serena is heartbroken by her fiancé's indecent proposal and runs away to England, where her love for a romantic courtier is challenged by her parents.


Author: Bertrice Small
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The Silk Merchant's Daughters Bertrice Small. after her mother. “A sweet maid,”
one of the men said as he pulled the door closed behind his mistress and her
daughter. “It will be a fortunate man who gains her to wife.” “And a rich one,” the
... The lady Bianca had come thirteen months later, to be followed by Georgio,
Francesca, the twins, Luca and Luciana, and finally the little bambina Giulia, who
would be four soon. The signora had produced no more children after that. Like a
good ...

The Man Who Would Not Die

Author: Paul Andrews
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Unfortunately, after entering the room, Luciana stopped by the doorway near her
aunt's side. She neither smiled nor frowned and Rakoczi knew what it meant. She
was still angry with him. His hopes of her rushing into his arms for heartfelt
reunion quickly vanished. Luciana Multonaci was the daughter of one of
Firenze's wealthiest silk merchants. They had met at a Palazzo Pitti affair two
years earlier. Though she was only sixteen at the time, Rakoczi had immediately
been taken by her ...

Sovereign Silk

Author: ElizaBeth Gilligan
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Luciana shrugged again and merely said, “There might yet be other children. If
not, then Divya will inherit from her father just as Duchessa Rossi did, and let us
not forget that my daughter will inherit from me, too.” “Ah, yes, the Gypsy ways,”
Princess deMedici snorted rudely. “The Romani ways,” the Araunya corrected, ...
Most of the merchants used the bottom floors of their homes as shops. At last, he
came to the city's center where were situated inns and booths holding


Author: Bertrice Small
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'Nobody does it quite like Bertrice Small.' The Romance Reader'Passionate historical romance . . . Small blends historical facts and a fiery love story effortlessly, cereating a one-of-akind story. Small fans, new and old, will be thrilled.