Luzon 1945

Author: Clayton Chun
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Emphasizing the differences in Japanese and American strategy, and detailing the combat operations of the campaign, this volume tells the story of how MacArthur kept his promise to return and liberate the Philippines.

History Of United States Naval Operations In World War Ii

Author: Samuel Eliot Morison
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Not until April 1945, during the Okinawa campaign, when it was impossible to
suppress the news any longer, did the Pentagon break one of ... profiting by bitter
experiences, has at last evolved a sound defensive plan against carrier attacks.

The Final Victories

Author: Marshall Cavendish Corporation
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The Defeat of Japan, 1945 DE General Tomoyuki Yamashita [2 Luzon,
Philippines IX] Mount Suribachi □ General Simon Bolivar Buckner The year
1945 opened with Japan's defeat assured. ... The first stage of the Philippines
campaign ended with the retaking of Leyte in December 1944. The next phase
was the liberation of Luzon, the main island and location of Manila, the capital of
the Philippines.

World War Ii Journal

Author: Ray Merriam
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they were involved in some of the roughest mountain fighting of the Philippine
campaign. ... thousand scattered troops as the American High Command
believed, but with nearly seventy thousand men, all fanatical veterans ready to
die to the last man. ... Yamashita had no illusions that he could eject the
Americans from the Philippines, especially after they hit Luzon in January 1945.
... Okinawa had fallen finally on 22 June, and the Philippines, according to MacAr
- thur, were “liberated.

Sgt Roach S Story

Author: Perry E. Ball
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"Sgt. Roach's Story" is the account of G Company, 35th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, and its participation in the Luzon Campaign and the liberation of the Philippines in 1945. The story is told through the eyes of Sgt.

The A To Z Of World War Ii

Author: Anne Sharp Wells
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The invasion of Luzon, the Philippines' largest and most important island, started
in January 1945 and continued until the end of the war. During the spring and
summer of 1945, American troops began the liberation of the southern Philippine
Islands, while Australian ... In China, the Japanese launched Operation Ichigo,
their most important ground offensive during the last stage of the war. ... In the
summer of 1944, the Americans instituted their strategic air campaign against


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In Kiangan, Yamashita finally surrendered to the joint Filipino-American Forces in
1945, signifying the final liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese forces. ...
GGD ISABE LA I SAB E LA, considered as the second biggest province in Luzon,
is bounded by the provinces of Cagayan ... In the middle of the 19th century, Don
Mariano Oscariz led a punitive campaign against these tribes who were later ...

Generals Of The Army

Author: James H. Willbanks
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
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On June 28, 1945, MacArthur proclaimed that the “entire island of Luzon,
embracing 40,420 square miles and a population of 8,000,000, is now liberated.”
84 By July ... Before the Philippine campaign's conclusion, the American forces in
the Pacific were reorganized. ... Although there were others involved in planning
Japan's final defeat, MacArthur recommended and the JCS approved his
suggestion to conduct a “direct attack at Kyushu” to set the conditions for the
invasion of Honshu.

Mag 24

Author: David Selzam
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Santa Ana, CA. He participated in the Luzon Operation and Mindanao Operation.
... His last employment was with Southern Baptist Hospital where he was
neurodiognostic tech. supervisor. Currently lives ... From December 1943 —
February 1945 he participated in the following battles/campaigns: Bismarck
Archipelago Operation. Treasury ... Awards include the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign
w/3 Battle Stars, Philippine Campaign w/2 Battle Stars, Philippine Liberation
Medal. Philippine ...